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To create additional headspace in the sleeping loft, the Fritzes devised an inset in the Douglas fir flooring that accommodates a mattress. The backlit headboard and built-in storage that flank the bed are also made of Douglas fir.
"We give every client a questionnaire," Kevin says. "The first question asks what they need in their home. No compromise. The second question asks what they want in their home. And the third question asks what would blow their mind. At the end of the day, I’m looking to fit all of those things into their tiny home."
"The white oak loft railing allows for open sight lines and creates a more spacious feel for the loft bedroom," Kevin says.
On either side of the bed, custom cabinets store clothes, and have USB ports to charge devices.
Another WarmlyYours mirror in the bathroom heats the home.
A soaking tub with a rain shower head provides a sense of luxury in the bathroom, where a concrete wall, flooring, and vanity counter offset a white oak vanity and more Douglas fir paneling. "Glass beads were added to the concrete before it was poured," Kevin tells us. "This lightens the weight of the concrete by 37% and adds R-value."
Pantry storage and a washer/dryer unit are tucked beside the sliding door that accesses the bathroom. "There's additional storage inside the sliding door," Heather says.
A short hall connects the kitchen to the bathroom and holds integrated shelving, a wardrobe, and an electrical box. The open stair treads leading up to the sleeping loft save on space and keep sight lines open.
Heather and Kevin sit on a custom sofa in the living room, which features a bank of drawers underneath for storage. Above, a WarmlyYours mirror emits radiant heat and helps warm the tiny home.
Douglas fir paneling and ceiling beams punctuate the crisp white space, complementing Baltic birch plywood cabinetry and white oak countertops in the kitchen.
Heather and Kevin Fritz’s first project as Fritz Tiny Homes was a 268-square-foot dwelling sided with standing-seam metal and wood-textured aluminum. "Metal siding assures a maintenance-free exterior regardless of exposure," says Kevin.
Connoisseurs of living tiny, Heather and Kevin Fritz started their own design-build business to offer truly custom solutions.
Practice good hygiene (and get a mini spa treatment in the process) with these luxurious liquid hand soaps.
Beavis designed the living spaces to provide Tanner with a sense of escape from his fast-paced life as a stunt driver and motorsports competitor.
Beavis put Tanner’s passions on display—including his eclectic mug collection.
The natural light and blonde flooring brighten the dark color palette of the bedding, chevron rug, and black curtains and ceiling.
The courtyard off the kitchen is an extension of the living space and a popular spot for morning coffee.
Whereas most vanities have a mirror above the sink, the Foust Residence bathroom has a window that looks into the trophy room.
Tanner Foust delights in the surprised expressions on visitors’ faces when they first look into the garage trophy room. The Genesis GV80 can be seen through the glass.

Preproduction model with optional features shown.
A Genesis GV80 sits on a BendPak High Bay Lift on the ground floor of the garage.

Preproduction model with optional features shown.
A Genesis GV80 sits in front of the deep-set, two-story garage of the Foust Residence.

Preproduction model with optional features shown.
Preproduction model with optional features shown.
The bouquet canyon stone pays tribute to the midcentury-modern era when the home was built.
The garage is an integral part of the architecture with its exposed wooden beams and large picture window. Natural light fills the interior, where a Genesis GV80 is parked. 

Preproduction model with optional features shown.
One of the home’s original exterior walls now serves as an interior wall. Skylights were added when the ceiling was raised in certain areas of the home.
The home’s bedrooms connect with calming outdoor areas through large glass panels.
Studio Bracket Architects amplified the home’s International Style by adding more glass paneling, extending the flat room, and refining the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.
There is a spa-like quality to this shower, with its marble seating, white tile, and faceted glass enclosure.
Overhangs blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces at the Malibu Crest residence.
A laundry and powder room are hidden behind artful wood paneling.
The kitchen was previously located in a dark hallway at the back of the house, but now it’s the core of the home.
Natural light and great views are an added bonus to this cozy bedroom.
Project designer Wayne Chevalier kept automobile elegance in mind as he remodeled the Malibu Crest residence. Here, he exits a Genesis GV80 parked in front of the garage.

Preproduction model with optional features shown.
The Malibu Crest residence has the most desirable spot on the hill because it was the first house built there in 1949.
Garden with mature landscaping growing fruit, vegetables and flowers
Dining / Entertainment Space leading to Garden Patio
Garden Materials, Concrete Bench / Gravel Ground / Timber Patio
Circulations Space with Smart Storage
Bespoke Smart Storage with integrated Polished Steel Handles
Kitchen Space with bespoke In-Situ Concrete Worktop and exposed original Brickwork
Dining / Entertainment Space
Kitchen Space

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