The Ultimate Guide to Prefab: 65 Resources by Location, Construction, and Price

The Ultimate Guide to Prefab: 65 Resources by Location, Construction, and Price

By Samantha Daly
Prefab is part of Dwell’s DNA—build a better future with our veritable tome of all things prefab.

Getting Started With Prefabs

Are you a relative newbie, or just need a refresher on the question of "modular" versus "prefabricated"? You're in luck: we've got you covered with the basics.

Prefab, Modular, and Kit Homes—What's the Difference?

Though this 2,808-square-foot home in Lewes, East Sussex, England, used to be an old workshop, Sandy Rendel Architects transformed it into a beautiful modern home with a building shell that was made of SIPS (structured insulated panels), and prefabricated offsite. 

Builders, developers, designers, and architects have developed a range of homes that are composed of prefabricated, modular, or kit-of-parts pieces that can allow for lower costs, faster and easier on-site construction, and even higher quality spaces. Here, we delve into the differences—and similarities—among these manufactured residences.

11 Modular Home Floor Plans That Suit a Range of Needs

With an exterior resembling that of a modern, ranch-style home where everything is all on one floor, the Casita 850 by MA Modular houses two bedrooms and one bathroom in a finely laid out 850 square feet.

We’ve gathered the floor plans of some of our favorite prefabricated and modular homes to better appreciate not only how they look from the outside, but also how they function spatially.

State-by-State Prefab Resource Guides

These reliable companies across the United States are here to help you make your prefab dream home a reality.

Arizona Prefabs

With more than 25 years of experience in a range of homes including modular, mobile, and manufactured residences, Fairbrook Homes is based in Chandler, Arizona and Chino Valley, Arizona.

Arizona might be known for its beautiful national parks and lunar-like desert landscapes, but it also features a number of successful prefab and modular home companies.

California Prefabs

Established in 1998 and based in Venice, California, Office of Mobile Design was founded by Jennifer Siegal to focus on prefabrication of portable, demountable, and relocatable structures, including homes, schools, and commercial buildings.

In a state where the weather ranges from the dry, arid heat of the Mojave Desert to the snowy mountaintops of Lake Tahoe, it can be difficult to imagine prefab homes that suit the broad range of climates—and clients!—that can be found in California. But fear not: we’ve gathered some of the most trustworthy, dependable companies that design and fabricate prefab homes throughout the state.

Maine Prefabs

Go Home by Go Logic is a design/build firm that designs and constructs modular homes that stand out in the crowd: they're both modern and contemporary, but still harken back to the traditional architecture of farms and barns in New England.

With its nautical history, breathtaking natural landscape, classic New England architecture—and, lest we forget, delicious lobster—Maine has a lot to offer its residents. With an eye on sustainable practices and energy-efficient buildings, prefabricated and modular homes have become more and more popular, often inspired by the local vernacular farmhouses and cabins.

Massachusetts Prefabs

Since 2005, Turkel Design has been creating prefabricated homes with a distinctly modern, contemporary design. Their Axiom series of prefab houses, launched in 2015, offers 11 distinct designs, starting at around $800,000.

Prefabricated homes in New England have never looked so appealing, thanks to these Massachusetts companies.

Minnesota Prefabs

Designed by HGA Architects and Engineers—a firm with offices in eight cities across the country, including Minneapolis—these prefab cabins were designed off-site before being transported to the park and set atop a series of concrete piers.

If you're seeking to build a prefab or modular home in the great state of Minnesota, these four firms are eagerly waiting to assist.

New Hampshire Prefabs

Established in the 1970s, Bensonwood continue to refine the forgotten craft of framing buildings, and complete projects that range from traditional timber frames to energy-efficient hybrids.

If you're seeking to move into a modern prefab and are located near New Hampshire, look no further—we've rounded up five of the top prefab home builders in the area.  

New York Prefabs

Cocoon9's Cocoon Cabin is a versatile, one-bed, one-bath cabin that is outfitted with sleek, simple materials on the interior including bamboo and wood as well as sustainable features like solar panels and a green roof.

New York State hosts a slew of companies that are building modern prefab or modular homes that continue to push the envelope of building technology.

Ohio Prefabs

Specializing in high-end, energy-efficient, modern homes, Cleveland–based evoDOMUS makes only custom designs, so you can rest assured that you’re not purchasing an off-the-shelf model.

If you live in Ohio and are thinking of trading in your traditional build for a new prefab home, you won’t need to look far for assistance.    

Oregon Prefabs

Salem, Oregon-based Ideabox approaches prefabricated homes from a modern and sustainable point of view, seeking to build prefab residences that are beautiful, efficient, and affordable.

If you're thinking about a move to Oregon or simply daydreaming about setting up a winter cabin near Mount Hood, consider looking into these prefab home builders and designers that are based in, or provide service to, the state of Oregon.

