Collection by Patrick Sisson

Bespoke Treehouses Let You Live Above the Tree Line


The brainchild of a former British climate scientist, Bower House Construction takes a sophisticated, nature-first approach to custom treehouses. While there's a childlike appeal to living among the trees, these structures are no flights of fancy, as the following photos demonstrate.

Founded by a Simon Parfett, a former climate scientist who wanted to do more work with his hands, Bower House...
One of the models Parfett designs is the Tube, a slender room that can be built off site.
These custom builds are made from sustainable, locally sourced wood and lined with materials like sheep's wool and...
All Bower House project use corkscrew-like ground anchors to provide stability without damaging a tree's root structure.
Custom designs, however, are the opposite of roughing it. Pictured, an interior of the Fox and Hounds countryside hotel...
Parfett's passion involves helping the envionment in a direct way.