Good design extends far beyond just our homes. It touches all parts of our lives, from our hobbies and travels to the experiences we encounter on a daily basis. Get lost in these stories that fuse great design with lifestyle.

The New Design Critics Next Door
The New Design Critics Next Door
Are savvy shitposting, dick-joke discourse, and endless memes the future of how we understand architecture?
By Alana Hope Levinson - 4 months ago
The Uncanny Joy of Gawking at Ugly Things
Our appetite for home design content that’s absurd, garish, and downright bad is only becoming more insatiable, and the market is expanding to deliver.
My Almost Endless Quest for an Accessible-ish and (Somewhat) Charming Home
As someone who uses a wheelchair, the struggle to create a space that feels right in function and aesthetics has followed me into every place I’ve lived.
In Praise of “Bad Taste”
In Praise of “Bad Taste”
A space may be tasteful, but does it have a soul?
Meet the ‘Outlander’ Fan Making Over Her Home to Match Sets From the Hit Period Drama
“It’s a psychotic process,” she admits, “but I have a lot of fun with...
I Bought My First Home in L.A.’s Red-Hot Housing Market. It Was a Whirlwind
Even though my wife and I had the financial means, know-how, and a trusted agent, the road to becoming first-time homeowners in the current real estate climate was...winding.
Tidycore Makes a Real Mess
How organization content ignores the most important part of being neat: buying less.
Meet the Women Who Reimagined a Hudson Valley Farmhouse as a BIPOC Residency
The trio behind the thoughtfully updated colonial-style Mae House in Athens, New York, discuss transforming the 173-year-old property into a part-time rental designed with people...
How a Perfectly Placed Piano Can Bring Harmony to Your Home
When it comes to incorporating a piano into your living space, these tips will help you hit all the right notes.
One Night In Joshua Tree’s Multicolored, Cubist Monument House
The Instagram-famous desert home designed by SoCal starchitect Josh Schweitzer recently became available to book as a vacation rental, and my partner and I jumped at the chance to...
The Life-Changing Magic of “Knolling”
The Life-Changing Magic of “Knolling”
Before purging your belongings to tidy up à la Marie Kondo, consider this organizational tactic championed by two artists with ties to the American furniture manufacturing company.
For These Designers and Homebuilders, the Best Materials Are Ones That Have Already Been Used
Writer Penny Craswell explores the potential of secondhand and upcycled materials to craft new homes.
Do Identity-Based Shopping Lists Work?
The themed roundups encouraging consumers to shop at, say, Black-owned businesses have increased in popularity, promising consumers a feel-good way to shop—and designers featured...
Meet the People Who Decide What Design Trends Will Dominate Each Year
Highly anticipated annual forecasts like Pantone’s Color of the Year and Pinterest Predicts write the blueprint for which styles will take over.
The Year I Got My Pantry in Order
Stock your pantry with what you love and you’re one step closer to becoming the gourmand of your dreams.
The Year I Learned to Love a Tablescape
Setting the table is now a necessity and I like it that way.
The Year I Stopped Working At a Desk
My best work happens anywhere other than my desk, so why not embrace that chaos?
A Completely Non-Exhaustive, Highlights-Only Survey of the Year in TV Homes
In 2022, some of the most memorable houses we saw on non-scripted television were also the most, dare we say it, normal?
From Agatha Christie to ‘Glass Onion’: Why Art Deco Is the Murder Mystery Aesthetic
In a classic whodunit, the details of the setting can be just as dramatic as the plotline.
You Can Build Anything in the Metaverse, Especially a Déjà Vu-Inducing, Unlivable House
This year, land grabs exploded, but anyone buying one of these parcels really has to use their imagination in order to realize a property’s potential.
Trying Not to Be the Grinch About the Holiday Aesthetic
I’m resistant to sparkly, “jolly” holiday decor, but still I want a cheerful atmosphere. Is there a middle ground between phony and festive?
How ’40s and ’50s Holiday Films Helped Define the Quintessential Christmas “Look”
A slew of classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood popularized rural New England architecture as the typical backdrop for holiday domesticity.
The ‘Selling Sunset’ Theory
Surely, there’s nothing sinister behind all those sliding glass doors…right?
How Tile Took Villareal CF to the Top
The Spanish soccer team is both an ambassador for the region’s ceramics industry and one of its most beloved beneficiaries.
Millennials Are Coming for the Tiny Collectible Christmas Village
There’s a thriving collector scene for these towns—which come in increasingly modern themes—and reason to believe younger generations are becoming a bigger part of it.
What It’s Actually Like to Stay in One of Those Movie-Home Replicas on Airbnb
When the company offers exclusive overnights at carefully re-created (or sometimes original) film or TV houses, the internet goes wild.
How the Shelters on ‘Alone’ Became About More Than Just Survival
Nine seasons in, the temporary huts contestants on the hit survivalist reality show build have become more than a place to live—they’re where they try to thrive.
Artist Jamilla Okubo Is Revealing What Home Means for Black Women
The interdisciplinary artist discusses the intention behind the collage-like paintings, which depict a Black woman in different parts of her living space, from her third solo...
The Ethical Quandaries of Estate Sales
Recent auctions of the items of deceased celebrities have unearthed the murky moral code around rifling through a lifetime of belongings, and shown how divorced we are from death.
How ‘Black Panther’ Production Designer Hannah Beachler Created the Sequel’s Underwater World
The Academy Award winner drew inspiration from Mesoamerican architecture, East African fishing villages, and Zaha Hadid works to devise the kingdoms of Talokan and Wakanda for...