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How Graphic Designer Saul Bass Revolutionized the Movie Poster
How Graphic Designer Saul Bass Revolutionized the Movie Poster
Saul Bass helped define the visual culture of the 1950s—most notably through creating memorable movie posters that are still resonant today.
By Amy Dvorak - 6 days ago
Dwell 24: The Best Emerging Designers of 2019
Welcome to our annual presentation of the 24 designers who need to be on your radar now.
The Design Life: What Inspires This Year’s Dwell 24?
Learn how our favorite emerging talents live, work, and dream design in 2019.
Dwell 24: Wendy Andreu
Dwell 24: Wendy Andreu
French designer Wendy Andreu combines her metalworking skills with unique materials to produce fashion accessories‚ furniture‚ and carpets.
- 7 days ago
Dwell 24: Before Breakfast
Nicki Shen, founder of the aptly named Before Breakfast studio‚ makes perfectly minimalist office wares like notebooks‚ scissors‚ and pens.
Dwell 24: Green River Project
As a collaboration between designers Benjamin Bloomstein and Aaron Aujla, the Green River Project has created diverse pieces such as coffee-stained stools and bamboo club chairs.
Dwell 24: Studio.Sunnykim
SeonHee “Sunny” Kim, the head designer at Bahk Seon Ghi Studio in Seoul‚ South Korea, is interested in thin‚ flexible materials‚ as evident in her paper Depth of Surface chair.
Dwell 24: INDO-
Founders of the studio INDO-, Urvi Sharma and Manan Narang create modern furniture pieces that reference traditional dying and weaving methods from their childhoods in New Delhi,...
Dwell 24: Studio Paola Sakr
Paola Sakr’s projects include vases made with discarded concrete cylinders‚ as well as biodegradable containers made of coffee grounds and newspaper pulp.
Dwell 24: SinCa Design
Dave Sinaguglia and Maria Camarena of SinCa Design use traditional woodworking techniques to form their minimalist and sculptural furniture designs.
Dwell 24: Ángel Mombiedro
Dwell 24: Ángel Mombiedro
In his debut furniture collection for Armombiedro Studio, Ángel Mombiedro mixes geometric forms and materials such as velvet‚ iron‚ and metal.
- 7 days ago
Dwell 24: Hi Thanks Bye
Stein Wang and Topher Kong's studio, Hi Thanks Bye, refers to their no-time-wasted approach to furniture design—prioritizing efficiency without sacrificing quality and a sense of...
Dwell 24: Studio Truly Truly
Since opening Studio Truly Truly in 2014‚ Joel and Kate Booy have quickly established themselves on the international design scene, including a commission for IKEA.
Dwell 24: Malcolm Majer
Baltimore’s Malcolm Majer’s chairs are difficult to categorize and highly expressive—all jutting angles and shifting colors.
Dwell 24: Mario Tsai Studio
Mario Tsai founded his research-oriented studio to explore new materials and production methods‚ all through the lens of sustainability.
Dwell 24: Agnes Studio
Guatemala’s pre-Columbian heritage forms the basis for the newest collection by Agnes Studio, led by designers Estefanía de Ros & Gustavo Quintana.
Miranda Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert are a Danish-Norwegian duo shaking up pattern and textile design with MIJO STUDIO.
Dwell 24: Paula Corrales Studio
Chilean designer Paula Corrales's recent project, Lamps from Chile, employs traditional weaving methods using horsehair and vegetable fiber.
Dwell 24: Àga Concept
Founded in Lagos in 2015‚ Moyo Ogunseinde’s Àga Concept has quickly made a name for itself with a striking collection of homewares and accessories‚ all locally sourced and...
Dwell 24: Gabriel Tan Studio/Origin
A vacation to Portugal in 2014 planted the seed for what would become Singapore-born designer Gabriel Tan’s design collaborative‚ Origin.
Dwell 24: Vidivixi
Mark Grattan and Adam Caplowe's inaugural collection for Vidivixi included marble‚ glass‚ and bronze pieces that took their cue from Mexico City.
Dwell 24: Alex Brokamp
Cincinnati-born designer Alex Brokamp has come along way from making skateboard ramps in his parents’ driveway.
Dwell 24: Ryan Edward Studio
Ryan Edward Studio's three-piece light collection, Orbit—a sconce‚ a pendant‚ and a Calderesque chandelier—proves that lighting can be playful as well as illuminating by inviting...
Dwell 24: Laura Itkonen
Creative restlessness is the special ingredient in Finnish designer Laura Itkonen’s constantly changing collection of porcelain containers‚ tiles‚ tableware‚ and more.
Dwell 24: Samson Furniture Design
Trained as an engineer in aircraft repair‚ Canadian furniture designer Samson Wang‚ 30‚ brings his knowledge of physics to dynamic pieces.
A Conversation With Berlin Architect Diébédo Francis Kéré
The visionary architect talks about his home village in Burkina Faso and his lodgepole pine-log pavilion at Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana.
Dwell 24: Simon Schmitz
From light and shadow to movement and mechanics‚ Hamburg-based lighting designer Simon Schmitz‚ 29‚ is part sculptor‚ part puppeteer.