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Incredible Floating Barge Makes it Possible to Grow Food on Any Body of Water


The modular Jellyfish Barge could be a solar-powered solution to food shortages.

Drought-stricken agricultural regions often look to the sky for solutions, but a multi-disciplinary team of Italian researchers and designers decided to look toward to sea. Their concept, a floating, modular hydroponic greenhouse called the Jellyfish Barge, has already proven itself as a potential new avenue for growing fruits and vegetables (consider the fact that the first crop impressed the Italians as a good sign). Dwell spoke with one of the designers, Antonio Girardi, to learn about the process and potential of the solar-powered floating farm.

Resembling a set piece from Waterworld, the simple skeleton, a roughly 750-square-foot wood base and glass greenhouse,...
Built with low-cost and recycled materials, the octagonal Jellyfish Barge supports 70 square meters of stacked...
“We need so much more food by 2050, 70% more than we use today,” says Antonio Giradi, a project designer and principal...
A multidisciplinary team of scientists and designers came together to create the Jellyfish Barge.
Girardi expects regions like the Arab Peninsula, which offer the exemplary combination of sea and sun, to be great...
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