The New Wave of Food Decor Wants You to Eat It
The New Wave of Food Decor Wants You to Eat It
It’s not just about looking like a snack. Hyperrealistic scented candles and actual “bread art” have us wondering if they’re real.
Construction Diary: After a Devastating Fire, a Couple Start Over With a $17K DIY Cabin
In the Santa Cruz Mountains, Jeff Waldman and Molly Fiffer build a new retreat with salvaged, charred timber and a community of friends.
A Surprising Concrete Column Keeps This Backyard House Open and Airy
The support structure’s arms splay out from the kitchen like a tree, leaving the glass-enclosed floor plan free of interruption.
This $1.4M Berkeley Midcentury Is Hidden Behind a Giant Boulder
Nestled behind a rocky outcropping, the 1951 home has unobstructed bay views, a spacious backyard, and a suite of energy-efficient systems.
Go-Box Makes Super-Portable Tiny Homes Inspired by #VanLife
From a 140-square-foot office to a larger unit with a kitchenette and bathroom, the prefabs emphasize flexibility for whatever adventure is around the bend.
So You Want to Paint Your Ceiling? Read This First
Before you commit to chartreuse, consider lighting, practicality, and whether or not you want to spend days with your neck craned skyward.
In Upstate New York, a Midcentury-Inspired Home With a Butterfly Roof Asks $1.5M
Tucked away on 21 forested acres, the Hudson Valley house has charred timber siding, a wraparound deck, and a bright red front door.
Elevate Every Corner of Your Home With This Fun, New Wallpaper Collection
After 25 years in the fabric and rug realm, Perennials’ first-ever venture into wallcoverings features 18 unique designs that play with various patterns and materials.
If You Love Brutalism, This $2.7M L.A. Home Is Packed With Concrete Detail
Designed by PPAA, the newly built five-bedroom home is equal parts rugged and refined—and it comes with a turnkey ADU.
One Night in Iceland’s Famous Ion Adventure Hotel
The stilted modernist structure has a reputation for sustainable design, luxury travel, and prime northern lights viewing. Does it live up to the hype?

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Will NYC Renters Finally See the End of the Dreaded Broker’s Fee?
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