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The firm restored the home with exterior metal cladding, which will be more resilient in the coastal weather, and new window units bring in plenty of natural light.
A glass door brings more light into the living room.
The Lighthouse office is clad in fiberglass with Awlgrip Topcoat.
An Oslo apartment by architect Johan Tran features a Nordic and Japanese sensibilities. A Japanese-inspired sliding door made of birch plywood acts as a flexible room divider.
A more recent project has been the entry, for which the couple installed a new door, sidelight, and window, which required new framing, drywall, and paint, for a cost of $6850.
In the Pink, a paint color by Sherwin Williams, highlights the pantry door. Everything else is painted Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.
A secret door to the right of the kitchen connects to the garage.
The Ellingson family heads out to the lake.
One person can easily raise or lower the metal front door.
Along the opposite side, a pocketing LaCantina Sliding Glass Door nearly disappears into the wall. “The fact that LaCantina offers a variety of configurations and custom sizes expanded my ability as a designer to connect with the outside in a generous way,” says Suzanne.

Photo by Kevin Scott
Photo by Kevin Scott
The balance of old and new achieved in the project impressed the jury for the Australian Institute of Architects 2020 awards, which commended Bokey-Grant by saying, "JJ House is exemplary as an approach for altering and establishing a sense of individuality in the recognizable housing stock of our suburbs."
Reclaimed barn boards were used to form the exposed concrete interior walls, which provide thermal mass for significant energy savings. The door with the round window leads to the sauna.
“ It’s not spaceship stuff. It’s here now, and it can save you money,” says Jeff.
French doors open above a mahogany bench onto the deck (below), which is oriented with the equinox path. “I read that in Japan, builders spend seasons on the land observing where the sun rises and sets throughout the year,” says Ryan. “I asked Jason to consider that in siting the cabin.”
“Everything needed to be approachable and simple,” says Hilary. “The house reflects who we are.”
A sliding glass door provides fresh air in one of three bedrooms.
The front door pivots open. The interior floors are polished concrete.
Architect Emili Fox’s Sydney home has a walled exterior courtyard between the street entrance and the home.
The homeowners, Claudine and Isaiah, have been living in Seattle for three and a half years, and they moved into their new home this fall. “We were looking for a modern look and feel, with unique characteristics at an affordable price point,” says Isaiah. “A lot of new construction and updated homes are either very similar and cookie cutter, or unaffordable.”
The door to the bathroom has a steel detail that recalls the exterior. "It's the only interior door in this little micro-building," says Shaw. "Therefore, we felt like it couldn't just be a door; it had to be, in a sense, like a piece of furniture."
Architect Bentley Tibbs envisioned the Bogarts’ entry as a dark womb which opens to a glass wall overlooking the backyard and the 50-acre park beyond it.
The main entrance is clad in dark timber treated using the Japanese technique of Shou-Sugi-Ban. “We created this darker entry point and then introduced very contemporary lighting to illuminate that space and to denote that the renovation was speaking a very different language,” says architect Trevor Wallace. “With any sort of entry into domestic design it's nice to have a moment of transition.”
Stairs lead from the kid’s room to a washroom, and trailing vines spill into the void.
A 100-year-old door was painted in the Dark Arts color from Backdrop, to make the historic tile surround pop.
A close-up of the wood walls. Acoustic felt is set between the slats, which improve acoustics and hide doors and storage space. Here, the door pull to the master bedroom is hidden in the wall, which retracts like an accordion.
The kitchen is located around the corner from the dining area. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliders in the kitchen are by Marvin.
The front door is by Simpson Door Company.
Behind the dining room table, another set of multi-paneled folding glass doors open to the backyard Zen garden—complete with a reflecting pool and waterfall.
The light at the end of the tunnel-like entrance draws visitors to the oversized slab-style front door.
“From the city to the house, there’s a big gap. You need to have a space to adjust to the feeling,” says Ashizawa. The long form of the entry corridor does just that, taking cues from Japanese temple architecture to create a moment of intimacy before the awe. “The house is lucky enough to have kind of a magical space.”
The south-facing entrance is tucked away from the road: visitors follow a path that snakes past the patio, past vertical lattice walls and into a cozy, cave-like corridor.
"If you had to quarantine, it’s the best place to do it," says Jobe. "You have a connection to the outdoors, you’re comfortable with air and light. It’s impossible not to think about spaces in these terms now—how the places we’re living and working can keep us safe."
The most expensive components of the project were the three 8' x 8' steel-tube pivot doors that were prefabricated off-site and later installed with dual-insulated glass panels.
A pop of canary yellow distinguishes the double doors to the front entry of this home, which was designed and constructed for a high-end commercial builder.
This midcentury home, originally owned by a local illustrator, needed updating, remodeling, and fortifying. Seattle-based SHED Architecture & Design tackled the project, keeping some classic features while updating others, like the front door in a semi-gloss orange.
An H-shaped 1960s Eichler home has bright, lime-green double doors that open out onto the signature Eichler features: floor-to-ceiling glass, patios, gardens, concrete slab floors, tongue-and-groove ceilings, and post-and-beam interiors.
The rear facade is fitted with lots of glass and exterior decks for indoor/outdoor flow.
Bifold doors create a near-seamless indoor/outdoor living experience between the extension and the rear garden.
An 11.8-foot-wide opening creates a fluid connection to the side yard.
Sliding glass doors spanning 15 feet create a generous exchange between the main interior and rear yard.
Bokey-Grant maintained heritage details like the amber glass above the front door and ceiling adornment.
The thick brick walls and preserved lintels are a reference to the building’s former life as a factory.
The kitchen is visually removed from the dining room thanks to fluted glass partitions.
Builder Luis Miranda assembled the CNC-milled parts in 20 days. The clear facade is made of thermally bonded polycarbonate, and the tensile covering is by Desmontables.
Sliding glass doors and a deck connect the minimalist dwelling to the lush backyard with a giant oak tree. The structure, known as Menlo Park Connect2, was built by Connect Homes.
The home is located in the suburb of Vredehoek, which means “peaceful corner.” Ironically, the city’s notorious winds can get particularly fierce there. With that in mind, Lumby designed fixed-glass windows framed in sheet metal. Some feature powder-coated steel panels that open for ventilation.
The view down from the bathroom window provides a closer look at the white and green pendants that Annemie made from glass found at a flea market. The doors and windows were crafted by carpenter Peeters Schrijnwerkerij, the side tables are custom, and the chair is a vintage find.
A single doorway leads inside, where warm wood finishes reflect natural light.
Custom shelves fit into the original wood paneling.
The clients’ paddle collection and surf art are used as decor in the beach-inspired interior.
The wall-wrapped courtyard provides private outdoor space and blocks noise from the facing street.

Modern doors are all about first impressions, whether it's installed on the exterior or interior. Endlessly customizable, crafted out of metal or wood, they have the power to reconfigure any space. Ideas for modern folding, sliding, and swing doors abound in our collection.