Fredrik Färg

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By Dieter Van Den Storm
Fredrik Färg originally wanted to be an interior architect, but the urge to create objects with his hands won out. Inspired by art and passionate about fashion, he is driven to experiment. “For me, designing is about learning how to make things by making mistakes and breaking rules,” he says

Fashion, particularly the work of the British-Turkish designer Hussein Chalayan and the late Alexander McQueen, excites the young Swedish designer. Classically tailored suits inspired him to make chairs in which a contemporary aesthetic blends with classical structures. For his RE:Cover series, he cleverly transformed vintage chairs found at flea markets into new ones by replacing their original backrests with sculptural forms made of moldable polyester felt, in the process garnering worldwide attention. He relishes the hands-on creation process. "By putting more craft into the creation of these objects, I could experiment with the shapes of the chairs, creating different ones. In an industrial process, this variation would be impossible."

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Frederik Farg’s RE:Cover series gives fresh life to found furniture.

Frederik Farg’s RE:Cover series gives fresh life to found furniture.

Last year, he launched Studio Färg & Blanche with the French-Swedish designer Emma Marga Blanche. Soon he will release a new flat-pack rocking chair for Design House Stockholm and, with Blanche, a "moon-inspired" light for Zero.

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