121 Garage Design Photos And Ideas

The modern garage can be more than a mere storage space or a place to house your car—it can just as likely accomodate family activities or serve as an exterior design element. Whether attached or stand-alone, used as a workshop or converted into a studio, there is no single way to define its use. The inspired examples below are a testament to the range and diversity of the modern garage.

Christopher, known professionally as Flore,  surveys a painting in his garage turned studio.
A carport enables more outdoor deck space.
The clean lines of the house’s minimalist façade is accented by standing-seam metal cladding.
23' x 13' Detached Garage
Carstensen painted the body and exterior trim on the garage the same color, in order to "make the house look slightly more modern, without losing character," he said. The color is a discontinued shade, called Evening Canyon, from Behr, that he had mixed at Home Depot.  "I tried so many before landing on this one," he said. "This one ended up being my favorite, because it maintains a nice warm tone all throughout the day. Others would end up either looking too cool (almost navy blue) in direct sunlight, or just look brown."
The new dividing wall was sheathed in sanded pine plywood and includes a door for easy access to the other side of the garage.
Carstensen purchased the vintage Malm fireplace in Los Angeles on a work trip and had it shipped to Portland. He's hoping to install it in time for the fall season. The interior of the porch is outfitted with a mix of furnishings, both vintage and new. The rug, shelf unit, and loveseat are all from the locally-based Schoolhouse Electric, as are the ceiling lights: Factory Light No. 7 in Green.
Sliding barn doors connect the garage to a shaded outdoor sculptural studio that doubles as a stage for summer concerts.
This stone volume emerges from the topography like an ancestral cave, with its mouth serving as the entrance to the house.
The property has a discreet, wooden door garage.
2 car garage
Due to the lot’s small size, Cloud9 placed the garage beneath the house.
In the original design, steel structural elements were meant to support a distinctive fabric roof but the material was not weather-resistant.
The darker gray garage door offers a chromatic and textural contrast to the concrete shell.
When not in use during winter, the tub is hidden from the home’s view. The entrance has a sheltered overhang for car parking.
Through a winding gravel path cutting through the native vegetation, one arrives at a parking garage, which is located the below the roof’s large, overhanging eaves.
Atop the carport is a Hopper table and shade by Extremis.
When Libby May and Eoghan Mahony purchased a 1950s post-and-beam house in Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Canyon, they envisioned someday transforming the garage and adjoining workshop into livable space, with an office for each of them and a family room they could share with their sons, Wes, 14, and Duncan, 10.
The windows themselves come from Lumisystem.
Designed by Jagoda, the door swings open to fit in front of a bookshelf.
The pop of orange as an accent color is picked up in the carport.
The garage behind the concrete wall.
A wood-clad garage sits adjacent to the home.
"The property does not have a conventional backyard, so the pool is a place where the adults can get some exercise, and the two young children can play. From here, the evening sun streams through the slide-fold doors, creating a lovely ambiance," Schaer explains.
The garage is set up like an art gallery.
A shaded parking lot near the entrance of the house.
In the garage, wooden joints are exposed and the peak of Ryssdalsnebba can be seen to the south.
On nice days, doors can be opened for indoor/outdoor flow.
The garage can also be used as a fitness/workout room, workshop and conservatory.
The varied heights of the volumes create interesting interior perspectives.
Interior of attached garage with car charging stations built in.
A cedar clad garage door.
Color Me Rad

To give the exterior of your home a chic, contemporary veneer without splurging on expensive cladding, use a bold accent color.
The flat roof of the Nakhshabs’ energy-efficient home is topped with photo-voltaic panels. It is the first single-family LEED Gold–certified residence in San Diego.
Floating grill on detached garage
Marcel Breuer Hooper House II Interior Garage
“Between the chickens and my visitors,  I don’t stop working,” Lolo Mauron, proprietor
The fleet includes a ruby-red Renault Dauphine and a black Citroën Traction Avant.
The crown jewel is Lolo’s collection of more than half a dozen classic cars, not related to farming.
Hearty stews and fragrant cheeses aren’t the only attractions at Mas de la Pyramide. For 3 euros, visitors can also tour the “agricultural museum,” a massive cavern full of historic tools for sowing and harvesting crops, from scythes to tractors.
Original elements such as the curved glass windows, added in the 1930s, remain, as does the original parquet floor.
Pendant lamps by Moooi are suspended from the double-height ceiling.
When you first approach the loft, you can choose to enter through a simple door, or through the garage door that slides back completely. This reveals the main workshop floor that has its own bathroom and painted concrete floors.
The ceiling features pin lights that effortlessly blend within the folded surfaces to make the studio feel as spacious as possible.
Another view of the garage reveals its extensive space to house vehicles and protect them from the elements.
This garage space uses iconic checkerboard floor tiles to contrast the rustic barn door that provides entry to the rest of The Barn.
The slanted roof above the garage, painted white to reflect the heat in the tropical environment, also contains a solar heating system for water. The home also features a rainwater collection system, particularly useful during the long rainy season.
Fancy yourself as an amateur builder? The GaragePlanShop supplies blueprints to build your dream garage from scratch. This Craftsman-style garage plan with loft features three garage bays and offers 928 square feet of parking. Two bays are deep enough to accommodate boat storage. Interior stairs lead to the loft, perfect for storage or a hobby room
SteelMaster cab supply you this colorful addition to your property as a workshop or garage for all types of hobby enthusiasts, including woodworkers, metal shop owners and classic car professionals.
How about a customized barn to house that prized classic car collection.  Barn Pros can set you up with a wide variety of packages including everything from blueprints (you could pay up to $30,000 for those alone) to lumber and hardware, ready to build—the only materials not included are nails, concrete, and the final layer of roofing.
Here's something different. GazeBox's special anti-UV polycarbonate panels give protection from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets and birds.
A prefabricated garage is the perfect storage solution for one car or off-road vehicles.