Visionary Design

Visionary Design

Read the Editor’s Letter from our upcoming November/December edition and look for the issue on newsstands in the first week of November.

Building something is never easy. 

When you start a project, whether it’s a renovation or a new build, the challenges are intense. Terrifying, even. 

The cost, the logistics, the time, and the sacrifices can cloud your judgment and dampen your ambition. Do not let them. The biggest mistake is believing that something daunting must be impossible, or—this is even worse—that you are not up to the task. 

Making an impact is not guaranteed. Mistakes are okay. If you’re hoping for admiration from others, try to let that go. Caring what others think is poison to the creative mind. Trust your gut, and please yourself first. Others may not like your style, your choices, your ideas. Who cares? Your project is not for them. It’s for you. 

There are many voices that will tell you why something can’t be done. Never allow your own voice to be among them. 

We all deserve a good place to call home. It will be difficult, too expensive, and messy. But it will be worth it. Because you decide what is good. 

Building something is never easy, but it is brave. Don’t get discouraged. Show your mettle, swing that hammer, and don’t look back. 

Because this is only the beginning.  


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