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This bespoke cabinet in the closet was custom-made by the firm and features small colorful doors, alluding to a magic cube.
The dressing room walk-in closet in the master suite.
One of the bedrooms.
An overview of the spaces.
City views courtesy of large windows which also provide ample natural light.
The enclosed terrace now has a bar and a den-like area.
The kitchen is large enough for an eat-in
A hinged door can conceal the kitchen to create a more formal dining space.
The white surfaces are differentiated by their textures and together with the wood form the ideal neutral base for the delicate, yet vibrant color palette.
This half of the living room opens to the dining room area.
A wood-clad entrance hall leads to the bedrooms.
two sofas are placed back
All of the rooms on the upper story have skylights.
The skylights and light palette give the home a bright an airy feel.
Large windows and skylights provide ample natural light which is reflected off the larch interiors and white ceilings.
The dine-in kitchen and living area is divided by a double-sided fireplace and chimney.
Sliding glass doors allow the kitchen and living room to be fully opened to the deck, creating a seamless integration between the interior and exterior space.
The roof's overhang also employs paneled Siberian larch.
The deck and pergola appear to be a natural extension of the home.
The light-colored larch and expanses of glass give the home a natural vibe and help it integrate into its sylvan setting.
The modern gable construction is a riff on traditional building traditions in the region.
Neolith countertops in the open kitchen and details like the flush minimal baseboard contribute to the sleek, modern aesthetic, now complemented by the owner’s contemporary furnishings.
Atlanta Design Economy Credits

Architecture: Jeffrey Bruce Baker
Hard surface and cladding material manufacturer: Neolith
Atlanta Design Economy Credits

Architecture: Jeffrey Bruce Baker
Hard surface and cladding material manufacturer: Neolith
Unyoked offers four tiny houses in Sydney, and two in Melbourne that are both set in thoughtfully chosen sites of natural beauty.
Just an hour from London, Elmley Nature Reserve in the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, England is a 3,200-acre wilderness estate with plenty of wildlife and tranquil landscapes.
Pig Rock Bothy and Inshriach Bothy are tow of the handcrafted structures that inspire artists who use it a residency spaces.
A bothy is a small Scottish laborer’s hut or mountain refuge.
Cabin interior with plenty of built-in storage.
Each Getaway cabin has a hot shower with bath products, and electric toilet, mini-kitchen, hearing, and either one or two queen beds with, fresh linens, and pillows.
A wall of glass in a flex room.
A children's room with a built-in bunk.
A dressing room with built-in storage.
Bleached wood lightens up a bathroom.
A shower with floor-to-ceiling glazing fosters indoor/outdoor flow.
The view from another bedroom.
The principle bedroom also enjoys views of the water.
Exposed wood ceilings and tile floor in the dining room.
Light and air transmits through the wall cut-out in the dining room.
The architect created multiple decorative wall cut-outs throughout the home to facilitate ventilation, composed of roof tiles laid in a wave pattern.
In the kitchen, rough-cut wood was treated to give it a bleached look that contrasts with the dark ceiling.
A view of the lanai with the kitchen behind it.
The lanai just off the living room and accessible to the kitchen.
A view of the folding doors that line the courtyard. Cinder block walls are coated in stucco made with sand from Waimanalo and mixed with concrete and water.
The living room is a cozy spot nestled between the expansive picture window and open doors that lead to the courtyard.
Folding doors make it easy for breezes to blow through the house and cool it naturally.
Large picture windows in every room connect occupants to Pacific Ocean vistas.
New, structurally sound walls allowed them more freedom to design the interior spaces.
A staircase that connects the three levels of the house.
An third level extension with a vaulted ceiling.
A balcony that looks out to the busy port.
The living room faces the rugged coastal.
A window nook is used as a study desk in the bedroom.
The study room and balcony on the second floor.
An outdoor terrance behind the kitchen.

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