Pennsylvania Prefabs

Founded in 2012, EcoCraft Homes is a family-owned organization with a unique building philosophy in the Pittsburgh area that emphasizes energy efficient homes that can be built in as little as 90 days.

From small towns to big cities, prefab home construction is becoming more and more popular in the Keystone State. Take a look at five modular home companies that are building contemporary, prefabricated homes.  

Washington Prefabs

Established in 1997, Artisans Group in Olympia designs modern homes throughout the greater Seattle and Portland areas.

The state of Washington has quickly risen to the top of the prefab residential market thanks to its collection of well-established builders and architects. Often with an eye toward eco-conscious features and a preference for local materials like Western cedar, these professionals are seeking to address the local housing market with long-term fixes.

Regional and Topographical Prefab Guides

Get inspired by these prefabricated marvels from all across the globe.

Kit Home Companies in All Seven Continents

Fast assembly, affordability, and energy efficiency make kit homes a desirable option for homeowners.

Does the idea of owning a modern kit home pique your interest? Good news: we’ve assembled a list of kit home companies in all seven continents for you.

The Best Prefab Homes in Australia

For her family’s house near Melbourne, Anna Horne created a series of prefab wood modules using a design from the company Prebuilt.

These homes from the land down under respond to challenging locations and climate change with modular solutions.

7 Coolest California Prefabs

Iceland prefab pioneers Tryggvi Thorsteinsson and Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir of Minarc built this Culver City family home with mnmMOD—a customizable, locally manufactured building system of prefabricated panels the duo designed, which minimizes energy consumption and reduces a home’s carbon footprint.

We’re always keeping an eye out for good-looking prefabricated homes; here are seven in the state of California that we love.

7 Glorious Golden State Prefabs

A Marmol Radziner–designed prefab house, trucked onto a remote Northern California site, takes the pain out of the construction process.

Many architects in California regularly take on the challenge of experimenting with alternative construction methods. These seven modular homes throughout the state—that make the most of the varied landscape—push the envelope with innovative prefab designs.

10 Coastal Prefabs That Bring Modular Housing to the Beach

Located in New Zealand, this compact prefab vacation home in the seaside community of Onemana Beach was a collaboration with architecture students from Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology.  

When an efficient prefab can become a coastal retreat with a spectacular view to boot—it makes a very compelling case for not being landlocked. Here, we've gathered a variety of prefabs set in diverse locations around the world, providing you a little inspiration if you're currently plotting a feasible way to build a beach house of your very own.

6 Modern Modular Homes We Love in Colorado

The Outward Bound cabins, designed by the University of Colorado Denver's design-build program, have steel frames that lift the structures above a three-foot snowpack while supporting corrugated-steel "snow roofs."

Boasting a thrilling topography that ranges from deep canyons to alpine mountains, and arid plains to rolling dunes, the state of Colorado offers an equally broad variety of modern, weather-appropriate prefab homes. Here, we review some of our favorite modular homes in this outdoorsy destination.

9 Modern Prefabs in the Desert

This home's prefabricated components were all made in Marmol Radziner’s home-building factory near Los Angeles, and trucked over to the one-and-a-half-acre site.

Although the locations of these prefab homes range in remoteness, each of them are carefully nestled into their harsh desert surroundings—thanks to practical features that help them deal with the extremes that come with the territory.

10 Prefabs Found on the East Coast

This modular system created by the architects at Resolution: 4 allows them to customize a home’s floor plan by stacking, lining up, and joining factory-built, rectangular modules.

Paneled, modular, and kit residences are more affordable and eco-friendly than structures built with traditional techniques—and they’re popping up from coast to coast.

6 Weather-Ready Prefab Homes in Florida

Cubicco, a pre-engineered housing company based in Miami and the Netherlands, creates homes that are designed to meet winds of up to 180 miles per hour, per the hurricane zone code of Miami Dade County.

Here, we take a look at both models and completed residences in Florida that take advantage of the benefits of prefabrication and modular construction, while meeting the necessary standards to withstand the state’s environmental conditions.

4 Innovative Prefab Homes in Georgia

In 2016, a team with over 25 years' combined experience in real estate development created Atlanta–based Compass Green to develop and market innovative technologies that can significantly transform the way we live.

The state of Georgia might have you thinking more about traditional Southern architecture than modern prefab homes, but these modular, kit, and prefabricated homes will have you think again.

7 Hawaiian Prefabs and Kit Homes

Kapoho by Teak Bali Hardwood Homes is comprised of three structures that are connected by a large wrap-around deck. The walls are finished in mango wood.

If you enjoy breathtaking landscapes and sunny beaches, then Hawaii is the perfect destination for you. Carve out your own slice of paradise with these seven prefabs and kit homes.

