“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand

The Graphic House
Geigy's Stellar Graphic Design
I alluded to it in an earlier post, but one of the highlights of my first day in Zurich was a tour through the exhibit Good...
Graphic Design Guides an Apartment Renovation in Tel Aviv
Kedem Shinar Design & Architecture borrows from the world of graphic design to update this 1960s unit.
When Good Graphic Design Translates to Great Objects
From flat to physical, Kristina Krogh masters every dimension.
Philographics: Big Ideas in Simple Shapes
MakeLike 100 Things - Black on White
City Penthouse
The Roof House
S|H Apartment
Space for Four
Ligonier Street Residence
Stafford Residence
Graphic Design on the Radio
You may already be a fan of TV on the Radio, but how about Graphic Design on the Radio? Despite having a score of episodes under...
Eastwind Hotel & Bar
Topanga House
Hotel Azúcar
PRK Residence
Modern Architectural Design
Itu Apartment
The Power of Design
Preview the Editor’s Letter from our January/February issue, written by Dwell founder and CEO Lara Deam.
Visionary Design
Read the Editor’s Letter from our upcoming November/December edition and look for the issue on newsstands in the first week of...
Groundbreaking Design
It has been nearly half a decade, but the Dwell Home II is back! Construction began this winter in the hills outside Los Angeles,...
Design the Future
Read the Editor’s Letter from our upcoming September/October edition and look for the issue on newsstands in the first week of...
K Residence
Woodsy Tahoe Cabin
Modern Texas Prefab
11 Howard
Blakely Mid-Century Modern
Hotel SP34
The Monocular
Normann Copenhagen Showroom
Nobis Hotel
Casa OM1
Piedmont Retreat
Graphic Design: Project Projects
Manhattan-based Project Projects may be a graphic design studio, but it works in all dimensions, on the page and off.

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