Collection by Patrick Sisson

A Bold New Take on the Traditional Light Switch


The tactile, colorful, and programmable Smart Booo presents a colorful take on the staid switch.

Sensing the opportunities in the current wave of smart home technology, as well as the stale sameness of the classic light switch, Eindhoven-based custom lighting company Booo embarked on a three-year project to reimagine how we turn a light on and off. The resulting Smart Booo system delivers a radical departure in a tactile, design-savvy frame.

In many ways, the new Smart Booo lighting system bucks current smart home technology trends.
Made out of polycarbonate plastic with an aluminum base, the Smart Booo offers smart dimmer technology straight out of...
Arias said a core concept of the design was to focus on something approachable, made with soft material you’d want to...
The color-coded lighting system can be moved around your home, and function as a tabletop decoration.
Smart Booo is also magnetic and it comes in different colors and finishes—matte and glaze.

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