1,601 Staircase Design Photos And Ideas

Biophilic design prefers natural over synthetic materials, as human beings innately feel more at ease with the former. In this house in Israel, the limestone walls are recycled from dismantled houses in the region. The stone staircase is original.
A white-painted steel-plate staircase leads from the third floor to the attic level.
The stair is crafted from Ceppo Di Gre stone that was supplied and installed by Granite Marble Works. “There is just one quarry that mines it, and it has the most beautiful sedimentary quality with big dramatic flecks of white and black amongst its pebbly composition,” says architect Bronwyn Litera.
The main stair makes use of the same elegant black balustrade as the exterior decks, creating a graphic contrast with the white walls. “We brought a few small moments from the original architecture—such as arched doorways—into the new architecture,” says architect Bronwyn Litera. “We were also considerate of maintaining connections where possible to the original elements of the home that were retained—such as the roof and chimneys, which you catch glimpses of through the skylight.”
Stairs lead up to the mezzanine level, which can also be accessed from the outdoors.
The black slate staircase draws the eye upwards to the wooden ceiling, which took six months to restore. Dodi Moss “treated it just like an intervention on a work of art, as a testimony of and investigation into the skill with which it had been created.”
Tucked below the central staircase is a generously sized bathtub. "This involved creating a load-bearing structure under the floor to support the tub. It acts as a filter between the study area and bedroom and creates a very distinctive play of pure volumes," explains Rocca.
A view from the mezzanine reveals how white walls, finished in lime-based mineral plaster, gently diffuse light through the space. Aside from the bathrooms, the architects steered clear of barriers and doors to maintain a sense of openness.
Hidden storage underneath the stairs provides space for an organized kitchen pantry.
In another corner of the kitchen, a washing station is located next to
With a stairway placed to the left of the entryway, it almost appears as if the carport (where a Genesis GV80 is parked) is floating

Preproduction model with optional features shown.
The stairs are one of the best parts of the renovation and were assembled on-site, stretching from basement to the top floor.
The atrium has an open feel thanks to the metal grating platform, large window along one wall, and staircase with wire banisters.
Artwork throughout the house is courtesy of Lexi’s friends.
The stairwell features mesh, a product actually used in landscaping. "It stretches so we quite liked it because it was agricultural and referenced rural fencing that you see outside. It's almost like chicken wire fencing,
The guardrail features a laser-cut steel pattern, and it’s flanked by a thrifted cabinet that once belonged to Buffy Chandler.
Fittingly, there are numerous whimsical elements inside Lake Cottage, a reinterpreted tree house in Ontario. There is the wood-burning fireplace with the house-shaped surround, for example, the scalloped shingles, and the staircase made from a huge maple log scraped of its bark that leads to the loft. "This abstract nature of the interior spaces allows imagination to flow, and those spaces that could be identified as a domestic interior can suddenly become play spaces," say the architects.
The oak staircase pivots as it leads from the bedroom on the top level to the living room on the second level.
A sizable oak staircase, with a large landing and storage beneath it, leads to each level of the home.
The family’s two Siamese cats also have their own private escape route to the walled-in back garden in the kitchen.
A skylight floods the central stair with natural light. Partly perforated treads let daylight filter through multiple floors.
The sculptural oak staircase reinforces the villa's predilection for simplicity and natural materials.
The honed marble countertop is a rich charcoal shade, with ultra-fine white veins. Simple black IKEA kitchen cabinets offer ample storage options for the tiny space.
The sleek stairwell features a monotone white color palette. A range of textures comes into play with the milk glass pendant light and the wall of powder-coated steel mesh.
The stairs leading up to Brenda’s studio are bathed in light from a giant wall of glass. The light fixtures are by Michael Anastassiades.
"It was important to make clear that compact living does not mean losing space for all of your collected items," says Rocha.
A built-in pine bookcase integrates with the staircase and climbs one of the walls on the first and second levels.
White plaster walls and a curved ceiling play up natural lighting, while minimalist decor and furnishings (many of which they designed themselves) make the small space feel larger.
The wrapping of the stairs mirrors that of the slide—and allows the stairs to fit beneath the low-point of the basement ceiling. “We wanted to create a light balustrade that felt a bit like a ribbon,” says architect Trevor Wallace. “The mesh was a nice way to integrate that movement.”
The HVAC has been carefully positioned around a structural beam which is the low point of the ceiling, allowing the rest of the basement level to benefit from higher ceilings. “It’s a classic Frank Lloyd Wright move,” says architect Trevor Wallace. “You compress the hallway and then every room feels bigger at the end of it.” The lighting in this space—which has been designed to drive movement down the hall—is a thin LED as there was only a few millimetres between the drywall and the HVAC.
Inside, the home has been designed as a fun space to bring the family together—including the installation of a blue slide that connects the two levels of the home.
Dappled shadows are cast by the exterior concrete screen and the cantilevered tread at the stairs.
At the first floor, a water garden sits in an integrated basin. Folded metal stairs climb above the water’s surface.
At just under 14 feet wide, the CH House could have felt cramped. But the architects created empty volumes within the plan to make it feel more spacious and airy. Standing in the double-height library, where there’s enough vertical space for a tree to grow, one can see down into the shared living areas and up into a kid’s bedroom at the fifth floor.
The central stair connects the entry foyer and the upstairs living space. From the landing, there are views out to the surrounding forest. The interior is clad in Ready Pine, a type of prefinished tongue-and-groove panel. “This was one of the biggest expenses,” says architect Tom Knezic. “But, it was worth it as drywall will start to flake when it freezes in the winter, and it meant we didn't have the hassle of carrying large sheets of drywall up the cliff. It will also last for generations.” The timber casings around the doors and windows were custom stained to match the finish of the Ready Pine.
The nearly 2,500-square-foot house is built primarily from locally sourced Douglas fir.
The home’s windows are strategically placed to provide ventilation and minimize heat gain/loss.
The railings in the casitas echo the details of the main house. The stair treads are painted the same dusty blue as the loft floor. These tiny bunkhouses are designed to sleep a family of four, and also house a little kitchenette and bathroom.
The breezeway acts as a big communal dining space, while the round table for six in the kitchen is for more casual family meals.
The ground-floor bedrooms branch off the entry hall and the steel-and-concrete spiral stair—a focal point and labor of love.
“Finishes are muted but warm and lend a calm, uplifting quality to the home,” explain the architects. “Adornment comes from the use of building materials, as opposed to the application of finishes.”
Contrasting wood finishes are visible throughout the house. The stair wall, for example, is smooth-sawn Douglas fir with a lacquer finish. Above touching height it transitions back to rough-sawn material.
To improve flow, Halsey and Levitt Halsey moved and modernized steps connecting the family room to the rest of the home.
New wood stairs were installed and stained dark brown to contrast against crisp white walls. A custom iron handrail was made to follow the curve of the stairway.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.