Modern renovations can give new life to midcentury gems, old industrial buildings, and other outdated spaces. Take notes on these revamped spaces—from whole-house overhauls to kitchen and bath remodels, these projects reinforce the wisdom of working with what you've got.

A Cork-Clad Extension With Playful Pink Trim Is the Cure-All for Gloomy London Days
A Cork-Clad Extension With Playful Pink Trim Is the Cure-All for Gloomy London Days
The cheerful spirit of Nimtim Architects’ renovation continues inside by way of bold patterns and more pops of color.
By Grace Bernard - 2 days ago
After a Family’s Renovation Went Wrong, They Gave It Another Go—and Got It Right
Architecture firm L. McComber stepped in to remedy a poorly executed extension, enhancing its insulation and airtightness while infusing the spaces with Mediterranean influences...
A Wood Canopy With Netting Fills Out a Glass-Wrapped New York Apartment
No Architecture took advantage of soaring ceilings by inserting an airy second level into the loftlike space.
A Surprising Venice Beach A-Frame Reaches Its Peak Potential
A Surprising Venice Beach A-Frame Reaches Its Peak Potential
Following a renovation that better connected it to the outdoors, designer Katie Gebhardt punched it up with a West Coast palette.
A Puzzled-Together Stair Elevates a Fashion Designer’s Barcelona Apartment
Its melange of treads serve as the centerpiece of this elegantly renovated wabi-sabi flat.
Before & After: Siblings Turn a Neglected Victorian Into a Dreamy Catskills Hotel
The couple behind Field Theory help their brother reimagine a dreary 1890s estate as the irresistibly chic Hotel Lilien.
A Basement in Greece Finds a New Purpose as a Space-Saving Apartment
Point Supreme Architects kept its raw concrete and steel but implemented adventurous finishes and porous built-ins that maximize the apartment’s small footprint.
The Barn Is Now the Living Space at This 16th-Century Home in the French Pyrenees
Paris firm Plan Común rejigged the floor plan of the stone and concrete country residence for energy efficiency and improved indoor/outdoor flow.
Before & After: Just-Right Furnishings and a Few Shades of Paint Punch Up a Brooklyn Brownstone
A young family’s furniture didn’t fit in their new home, so Studio Nato designed custom cabinetry and sourced sofas, lighting, and artwork that elevate every room.
This See-Through California Home Magically Hangs Above a Creek Bed
Fougeron Architecture reconfigured the residence with floor-to-ceiling glass that enhances views of the stream and a backyard waterfall.
Before & After: Two Architects Bring Balance to a Shaky Toronto Home
Before & After: Two Architects Bring Balance to a Shaky Toronto Home
LAMAS Architecture gets to the root of the problem by shoring up its unsettled foundation and fixing damage from a fallen tree.
This Renovated London Flat Includes a Kitchen Designed Like a Kebab Shop
Design studio Holloway Li riffed on the city’s nightlife in revamping an apartment inside a Victorian.
An Artful Restoration Returns a Louisville Home to Its Midcentury Roots
John Brooks and Erik Eaker hit undo on an awkward aughts revamp with the help of local firm Rock Paper Hammer.
This 1960s Home’s Painstaking Renovation Is a Love Letter to Midcentury Design
“The house is like a gallery and an heirloom that brings the family together,” says architect Cristina Ioana Graff.
This Apartment Renovation Was Meant as a Rental. The Owner Liked It So Much, He Kept It for Himself
Architect Rafael Ramos turned a cramped 700-square-foot flat in Rio de Janeiro into a finely tuned space infused with his client’s personal style.
Deep Greens and Gold in This Renovated Apartment Exude Art Deco Opulence
The Mumbai flat also includes marble floors, a wet bar in terrazzo, and fluted finishes.
Before & After: A Philly Couple Dig Deep to Unearth the Beauty of a Brick Row House
Marina Barnes and Thomas Pittlik peel away wallpaper, wood paneling, fake masonry, and popcorn ceilings to reveal the bones of their 1890 home.
A Compact Home in Suburban Australia Lives Large With a Garden and Outdoor Bath
On an exposed corner, featherlight wood slatting wraps a reworked semidetached unit that includes spaces for quiet seclusion and community interaction.
Construction Diary: A Brooklyn Couple Revive an ’80s Time Capsule in the Catskills
A subdued palette allows the pair’s collection of vintage furniture—and the tree-filled surroundings—to sing.
An Industrial-Chic Home With a Rooftop Garden Was Crafted From the Remnants of an 1890 Brewery
Designed by Belgian firm AUX, it’s the last building on a once-decrepit city block to be resurrected.
After Weathering 40 Years, a Wooden Family Home in Australia Is Renovated for What’s Next
Architect John Baird designed the coastal residence in the ’80s with simple means, so the team that did the refresh stuck to the playbook when adding a second level.
Before & After: A 1989 Airstream Is Reimagined With Marble, a Movie Screen, and Room to Move
Glickman Schlesinger Architects tore out bulky overhead cabinets, exchanged drab finishes for lighter ones, and created a modular sleeping arrangement for a family of six.
A Rooftop Extension in the Netherlands Sets a New Precedent for the Neighborhood
Architect Tjeerd Bloothoofd needed more space for his family, so he built a metal-clad addition on top of his apartment.
A ’50s Teardown in the Netherlands Gets a Second Chance—and a Beautiful Brick Extension
After living with its charms, the owners decided to renovate and create a swooping indoor/outdoor addition that “hugs” the backyard.
Before & After: A Feral Terrace House Becomes a Magical Garden Home for $423K
Pashenko Works revives a dilapidated London residence with a green roof, a large atrium, and a garden studio for visiting grandparents.
Drop-Dead Tile Sets the Tone in This Elegant Barcelona Renovation
Cometa Architects finessed a new plan that includes a radiant living and dining area with original patterned floors.
If Ever a Home Framed Views, It’s This Boxy Seaside Retreat in Greece
Design firm Neiheiser Argyros stripped a grid-like ’70s home to its essence in service of the Mediterranean setting.
This Overhauled Airstream Feels Less Like a Trailer and More Like a House
Two friends fit out a vintage camper with wide-open spaces, fresh white oak, and waterfall terrazzo—and launch a business in the process.
Curvy Plywood Punches Up the Interiors of a 1920s London Home
The wood insertions form built-in bookshelves, archways, and partitions that make for a playful family residence.
Before & After: A Choppy San Francisco Home Finds Its Flow After a Mullet Renovation
Malcolm Davis Architecture helps a family roll back years of hodgepodge additions while opening the rear facade to the garden.