They Love Surfing So Much They Put a Skate Ramp in Their Front Yard
They Love Surfing So Much They Put a Skate Ramp in Their Front Yard
Leah and Jakeh Bradley’s refreshed California midcentury is a love letter to the beach, with counterculture heirlooms, sandy colors, and plants that create a paradise for their three young kids.
Why Did J.Lo and Ben Affleck Fall Out of Escrow Three Times?
For a noncelebrity, getting an offer accepted is the hard part. For the rich and famous, it’s making up your mind.
This Rammed Earth Home in Remote New Zealand Has Some Sizzling Fireplace Moments
Without a neighbor in sight, the retreat’s sprawling desert setting lends itself to framed vignettes with an open flame.
Seeking $525K, This Darling Cabin Is an Idyllic Escape Near L.A.
Built in 1960, the cozy little home in the San Bernardino Mountains recently received a Japandi refresh.
That TV Mansion You’re Coveting? How Series Like “Loot” and “Bridgerton” Film at Luxe Real Estate
The production teams behind major shows set at swanky homes and estates weigh in on what actually goes into shooting at prized properties.
This 22-Pound Foldable Couch Would Make Moving Apartments a Whole Lot Easier
Ikea’s design lab is toying with a sofa concept you won’t have to cajole friends into helping you carry.
11 Air Purifiers That Will Help You Breathe Easy During Sneeze Season
Zap dust, bacteria, smoke, and other pollutants with these state-of-the-art air purifiers that are also easy on the eyes.
The Nordic Teak Bath Mat That Won’t Get Soggy or Slip Out of Place
Why it’s much more effective than a fabric alternative.

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In Vancouver, an Award-Winning Home by James K.M. Cheng Asks $3.1M
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