8 Inspirational Island Prefabs

This "local prefab" home on the Isle of Skye is made mostly from materials sourced in northern Scotland. The timber-framed model, meant to evoke the simple agrarian barns of the area, can be constructed on-site in as little as a day and is designed for affordability.

The idea of island living is as aspirational as it gets. These prefabricated homes on islands around the world will give you the inspiration you need.

5 Marvelous Prefab Homes in Michigan

This two-bedroom, two-bathroom standard Hygge Supply model was built on a corner lot in Traverse City, Michigan.

These homes in the Great Lakes State will have you reconsidering the possibilities of prefab design.

19 Modern Prefab Companies Perfect For Mountain Living

"All our products are conceived for a 'zero impact dwelling,'" says Torino, Italy-based Leap Company. "[The mountains] make the best setting to test our products and to find winning solutions to build and live in every place."

Take a look at 20 trustworthy prefab companies that do an outstanding job at creating the perfect modern mountain home.

7 Prefabs Set in Nature

Tucked away on the edge of a small lake surrounded by mountains and topped off with a grass-covered roof, this hunting cabin designed by Snøhetta is made with locally sourced stones.

One of the benefits of prefabricated and modular buildings is that they leave minimal construction waste and can be built without damaging much of the land they’re sited on. Take a look at these seven prefabs that are located on stunning natural sites—ranging from the California desert to the Norwegian mountains.

10 Outstanding Prefabs in the Pacific Northwest

Architect Oliver Lang and his partner, Cindy Wilson, created Monad, a multiunit prefab prototype in Vancouver.

The Pacific Northwest is known for driving forward the causes of environmentalism, energy efficiency, and eco-consciousness. These 10 buildings showcase the diversity and range that can be achieved in prefabricated dwellings, both in accommodating customizations and reducing footprints on the pieces of land they occupy.

These 8 Prefabs in Seattle Make Us Want to Move to the Emerald City

Consisting of three prefabricated units in West Seattle on a 5,000 square-foot lot, the Genesee Townhomes—by Method Homes and Chris Pardo Design—from 1,250-1,400 square feet, each with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

Although Seattle has long been acclaimed for being surrounded by water, mountains, and evergreen forests, more recently, it’s become a hotbed for modern design and high-quality architecture. With real estate prices at an all-time high and inventory at an all-time low, it’s understandable why prefabricated and modular homes are increasing in popularity.

10 Kit Home Companies in the South

This 14-by-16-foot modern dwelling is perfect for the Austin family who uses it as a guesthouse for visitors. It's also become a good investment, as they turn it into a short-term rental during Austin's busy spring and fall tourist seasons.

Known for its world-famous charm, wide-open spaces, and sunny skies, the South can be a welcoming place to call home. Whether you’re dreaming of living there in a modern farmhouse or a classic log cabin, these kit home companies can help you realize your prefab home building ambitions.

These 8 Homes in Texas Will Convert You Into a Prefab Fanatic

Architecture and design firm Andersson-Wise designed a prefab steel-grid boathouse for the Martin family. After delivering the orthogonal frame by truck from Houston, the team then transported it by barge to the home's final site in Austin.

Acclaimed for being cost-efficient, sustainable, and stylish, it’s no wonder why prefabricated homes are being embraced with open arms. Although these carefully crafted properties are popping up all across the globe, we can't get enough of the prefab action currently taking place in Texas.

7 Modern Modular and Prefabricated Homes in the UK

Estonian design collective Kodasema launched this 269-square-foot micro-home, which can be built in less than a day.

Prefabricated houses were in fact a major part of the British government’s plan to address the UK's public housing shortage after World War II. Between 1945 and 1951, an estimated 1.2 million new prefab houses were constructed. Today, new modern prefab and modular homes not only meet housing demands, but also make strong architectural statements with their streamlined designs and eco-friendly construction methods.

These 7 Wisconsin Prefabs Take Modular Design to the Next Level

Milwaukee studio Vetter Denk Architects designed this eye-catching prefab on the banks of Moose Lake, Wisconsin, as a weekend retreat. The home was based on an idea presented by the home's owner, who was inspired by a screw-top jug of $9.99 red wine.

These seven striking homes are proof of how well prefabs work within the bucolic settings of America's Dairyland.

Prefab Resources by Building Types and Materials

Prefab comes in all shapes and sizes—see the unique constructions that made the cut.

5 Prefab Deck Kit Companies to Easily Upgrade Your Home

Good Times Decking makes prefabricated decking kits, mostly available in Australia, in a range of different woods including treated pine and merbau and different sizes.

Better your home's indoor/outdoor connection with one of these DIY deck kits.

