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A Dutch Designer's Modern Chicken Coop


Ton Matton’s chicken coop—a sly protest against European agriculture laws—is getting second looks for its urban-meets-rural aesthetic.

The epitome of a statement piece, Dutch designer Ton Matton’s oak Chicken Cabinet has received raves for its compact...
Designed at Matton’s studio in Wendorf, Germany, the Chicken Cabinet is the latest example of Matton’s FreeRange...
Working out of an empty school-turned-design lab he calls Werkstatt Wendorf, Matton focuses on products that empower...
“The German countryside is paradise,” Matton says. “It’s very empty.
The Chicken Cabinet that has been getting so much attention online recently is one-of-a-kind.
Matton's family's current home boasts 84 times more room than his old Rotterdam apartment.