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"This is our fourth project with this client and we’ve been able to create something special for the inhabitants and their visitors, immersing them in the feeling of living within a rainforest," says MIM Design’s principal Miriam Fanning.
Subway tiles have been laid in a vertical pattern in the bathroom to echo the height of the palm trees just outside this area.
New black-framed windows capture the views of the palm trees' long branches.
Other additions to the three-level property include a basement rumpus room, an ensuite on the top floor, and a balcony extension.
The exterior has wrapped in a black cladding with gray render. Large expanses of glazing create a strong visual connection to the forest outdoors.
This reading nook offers a calm environment to rest and relax.
A peek at the glass-encased shower stall.
Here is a look at the new kitchen with a glass backsplash that frames views of the forest.
A spacious balcony has been added to the residence.
Turning to the lush green rainforest surroundings for inspiration, the team has updated the interiors with smoked oak floors and soft, neutral colors to better highlight the property's unique setting.
The original floor plan of the RLC Residence did not provide a strong connection to the rainforest or the ocean. Therefore, the MIM Design team have reconfigured the space so that each room has been transformed into a sanctuary surrounded by nature.
On one side of the home is a boardwalk that runs alongside verdant tropical plants. This boardwalk takes residence from the interior of the house, and goes out to the rainforest.
"The wood establishes a very emphatic and directional rhythm that orders the project," says Eduardo Cadaval, one of the firm’s founders.
A look at one of the bedrooms.
By creating lookouts in three different directions, residents are able to celebrate the home's unique natural setting no matter which room they are in.
The kitchen features a sleek, modern design.
A hammock hangs on the bedroom balcony, creating an idyllic spot for relaxation.
The ample amount of large windows draw much sunlight into the home.
The ceiling beams have been left exposed to create a stark contrast with the black framing.
While the house was painted black to help it blend in with the landscape, the shrub-covered roof is the more prominent part of the overall design due to the verdant green surroundings.
The walls of the volumes are slightly extended to create sheltered outdoor decks.
Between the structural beams is a piece of ceramic, which consolidates the plane of the roof.
Upcycled wood—sourced from fallen trees near the site—was used as part of the shrub-covered green roof.
Concrete was chosen as the primary material because of its high structural performance, low-maintenance, and how well it bridges the slope of the mountainous site.
The pools were added in the 1980s by the current seller.
A look inside the Spaceship, which is built around a hanging fireplace. Although Gleason originally intended to use the space for storage, it can be adapted to house guests.
Nicknamed "The Spaceship," the small UFO-inspired cottage includes a tiny utility kitchen, bathroom, and storage.
Built in 1937, this stone building came with the property and sits next to the Mothership. Gleason dubbed the structure "The Barracks."
The built-in office and broadcasting studio allowed Gleason to comfortably work from home.
Right angles were eschewed in favor of curved, organic forms. "If you look at the ceilings, the woodwork looks like rowboats," continue the agents. "They are the trusses that hold the house up—there are no cross support beams, because they would have had right angles."
The pillars are built of Douglas fir, while the sturdy footings are made from aircraft aluminum.
The cap for the fireplace was so massive it had to brought in by helicopter.
A look inside the den with a second fireplace. "Jackie actually had to buy the quarry in Italy as they were running out of marble for the home," notes the listing agents. "Jackie brought the workers over from Italy to build and place the three connected fireplaces. The quarry passed with his estate when he passed away."
The home features three lavish fireplaces—each built of Carrara marble—weighing a total of 240 tons.
Next to the bar, a billiards room branches off of the circular Great Room and leads to a cozy den.
The property includes four bars—one of which seats 13 people.
All the flooring curves with the wood, and has been bent to a circle fashion using a steaming machine. The house includes tens of thousands of pieces of wood, all curved by hand.
Full-height glazing wraps around the home for spectacular views of the woods.
"The concept of the home is a musical note—hence the roundness of the design. As with a note, it never ends," explain the RE/MAX TOWN & COUNTRY listing agents.
Here's the entrance to The Mothership, which is flanked by lush landscaping.
Topped with a copper roof, the round house is the largest of the property’s three homes. Gleason affectionately nicknamed it “The Mothership.”
Silverman & Cika’s Robert Cika, a former student of Frank Lloyd Wright, was the architect behind the project.
The pool connects the complex with its breathtaking beachfront setting.
The elongated feeling of the pool is balanced by the surrounding circular deck.
A look at a bright and spacious bathroom with uniquely-shaped mirrors and a vibrant mural.
Another one of the bedrooms.
The blue and white tones are even picked up in the bathroom.
Each bedroom opens to a terrace.
The bathrooms also maintain the indoor/outdoor connections.
Meals can be had al fresco in the indoor/outdoor patio. The concrete/pebble floors are used both inside and outside the home to tie both spaces together.
Ceiling fans help cross-ventilation and allow the double-height communal space to stay cool.
The villa features a strong sense of both Mediterranean and tropical vibes.
The home opens to its surroundings for true indoor/outdoor living. The kitchen island also functions as a casual dining table.
The open floor plan allows the space to feel bright and airy. The upstairs living room is one large net, "the biggest hammock on Nusa Lembongan." Here, guests can lounge while interacting with people in the kitchen or living room below.
Working within a tight footprint due to building restrictions, the two-story main building includes most of the bedrooms and communal spaces, with guest quarters placed in a separate structure.
Expansive glazing provides continuous visual connections to the outdoors.
The kitchen is fitted with sleek metal hardware, high-gloss white cabinetry, and a spacious kitchen island that doubles as a breakfast counter.
"Blue and white tones came up very often during our conversations, and the fact that the property was sitting right on the ocean made it feel like a good fit for their vision," adds Audrito.

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