By Cynthia Madison -

Are you Christmas ready? If not, here’s what you should do

Christmas is quickly approaching and you need to get ready. They say this time of the year is due for relaxation, but there is just so much to get ready, that if you wait too long to prepare for holidays, it will all become a true hassle. There is nothing more chaotic than wandering around the city on the evening of December 24th, searching for last minute presents or forgotten ingredients for your dishes. So, in order to avoid this, make sure you have a complex Christmas checklist to follow diligently with months in advance and go over days before the holiday, to see if you have everything on point. To help you out, we have come up with a list consisting in the most important tasks you must deal with, to serve as a reminder:

Make a plan

During winter holidays, there are so many things to do! Visit your relatives, have people over, travel and also rest on your off duty days. For this reason, if you want to get to do all these, you are going to need an actual calendar of events. Schedule your leave days in advance and prepare an agenda: who will you visit? Who is in town and can visit you? How much spare time will you have to spend at home, just doing nothing? Sort this out and everything will become much easier.

Decorate your house

Putting up seasonal decorations is the first thing you must do to welcome the Christmas spirit to your life. It has been scientifically proven that early decorating will improve your mood and make you feel happier, so wait no more and take out tinsel and lights!

To begin with, you need to select a colour theme. Mixing up all the hues in the world is no longer stylish and can lead to a tacky effect, which is why you will have to decide on a certain palette. This year, it seems that pink, rose gold, silver and white are the most fashionable and popular options in terms of house decorations. Speaking of which, the Christmas tree has to receive its due attention – you can either go for a natural, majestic one, either try a DIY project and improvise one. Apparently, original trees made of books, branches or just led lights are quite fashionable, not to mention sustainable and eco-friendly. Purchase diverse decorations such as PP ribbon, figurines, globes, stars and tinsel, unleash your creativity and start mixing and matching.

Do not forget about the outdoors either. Do you want your neighbours and passers-by to know how keen you are on the holiday? Then you should invest some time and effort in decorating the outside of your house as well. The easiest thing to do is put lights on your windows and doors, plus the surrounding trees. Hang a majestic wreath on the entrance door, so that all those who cross your threshold know they are entering a magic land of joy and warmth. There are many other things you can do: put figurines such as snowmen or reindeers around the yard, dress up your porch with garlands and install themed lantern candle holders.

Start buying gifts, yesterday!

Winter holidays are the time for giving and receiving presents, but mostly, the time you run from one shop to another searching for the perfect gifts. The wisest thing you could do is start purchasing stull with months in advance – the moment you see something one of your friends or relatives would like, just buy it and trim your gift list! Of course, this almost never happens so you end up days before Christmas with tones of presents to purchase and no idea whatsoever. To help you solve this problem out, we have come up with a brief list of items you can get:

For co-workers – Office Secret Santa is always a challenge! This is mostly due to the fact that you do not know your colleagues that well and this makes picking a present way too complicated. So, our advice is to choose something “safe”. For guys, tech gifts (such as wireless speakers, for instance) or a bottle of fine liquor are great ideas. Choose one of the nice bottle bags available in stores and you are done!

For your boss – this is probably the toughest present you will have to choose. This is because you want to buy something meaningful yet professional, to show appreciation while also maintaining a certain distance. Think about a fine wine, a collection object or a fancy pen – to mention but a few options.

For family and friends – This should be an easy one. Friends and relatives are supposed to be the people you are closest to, so you must know their preferences. Be sneaky enough to find out if there is something they need or are planning to buy in the near future: a new phone, some clothing items, pieces of jewellery or even a trip!

Prepare your festive outfits

Winter holidays are the perfect moment for you to pamper yourself! So, no matter what your plans are, you need to make sure you look impeccable during Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration. If you are about to host a simple diner with family and friends, then you are probably thinking you do not have to go above and beyond with your attire. A great idea would be to wear a themed sweater – there are so many options available in stores that all you have to do is choose between snowflakes, reindeers or snowmen prints! Things change if you are going to a restaurant for a fancy meal: then a dressier outfit is often necessary. Some of the handiest alternatives are a red dress, the classic black and gold combination or even a sequined top paired with skinny jeans and high heels! If you are going to a club and you are usually the life of the party, then a mixture between fancy and comfortable is definitely the ideal choice. Pro tip: avoid high heels, because you will be dancing all night! Regardless of the role you play this holiday season, it is important to wear an outfit that matches your personality and boosts your confidence.


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