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Detail of the custom book shelves
The light-filled shelving.
Custom built-in wood shelves provide a unique storage solution and a stylish design element in the kitchen.
Flournoy’s favorite aspect of the design is that “every space in the house is used and appreciated.” This light-filled hallway overlooking the staircase connects the home’s two bedrooms to an upstairs living space, and provides the ideal spot for another bookcase. Flournoy and his partner found the hall chandelier, along with the salvaged mill table that they repurposed as their kitchen island, on a trip to Chicago.
The spacious pantry makes gathering ingredients a convenient, pleasant experience. Dash Marshall designed the custom sliding aluminum door.
The new kitchen features a "super pantry" concealed behind sleek, black, screen-like sliding doors.
Some of the storage pieces also double as tables and seating for guests and dining.
An abundance of glazing infuses the home with natural light and lends the illusion of spaciousness. The structural glazing is from Clear Living, while the proprietary windows are by Velfac.
Alex designed the entire home based on a 24-inch grid. "I was in New York and Josh [Howell, the contractor] was up here in Maine, so I tried to make it very easy; you could always tell what size everything was going to be."
A vintage Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (LCW) by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller sits in front of built-in shelving in untreated hemlock.
Custom white oak shelving separates the media/guestroom from the kitchen.
In an upstairs bedroom, striking triangular cabinetry is built into the Victorian house's attic.
Display nooks for the couple's objects d'art.
Oak parquetry adorns the floors of the living area and bedrooms.
Scott’s extensive record collection occupies a large portion of the living room wall.
The blush pink shelves were sourced from Blu Dot.
The custom Douglas Fir bookshelf echoes the angles of the office.
Guardrail-high bookcases provide storage and a sense of enclosure from the living area below.
Completed between the birth of their third child and Anthonie’s doctoral defense, the built-in library is one of the couple’s favorite features in the cabin.
Part of the project involved refurbishing the heritage part of the home. Old brickwork meets new oak joinery fabricated by COS Interiors, who were responsible for all of the home's new woodwork.
Hidden storage and recessed lighting were key in giving the dressing room a clean and contemporary appearance.
One of the walls hides a pull out sofa and a wardrobe.
On the second level, part of a structural wall was removed and replaced with built-in plywood shelves to create a permeable partition that encourages visual connectivity between the dining area and the stairs.
The architects repeated the use of glass and steel on internal openings as well, such as in the pocket door for this hidden nook, so as to produce visual consistency throughout the home.
The main landing on the second floor of the West Wing is defined by a built-in library with recessed lighting.
From ceramics to textiles, handmade crafts can be found throughout the hotel.
The custom shelving and staircase divides the bedroom and workspace from the living areas.
The open shelves separate the more secluded sleeping and study area from the rest of the apartment, yet still allow for strong visual connectivity, as well as ample light flow.
This custom-built timber storage unit serves as a counterpoint to the glass-walled study and injects a sense of honey-hued warmth to a mostly monochromatic palette.
A close-up of the daybed and additional storage cabinets.
A bookshelf divider separates the kitchen from the dining room, while also adding storage.
The mobile furniture items can easily be relocated to suit different needs and occasions.
Wall mounted tv bench made of birch plywood and treated with natural soap on the surfaces.
Neon lights are fitted within a series of perforations in the white laminate to break up the rigid geometry of the space.
A modular furniture wall, which the RIGI team refers to as a "life board," was used as a flexible system that accommodates various storage and shelving configurations.
Birch plywood has been selected for the floors and storage.
Pine wood shelves that match the flooring with a painted back wall add contrast to the other end of the bedroom.
The minimalist built-in storage units draw inspiration from the Japanese brand MUJI.
BoConcept furnishings have been used throughout.
Storage takes up an entire wall in the dwelling.
The greenhouse volume has a shed roof that slopes at the same angle as the main volume.
Tidy closet storage frames the entry to the apartment.
The window in the living room is framed by built-in shelves. The owners are collectors of local craft and design, and had ventilation grids custom-made specifically for the renovation.
The minimalist design of the space was also informed by the location of Habitat 67 on the Saint-Laurence River—a windy and isolated spot during the long cold winter months.
Shibata wanted more shelf space in her home office, so she added a plywood door with built-in bookshelves that opens into her bedroom to form a reading nook. Glimpsed from the adjacent room, the space looks larger than it actually is, thanks to the bright green walls.
A closer look at the shelving built into the staircase in the kitchen.
One of Zee's favorite nooks of the house, this alcove holds some of her favorite pieces including the eye wall hanging by Heather Levine Ceramics.
Mother Juice Bar is a cold-pressed juicery that was created by Gemma Ponsa Salvador and Lily Figel. Using only local seasonal ingredients and dried fruit, they have plans to include ingredients from the upcoming rooftop garden. As native Barcelonans, Salvador spent time in Los Angeles, while Figel practiced her craft as a pastry chef in New York.
Stairs leading up to the platform bed double as storage for books.
plexiglas shelving detail
The unit can be configured to allow room for meal preparation around a built-in kitchen.
Because their loft is a rental, David and Im Schafer built everything to be removable.
Downstairs are more shelves of records, the master and guest suites, and Jack’s music studio.
Just off an internal courtyard, a mudroom provides a prime place to keep sneakers. Each family member has their own shelf, backlit by windows that illuminate every pair.
Built-ins reduce the need for furniture.
Adjustable pegboards help lawyer Dan Franklin manage his compact apartment in downtown Manhattan.

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.