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Minimal Romanian Attic Renovation Complete with an Epic Bathtub


Custom woodwork and natural light invigorate a formerly cramped space.

Much like the boxes, castoff clothes, and odds-and-ends crammed inside attic spaces, the top floor-unit of an old Bucharest apartment building that architect Andreas Heierle was tasked with renovating hadn’t seen the light of day for quite some time. A cramped, dark space he described as a “stack of rooms exhibiting strange geometry,” it was far from the bachelor pad the client desired. But by opening up the floor plan with big windows and a multi-purpose kitchen island, he brought a comfortable spaciousness to the 645-square-foot dwelling. We asked the Lucerne-based architect to take us through this Romanian renovation.

The main issue Lucerne-based architect Andreas Heierle faced during this attic renovation in Bucharest, Romania, was...
With limited space, Heierle maximized the living area with a multi-functional kitchen island.
Before the renovation, the tiny terrace was more symbolic than practical.
A different perspective of the terrace shows where the wall was knocked down to provide more outdoor space.
Discreetly wrapped around the center of the unit, the open bath and shower create a continuous flow within the...
The view from the open bath, which allows someone to soak in the sunlight without feeling totally exposed, pleased the...
The calming, minimal bedroom follows the same design direction as the rest of the home; simple color contrasts, with...
The ladder from the kitchen leads to this "sleeping box," a tucked-away room perfect for visiting relatives, or as...
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