817 Staircase Design Photos And Ideas

Open-tread stairs link the three floors.
The XXX square-foot terrace is just one room wide at the front with a compact courtyard at the rear.
The eye-shaped hole of the stairs volume
View of the stairs leading to the attic
The concrete staircase that leads to the basement is illuminated with LED strips.
The wood floors, white walls, and fresh pastille colored furniture and fabrics imbue the space with a cheerful Mediterranean atmosphere.
"Following natural daylight, going up along the steel staircase, we can see modified skylights, vertical lighting windows, and a pure outdoor space," says Liu. "This is the area we modified most. The whole building starts from light and vertical space."
Strategically placed light wells, screens, and openings allow light to move across the surfaces of the house throughout the day.
The room can be divided in two using full-height, bi-fold doors that sweep across the polished concrete floor as this photograph shows.
A vast, well-lit single space, the ground-floor room is currently used a workspace, but it could be adapted for other purposes.
There is a strong sense of the outdoors throughout the home, starting immediately from the entry.
The interplay of light and shadow draws you into the home.
Open wood stairs allow light to pass between levels.
Cliff Dwelling | Olson Kundig
Cliff Dwelling | Olson Kundig
Cliff Dwelling | Olson Kundig
Cliff Dwelling | Olson Kundig
Cliff Dwelling | Olson Kundig
Cliff Dwelling | Olson Kundig
Operable and fixed windows frame views and encourage cross ventilation. “I wanted to work within the limits of ordinary wood construction,” Mohamed says, “so it was a question of how big an opening we could make with wood.” The Kao suspension light is by Bruno Houssin for Artemide.
Duratherm windows paint the black brick wall of the staircase with sunlight.
A view from the upstairs.
Stairwell with skylight
Hope restyled the interiors to give the property an honest, contemporary feel.
Ulanowski worked with a number of talented artisans and fabricators to create the many bespoke items such as the staircase, glass art, chairs, bed frames, and tableware.
"We wanted it to be precision made with industrial materials, but to have an etherial iridescence that was soft to the touch. Through a long process of research and development with the fabricators, we created a finish that would do just this," says Ulanowski.
The eye-catching metallic blue staircase was produced by Joe Faller Fabrications.
Concrete and timber meet again on the stairs that lead to the upper level.
stair with storage units below
Aranzazu House - Besonías Almeida arquitectos
Aranzazu House - Besonías Almeida arquitectos
new bridge and hangout space above
Perforated black metal has also been used in the design of the staircase.
Pine stairs lead to the second floor bathroom and bedroom.
Perf House | AMA
Beach House | AMA
DA Residence by deDraft
DA Residence by deDraft
DA Residence by deDraft
View across the first floor
The original concrete stairwell with metal balustrade
Potrero Residence Stair
Sleek concrete tread stair meets polished concrete flooring on lower level
Feature stair

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.