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80-Square-Foot Cabins in the Countryside Form an Idyllic Art Studio


A pair of mobile studios in the U.K. connect artists, audience, and landscape.

When designing a space meant to inspire working artists, architect Charlotte Knight of British firm Feilden Clegg Bradley decided the best possible collaborator was another creative. As she and colleagues Ross Galtress, Mina Gospavic, and Lauren Shevills began formulating an entry for a contest held by the arts organization Space Placemaking and Urban Design last year, they tapped her old friend, Devon-based artist Edward Crumpton, as an artistic reference and creative catalyst. The resulting workspace revamp, dubbed The Observatory, consists of a pair of angular, 80-square-foot cabins. Knight explained the project’s genesis to Dwell, including the future of the mobile residency program and the joy of torching your own building material.

"We wanted them to be silhouettes that just exist on the landscape," says Feilden Clegg Bradley and architect Charlotte...
Knight and her colleagues, Ross Galtress, Mina Gospavic, and Lauren Shevills, unveilied the fully constructed cabins...
Sculptor and painter Edward Crumpton, a childhood friend of Knight, helped the architects identify features and...
The eight-square-meter structures were built with prefab techniques to ease the process of moving and constructing them.
The steel-framed structures weren't built for overnight stays, but they could theoretically accommodate a full-time...
The charred timber used for the exterior was made utilizing a traditional Japanese technique. Since nobody in the U.K....
Edward Crumpton's woven art utilizes traditional patterns and knots developed by British mariners.
Knight hopes to find a permanent home for the structure after the two-year residency program concludes.
The interior of The Workshop offers expanded space for collaboration and exhibition.
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