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A Vivid, Curvaceous Kindergarten Takes Cues From Feng Shui in Vietnam
A Vivid, Curvaceous Kindergarten Takes Cues From Feng Shui in Vietnam
Natural materials, lush courtyards, and feng shui principles combine in the first of a series of eco kindergartens by LAVA and Module K.
- 8 months ago
Queer Eye’s New Furniture Collection Is the Best Thing You Can Buy at Walmart
Launched in partnership with today, the Queer Eye Collection offers stylish and contemporary furnishings at an affordable price point.
Nendo and BoConcept Collaborate on a New Line of Furniture
A new line of furniture by BoConcept and Nendo marries Danish functionality with Japanese whimsy.
What Do Monuments Mean to Us?
What Do Monuments Mean to Us?
The recent takedowns of controversial statues call into question the meaning and permanence of monuments themselves.
- 8 months ago
Take a Sneak Peek at Dwell’s July/August 2020 Issue
From a breezy home in San Francisco to a monolithic, live/work space in Brazil, the next issue of Dwell looks at how houses have turned into shelter-in-place sanctuaries.
A Delivery Van–Turned–Mobile Classroom for Kids Hits the Streets of Chicago
Chicago Mobile Makers converts a USPS van into a roving “makerspace” for young people to learn new design skills.
The Unsung Story of Eichler Homes and How They Helped Integrate American Neighborhoods
Joseph Eichler not only defined the middle-class home of the midcentury period, but also worked to dismantle racist housing policies.
IKEA’s Plant-Filled “Home of Tomorrow” Champions a Zero-Waste Future
The Swedish furniture giant takes on self-sufficient living with a futuristic show home in Szczecin, Poland.
Here’s What You Need to Know About the Juneteenth Flag
The red, white, and blue Juneteenth flag commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S., which came over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation.
A Growing List of More Than 100 BIPOC Designers and Architects Just Started Circulating
A cast of design creatives—among them fashion mogul Virgil Abloh—have created a living spreadsheet to promote more diverse studios.
This New Egg-Shaped Prefab Can Pop Up Almost Anywhere for $56K
This New Egg-Shaped Prefab Can Pop Up Almost Anywhere for $56K
Bratislava-based Ecocapsule just unveiled their second highly flexible off-grid structure.
- 9 months ago
Q&A: Tom Kundig on Why Buildings Should Move and Morph
The king of kinetic architecture discusses the River House, where manually operated gizmos move massive walls and windows.
The New Gogoro Eeyo Is the Sports Car of the E-Bike World
Announced today, the ultralight Eeyo e-bike is taking on the challenges of city life in style by prioritizing agility over utility.
Plant Prefab and Alchemy Architects Launch Net Zero–Ready Prefabs Starting at $170K
The new lightHouse LivingHomes are Plant Prefab’s smallest modular dwellings to date.
This Svelte, Expandable Camper Packs All the Perks of a Tiny Home
Dutch company Haaks just rolled out its most compact camper to date—but the slight footprint doesn’t skimp.
Here’s How to Make Your Own Bee Home for World Bee Day
IKEA’s design lab, SPACE10, is sharing free plans to build a custom home for bees.
The Best New E-Bikes Are Smart, Stylish, and a Blast to Ride
If you think electric bicycles are clunky and ugly, it’s time to take another look.
How Ancient Technologies Can Show Us the Way to More Sustainable Building
We present four case studies on more viable ways of living in mountains, forests, wetlands, and deserts.
Architects and Designers Weigh In on the Future of Work
Right now, the logistics of “going back to normal” are a mystery. We asked some prominent voices to predict what we can expect when the worst is over.
Living Vehicle Unveils 3 New Solar-Powered Trailers for Going Off-Grid in Luxury
With the motto “luxury unplugged,” Living Vehicle debuts three new solar-powered trailers that provide freedom from the grid.
Plant Prefab and Koto Launch New Net-Zero Homes With Scandinavian Style
Sustainable, stylish, and packed with smart tech—the latest LivingHomes are here just in time for Earth Day.
How Van-Lifers Are Adapting During the Coronavirus Pandemic
When home is the open road, it’s tricky to navigate where and how to shelter in place.
This New Frank Lloyd Wright–Inspired Furniture Is Surprisingly Affordable
Act fast, and you can snag pieces from the Usonia collection at special preorder pricing.
We Asked 13 Designers to Share Their Work-From-Home Setups and Tips
Peek inside some of our favorite designers’ home offices, and get their tips for creating a successful WFH setup (or mindset) of your own.
How Design Brands Around the World Are Pivoting to Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic
Designers, makers, and companies are harnessing their talents to fight against COVID-19.
Create a Healthier Home With These Eco-Friendly Furnishings
The Spring 2020 Collection from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams offers fabrics in a plant-based finish and rugs made from upcycled plastic bottles.
Shelter in Place: How Our Readers Are Adjusting to the New Normal
Dining rooms everywhere are working overtime as offices, yoga studios, and game zones—and weekend warriors are camping out on the roof.
How the Quest for Sustainability Fuels Gloster’s Production and Minimalist Modern Designs
Gloster’s recent acquisition of land in Indonesia is just another example of how the company is an industry leader in sustainability.
How to Get Mortgage Relief if Your Income Is Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic
Here’s how homeowners affected by the COVID-19 crisis can receive mortgage relief.
Makers Around the World Are 3D Printing Face Shields to Combat COVID-19
Companies, collectives, and individuals are 3D printing face shields to help safeguard healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.