A Mind-Blowing, Mondrian-Esque Staircase
Francesco Librizzi's oak-and-steel staircase is as much a sculpture as it is a means of going between floors.
Incredible Floating Barge Makes it Possible to Grow Food on Any Body of Water
The modular Jellyfish Barge could be a solar-powered solution to food shortages.
This Modern Coastal Escape Sits Within 18th-Century Stone Walls
A Portuguese summer home exemplifies adaptive reuse and the romance of an untamed coast.
Art Brut: Revisiting Brutalist Architecture
Derived from a descriptive term used by Le Corbusier, béton brut (raw concrete), Brutalist architecture is an offshoot...
Modern Mud Homes: A New Take on Building in Ghana
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Minimal Romanian Attic Renovation Complete with an Epic Bathtub
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Would You Buy This Idiosyncratic Frank Gehry Guest House?
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Habitat for Humanity Home in Kansas Channels Midcentury California
El Dorado's Habitat for Humanity prototype brings Eichler-esque style to the prairie.
Modern Chicken Coop Looks Like a Mini Avian Airstream
Architecture Reseach Office's 60-square-foot chicken coop streamlines a Hamptons backyard.
Who Knew a Relaxing Tropical Retreat Could Be Made of Shipping Containers
This modern residence and gallery near San Jose, Costa Rica uses metal boxes like puzzle pieces to create a...
80-Square-Foot Cabins in the Countryside Form an Idyllic Art Studio
A pair of mobile studios in the U.K. connect artists, audience, and landscape.
Impressive New University Buildings
Think of these inspiring new additions to schools and universities around the world as teachable monuments.