Notes from the Underground
“I used to care about how buildings looked on the outside,” says Malcolm Wells, a charming, self-deprecating man with a bushy...
A House
13 Subterranean Homes That Are Out of This World
If you're looking for an alterwative way of living, look no further: an underground home may be your answer.
underground house
Tetris House
Atrium House
Shaft House
63˚ House
Thorax House
Woung House
IF House
House of Four Houses
This Lush, Underground Home Is a Hideaway Fit For a Hobbit
On a hilly site near Mexico City, architect Javier Senosiain has created a remarkable home inspired by the shape of a peanut.
Turtle Rock House
Skyline House
Collingwood House
Mountain House
Top Design Cities 2019: Seoul, South Korea
The cofounder of architecture studio SsD Jinhee Park sees a new generation of designers emerging in Seoul.
House LO
Caucaso House
Cloud House
Cycle House
Lookout House
Red House
Glass House
Skygarden House
Hydeaway House
The Roof House
Contrast House
Opposite House
23.2 House
Gilbert House

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