New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. Follow along for the latest news, shelter-in-place guides, and glimpses into the community's new normal.

19 Backyard Offices and Studios to Inspire Your Own Work-From-Home Escape
19 Backyard Offices and Studios to Inspire Your Own Work-From-Home Escape
From prefab pods to cozy cabins, these backyard offices make working from home a breeze.
By Laura Mauk - 2 years ago
Stefano Boeri Designs Prefab Vaccination Pavilions to Pop Up Across Italy
About 1,500 solar-powered, rapidly deployable structures will occupy the country’s main squares—each emblazoned with a primrose-inspired symbol of hope.
16 Dreamy Ski Cabins We Wish We Were Holed Up In This Winter
While you’re hunkered down at home, fix yourself a hot toddy and enjoy a virtual tour of these snowbound chalets.
10 Designers and Architects Share What They’re Most Thankful for in a Turbulent Year
10 Designers and Architects Share What They’re Most Thankful for in a Turbulent Year
We asked top professionals to reflect on the silver linings and learnings from a year turned upside down by the pandemic.
Is a Sustainable Suburbia Still Possible Post-Pandemic?
In 2010, Dwell took a look at four radical plans to reshape and retrofit spaces outside of our cities.
How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Change the Way We Eat?
Over the past 10 years, the troubling realities of the food supply chain became apparent. The coronavirus pandemic has made them impossible to ignore.
What Happens to Cities When We Are Free to Roam?
Despite lockdowns and quarantines brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, the question of how to shape public space has never felt more relevant.
Can Co-Living Survive in a Socially Distanced Future?
Over the past decade, soaring rents and urban loneliness have been driving people to live closer together. Then the pandemic hit, and sharing was no longer caring.
A Seasoned Interior Designer Navigates a New Business, Motherhood, and a Move During the Pandemic
Abigail Marcelo Horace was just getting her new firm, Casa Marcelo, off the ground when COVID-19 hit home.
This $22K Mirrored Home Office Is Launching Soon on Amazon
ÖÖD House’s tiny glass cabin makes the perfect home office or backyard guesthouse.
Nutritionist Keri Glassman’s Manhattan Apartment Offers Lessons for Pandemic Living
Nutritionist Keri Glassman’s Manhattan Apartment Offers Lessons for Pandemic Living
The founder of Nutritious Life invites us into her Upper East Side home and shares how healthy habits have helped relieve stress.
Home for the Holidays? Here’s What You Need to Know About Traveling This Winter
With so much up in the air due to COVID-19, Americans are playing it safe when planning holiday vacations.
A Former Pro Skier and His Family of Four Embrace the New Normal in Their Airstream
Kina Pickett shares his pro tips for living, working, and homeschooling remotely.
How the Pandemic Is Reshaping Interior Design So Far
The pandemic has caused a sea change in how we live, work, and recreate—seven months later, here’s how that’s impacted our homes.
Just in Time for a New Age of Remote Work, Kibbo Combines Van Life and Co-Living
With a growing fleet of converted vans, a network of community clubhouses, and a vision of tech-enabled “ephemeral cities,” Kibbo believes the new normal is nomadic.
Can Empty Offices and Hotels Help Alleviate the Housing Crisis?
Across the country, the pandemic is spurring the adaptive reuse of buildings as homeless services, affordable housing, and even micro-schools.
Designers’ Tips for Creating a Productive Remote-Learning Space for Kids
For little ones attending class online, a well-designed space can make all the difference.
What Historically Low Mortgage Rates May Spell for Homebuyers in 2020 and Beyond
Near-zero interest rates may have the long-term effect of inflating home prices and setting up another financial crisis.
Designer Jerome Byron’s Raw-Edged “Quarantine Quarters” Feel Like a ’90s Office Gone Rogue
Spurred on by the pandemic, the Los Angeles–based designer and architect builds a rough-and-ready workspace that’s indicative of his experimental streak.
Is the Pandemic Priming Neighborhoods for a New Wave of Gentrification?
Evictions, foreclosures, and city dwellers seeking greener pastures may exacerbate an already precarious housing market.
Why Estes Park, Colorado, Should be Your Next Nature-Filled Getaway
Colorado’s “original playground” has so many places to play.
My House: Two Bay Area Creatives Navigate a New Normal in Their Artist Co-Op
Printmaker Erin Fong and cinematographer Tyler McPherron are hunkering down in a former warehouse—and facing new realities in their respective industries.
15 Stylish Desks to Elevate Your Home Office
From a classic Ikea number to a wood table from Floyd, there’s a hardworking option to suit every style and budget.
Scents of Space: How Fragrance Instantly Uplifts Your Mood and Mindfulness at Home
In interior design, the power of smell is often overlooked. Three experts share strategies for using scent to shape and enhance your experience of home.
In Times of Crisis, Hostile Architecture Poses a Bigger Threat Than Ever
The coronavirus and social upheaval are creating a new breeding ground for hostile design that’s even more insidious than the uninviting park bench.
Two Experts in Quarantine Architecture Predict How the Pandemic Will Affect Our Homes
Authors Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley started writing “Until Proven Safe,” a book about medieval quarantine architecture, long before COVID-19.
What Happens When Eviction Moratoriums Expire?
A patchwork of state and city protections against evictions is poised to intensify the U.S. housing crisis.
5 Comforting Dishes That Top Chefs Are Making at Home
Six world-class chefs invite us into their home kitchens and share the dishes they’re loving right now.
8 Innovative Designs for Navigating Public Spaces During COVID-19
From barrier screens to 3D-printed door openers to social distancing circles, these clever solutions help alleviate the risk of contracting COVID-19.
The Best New E-Bikes Are Smart, Stylish, and a Blast to Ride
If you think electric bicycles are clunky and ugly, it’s time to take another look.