4,124 Bedroom Design Photos And Ideas

Using natural materials is one way of bringing nature indoors. Oiled white ash floors and ceilings, along with Italian poplar and Lawson cypress joinery, are found throughout architect Andrew Simpson’s 538-square-foot home outside Wellington, New Zealand.
One of the guest rooms, with large windows overlooking the front yard.
Lauren and Holt Williamson of Cedar & Oak Homes designed and built a 200-square-foot studio in their backyard in Austin, Texas.
In the main bedroom, Devlin painted the ceiling black for a bit more “moody” treatment.
Steal this idea: The bedroom in the new volume has a “pool,” inspired by a class that Mani took. “My son was studying projection in his geometry class, so we projected a rectangle on the corner and traced it,” says Rudabeh. The color, Benjamin Moore’s Florida Keys, is inspired by a hue in David Hockney’s iconic painting The Splash. The aqua flooring is nailed to the subfloor, and the carpet goes up to the edge with a slight reveal. The rectangle is occupied by an Eames molded plywood chair.
The interior features exposed ceiling beams and concrete walls, and the decor celebrates natural materials like timber and jute.
The couple’s children, who are in their thirties, often come to stay. The lower-floor bedroom beneath the library is used for their visits.
The main suite—including a bedroom, closet, and bathroom—is located in a concrete block structure at the far side of the home, separating it from the rest of the living spaces. The concrete blocks help to define it as a more private, personal space.
The loft-style sleeping area is finished with tatami flooring.
The bedroom closets are painted in soft colors—Dulux Shetland Lace and Lama—to create what Litera describes as “special, warm moments” that add a sense of comfort and closeness to the lofty spaces.
The main bedroom has bifold steel-framed doors which tuck back to almost nothing, allowing the small balcony to become an extension of the main bedroom. “Behind the framing of the balustrade and the canopy of the tree, the bedroom feels like a perfect retreat from the world,” says architect Bronwyn Litera.
The bedroom is a soothing retreat with soft textures.
A casement window in the main bedroom allows for natural ventilation in this part of the home.
Natural light from a wall of windows makes the second bedroom a perfect painting studio for Luis de las Cuevas.
The home’s bedrooms connect with calming outdoor areas through large glass panels.
Natural light and great views are an added bonus to this cozy bedroom.
The architects moved the front door from behind the main bedroom to the side entry and converted the old entrance into a new walk-in wardrobe and en suite bedroom.
Folding doors made of wood and glass open the private volume to a view fringed with tall palms.
The larger stucco-clad volume houses the bedroom and the bathroom.
The Bracy Cottage — Bedroom
The stripped-down, lofted bedroom is tucked under a slanted roof with generous skylights. Dating from the second half of the 17th century, the wooden ceiling expresses ancient construction techniques that draw from naval culture, recalling the masts of dismantled boats.
A sleeping area located underneath the roof is accessible via a ladder from the kitchen.
The second bedroom peaks at seven feet, so even adults can stand straight up in the lofted room. "It’s been really fun for our friends that have kids because they can have their own space," says Lauren. It also doubles as a studio and workspace.
The main bedroom suffered from lack of light, and the stairs were semi-exposed, which was strange. The team enlarged the windows and decided to keep the drywall here for better soundproofing. "Tongue-and-groove tends to have cracks and openings, so this keeps it more private and insulated," says Lauren.
A modern, white-and-maple dresser from Article with black leather pulls not only adds much-needed storage, but also helps temper the girlish feel of the room, which Mamrie shares with her boyfriend. The Mitzi table lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting, with its playful black squiggles, is Thomas's favorite piece in the home.
The cork wall and black-and-white accents, like the pendant light and Dolly Parton poster over the bed, offset the bright colors that dominate the space. The photo was a gift from Mamrie’s best friend, and the linen bedding is from The Citizenry and Elsie Home.
The navy and rust tones of the rug from The Citizenry help to balance the pink and green walls. "You need to bring in other tones as a breather," says Thomas. "It's like a squeeze of lime on top of food—it just punches it up a little bit." The corner chair is from Joybird, while the floor lamp is from Hudson Valley Lighting.
Mamrie and Thomas DIY’ed the entire apartment. "I am used to painting," says Thomas, "but I was not emotionally prepared for the amount of trim in the bedroom." Cedarville, a pastel pink hue, and Green Bayou, both by Dunn-Edwards Paints, now cheer up the space.
Additional storage is available underneath the custom platform bed.
A bedroom occupies the end of the structure. Built-in cabinetry on both sides of the room provide storage in addition to a full-width wardrobe.
The stairs lead up to a small sleeping area with built-in storage along one side.
Although the Lew House is over 60 years old, it’s been remarkably well preserved. Midcentury modern details like warm colors and platform beds can be found throughout the home.
Richard Neutra drew upon psychotherapy, a new science in his time, to design homes that would contribute to his clients’ overall well-being.
Sunlight illuminates the main bedroom, which features a platform bed and built-in bookshelves.
Just inside the front door, the foyer gives a brief glimpse of the great room.
The soothing interior aesthetic also continues into the main bedroom, which features a built-in bookshelf above the bed and other solutions to maximize storage.

Photo by Kevin Scott
White oak casework compliments the master suite.
A new, linear window high up in the wall lets in light, but doesn’t call for blinds to ensure privacy. "When you're in either bedroom, you just see blue skies and palm trees," says Emily of the new window configuration. "And it’s just such a great little hack, especially if you are reconfiguring windows for basically anywhere in L.A., where you're on top of your neighbors."
The natural light and blonde flooring brighten the dark color palette of the bedding, chevron rug, and black curtains and ceiling.
The guesthouse bedroom features a large window. With the exception of the large sliding glass wall, all windows are standard sizes. “We kept to standard sizes of sheet goods and materials for the cabinetry and fireplace metal panels to help to dial in the cost without sacrificing the essence of the project,” reveals architect Hunter Gundersen.
Each space in the home—including the master bedroom—features strategically placed operable windows to take advantage of cross ventilation produced from diurnal mountain winds and induce natural convection cooling.
In the bedroom, built-in wall shelving provides smart storage solutions.
A metal wall divider helps delineate space between the living area and bedroom.
The outer layer of the roof slides open, revealing a glass ceiling that lets in sunlight and frames views of the sky.
The loft-like sleeping area looks to views of the river and the sky.
The sleeping lofts are flooded with natural sunlight thanks to multiple windows.
Two open closets flank the bedroom entrance.
A sliding barn door closes off the main bedroom from the rest of the tiny home.
In the main bedroom, seamless drawers and cabinets hide a wardrobe. The all-white interiors made decorating a snap for Oni.
A heavy Javanese door, purchased by Lexi on her travels, was installed on sliders to conceal the bedroom closet.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.