208 Outdoor Woodland Design Photos And Ideas

A robust Cor-Ten steel home rises from the rugged landscape.
The water is then pumped to a bucket shower on the river.
Designed as a flat-pack system, the sauna can be easily disassembled and transported.
The exterior is constructed from cypress pine wood and lightweight polycarbonate.
Studio Rain’s 62-square-foot sauna can fit six people. The art and architecture collective looked to "blur the boundaries between personal and public space," wanting bathers to embrace both "intimate social contact and inner stillness."
Today, the cabin has a new purpose: it’s a safe haven for a friend who is a surgeon in Portland.
The large deck was built around an old plum tree on the property, which consists of five acres and provided the family of four with ample sustenance thanks to the turkeys, chickens, bees, and a bounty of vegetables they raised in a purpose-built greenhouse.
The home in Araucanía, Chile, that Aguilo + Pedraza Architects designed for Roberto and María Elena Del Fierro and their three sons features a northern facade clad mostly with glass, providing the family unhindered views of the landscape.
At night, carefully orchestrated lighting illuminates the house like a lantern in nature.
One of the building challenges was transportation through the steep and windy roads to the isolated site, which is 0.5km away from Cornwall, one of Connecticut's smallest towns.
Strategically located on the western rock, the sauna includes a roof terrace with a view of the inner archipelago.
The Northern Lights outdoor hot tub and sauna top off this wooded retreat.
During the off-season, the cabins are shut with a wood sliding door shutter system.
The house's elevation brings it into the canopy of the surrounding trees.
Conguillío National Park is popular with skiers and eco-tourists, who come to see its lakes, vegetation, and varied animal life, as well as its expansive lava flows. It encompasses the Llaima volcano, which last erupted in 2008, and the long dormant Sierra Nevada.
Porter worked with landscape design firm Wagner Hodgson to meld the pool house interior with the exterior.
The pool house was designed and built to mimic the main house, so they feel like "a family of structures," says Porter.
A dramatic, 80-foot-long pool and spa runs beyond the building along the north edge, as the site slopes down to the lake.
Materials are inspired by the region: the exterior pine siding references the color of nearby pine tree bark, and rip rap-filled basins highlight the iron ore found in East Texas.
Aegean Pool House’s expansive roof structure shelters the indoor/outdoor living spaces beneath it. A freestanding stone fireplace anchors the west side of the living and dining area.
Other areas of the extensive property include shaded picnic areas overlooking the undulating hills of grassland surrounding the property.
To date, the pair and their pals have built a compound complete with sheds, tree decks, a pavilion, a wood-fired hot tub, an outhouse, an outdoor shower, and, now, a redwood cabin where an ever widening network of friends gather for skill-sharing workshops and events.
The Lake Cottage embodies all the playful aesthetics of architecture firm UUfie via a modern cabin mirroring its surrounding forest near Ontario's Kawartha Lakes. The two-story structure, developed as a home extension, is camouflaged against a leafy landscape with one-way mirrored glass. Inside, the space offers uninterrupted views of the great outdoors. The 700-square foot cabin is UUfie’s modern take on a tree house with interior and exterior spaces that connect to mimic the experience of living among the branches of a tree.
Situated amid the forest in Rhinebeck, New York, the geometric, eco-friendly Ex of In House by architect Steven Holl stars a large window capable of heating the living space with sunlight during the winter months. In the summer, a shade ensures it keeps cool. In accordance with the home’s sustainable mission, the interiors are finished with natural oiled wood and plywood, and all light fixtures were 3D-printed in PLA cornstarch-based plastic.
The curves of the deck follow the contour of the land.
On a recent phone call, the firm caught up with the homeowner while she was opening a bottle of champagne. “What are you celebrating?” Campos remembers asking her. “She said, ‘Every few months I buy a bottle of champagne, and I open it up, and I celebrate that I live in this house.’”
Located 328 feet from the mainland and 2.5 hours from Stockholm, Gåsharsskäret and its five buildings provide the bones for an ideal weekend getaway with family and friends.
Molly and Jeff wanted their guests to have creature comforts, so early on they built an outdoor shower that’s illuminated by string lights at night.
An upcoming visit from a friend who needed a break from wedding planning gave the couple the incentive to finish the tree deck, which has a wood-fired hot tub on the lower level.
The couple and their friends spent hours clearing brush and felling at-risk oak and madrone trees. “There was no view at all,” Molly says. “You had to duck and peek through thick oak brush just to see that there was anything on the horizon.”
Pine decking on the porch adds warmth to the home's exterior, which is sided with metal.
Joel Loblaw, a landscape designer, created "a series of outdoor rooms," including an alfresco kitchen that is sheltered beneath a cedar trellis. The Butterfly chairs are from Fresh Home and Garden in Toronto.
Instead of featuring any kind of railing, the pavilion decks have cargo-style nets around their edge.
Constructed from oak and ironbark timber, the pavilions were inspired by their surroundings. Local architecture firm Liminal Studio designed the structures to reflect a deep understanding of the coastline’s natural color palette, curving rock formations, and landscape.
The Dwell team took a hike up to a few waterfalls—talk about a view!
A stunning boutique hotel nestled in its own nature reserve on Lake Atitlán, Laguna Lodge evokes Mayan tradition in a wonderfully eco-friendly way.
Originally designed in 1957 by SOM partner Roy O. Allen, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Briarcliff Manor has been meticulously restored, while many of its original midcentury design details have been preserved and even emphasized. In fact, much of the design is reminiscent of the work of midcentury luminaries like Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson.
Architect Kengo Kuma designed a floating, transparent structure supported by very thin steel columns. Transparency was a common design goal for the entire project.
Inspired by the surrounding landscape of chestnut trees, rocky hillside, and bubbling stream, Portuguese architecture firm 3r Ernesto Pereira chose to blend into, and take advantage of, the local geography rather than fight against it at this sleek, modern home near the coastal city of Porto. At a cost of €100,000 (approximately $125,000) and measuring about 140 square meters, this stunning, wood-and-glass retreat took about four months to construct.
The Trex elevated wraparound deck is perfect for indoor/outdoor entertaining.
The netting suspended over the water feature makes for a whimsical spot to stargaze.
A glass-infill railing allows for uninterrupted views of the surrounding forest.
In the warmer months, the window can be raised to allow those on the deck and inside the cabin to chat face-to-face.
Kranbuehl landscaped the previously forested backyard with a “grass terrace” and masonry walls, so that the exterior felt of a piece with the interiors. Trees and hedges still stand on the perimeter to create natural screening from the neighbors.
Sliding pocket doors create a seamless connection between the indoor living areas and the north-facing deck.
The outdoor patio features St. Kitts lounge chairs from Frontgate and a black and white bone inlay coffee table.
"This home is intended as both a place of refuge and of play," says Emily Summers Design Associates.
Glass walls surround a courtyard, sunken so as to provide respite from the wind. Landscape elements encourage interplay with the outdoors.
Teak surrounds a minimalist outdoor shower.
An all-weather wicker-like fiber is used to create the oversized, and dramatically curved French cane backrest which is available in two different sizes. The Kay collection comes in three colorways: Brindle, Harvest or Copper fiber set on the elegant teak frame.
When Wright created the initial sketches for the property at 83, he had hoped the house would surpass Fallingwater.
A choice of dining areas, either partially protected or enclosed with glass and light wooden louvers.

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