7 Resources For Prefab Sunrooms and Easy-to-Install Sun Parlors is a good resource to start your search for an optimum sunroom solution, with some advice on the best positioning for your new sunroom, and some technical suggestions in what to look for in terms of glass and frames.

A dedicated room for sun rays doesn't have to be solely used for relaxing, but it can also be a versatile, multi-use area that can act as an office, playroom, painting studio, or entertaining space—just to name a few.

10 Prefab Garage Solutions For Auto Enthusiasts

RaceDeck Garage Flooring is engineered to turn your garage into a showplace while withstanding even the toughest garage environments. Transform your garage in hours with RaceDeck’s patented garage tile system.

Whether it's converting your existing garage space into a vibrant and productive workshop, erecting a ready-made prefab structure, or building one yourself from scratch based off of plans you found online, here are some engaging garage solutions that caught our eye.  

10 Prefab Barn Companies That Bring DIY to Home Building Typology

Woodtex’s ready-made barns are ideal as storage sheds, garden sheds, tool sheds, recreational workshops, office spaces, garages, or cabins.

No longer restricted to the habitation of cows, sheep, tractors, or potatoes, a prefabricated barn can be a useful and versatile addition to any property.

12 Prefab Guesthouses You'll Want to Put in Your Own Backyard

With little to no permitting required because of its small size, Sett Studio units can be used for an extra bedroom, a yoga studio, a hydroponics growing area or an office space, like this 96-square-foot one shown here.

Whether it be to accommodate a growing family, visiting friends, or a vacation rental business, a modular guesthouse can be a time- and cost-effective alternative to more traditional builds or remodels.

10 Prefabricated or Modular Structures That Use Plywood in Creative Ways

Australian firm Archiblox designed the world's first carbon-positive prefab with interiors filled with sustainably sourced plywood with formaldehyde- and VOC-free finishes.  

Being lighter and thinner than regular wood, plywood has more flexibility compared to standard wood blocks and slabs. Take a look at these projects that incorporate this multifunctional material in various ways.

10 Prefab Log Home Companies 

Shawnee Structures offers log homes that feature log siding exteriors with pine interiors and T & G pine floors.

Here are some companies we've discovered that provide ready-made prefab log home solutions that are durable and honor the tradition.

10 Sunny Poolside Prefabs

This 3,200-square-foot structure was assembled with a prefabricated foundation, concrete panel siding, and efficient built-ins, minimizing construction debris and toxins—such as concrete foundation tar—on the site.

We’ve gathered some sun-filled examples of prefab designs that coexist with modern pools—providing some inspiration if you're considering bringing these two ideas together on your own property.    

10 Steel Prefabs That Are Both Modern and Practical

Manufactured with up to 70 percent recycled steel, the hybrid prefab Graham Residence by Blue Sky Building System limits construction waste to the factory, where it's recycled.

The advantages that come with building a steel prefab go far beyond just the aesthetic choices. Thanks to its durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness, many prefab architects choose to work with steel.

5 Strong Prefab Concrete Home Companies

Foreverhome precast building systems offer durable and reliable hurricane-resistant concrete housing solutions for residents of coastal regions prone to storms and flooding.

While concrete prefab providers are scant, we looked up a few that come highly recommended.

Shipping Container Prefabs

These industrial converted homes are changing the meaning of modern prefab housing.

10 Prefab Shipping Container Companies in Europe

"Each project is unique and requires a customized design, communication, and implementation strategy with an integrated design process and approach by a team tailor, the necessary specialists are recruited internally or externally," says sculp(it) of Antwerp, Belgium.

Browse through these amazing European prefab shipping container companies that you can count on when building your home.

16 Prefab Shipping Container Home Companies in the United States

Dietert Ranch by Thotenberry Wellen Architects is located in Midland, Texas and exudes a rustic feel despite its industrial materials.

Take a look at 16 companies in the United States that are great to use when building a prefab shipping container home.

10 Beautiful Island-Style Shipping Container Homes

The open concept Coromandel Bach, designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, can be easily boxed up when not in use.

Compact, sturdy, economical, and eco-friendly—what better way could there be to build a dream island getaway? Here we showcase a few of our favorite island-based shipping container homes.

12 Shipping Container Homes That Challenge the Meaning of Shelter

Purchasing a lot off the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, Martha Moseley and Bill Mathesius adapted an unused concrete foundation—remnants of its previous owner’s abandoned plans—to create a home that’s uniquely their own.

Using the trusted shells of classic shipping containers, these unusual designs feature additions and modifications that push the boundaries of home building. 

How to Buy a Shipping Container

Texas architect Jim Poteet helped Stacey Hill, who lives in a San Antonio artists’ community, wrangle an empty steel shipping container into a playhouse, a garden retreat and a guesthouse for visiting artists.

To help you get started buying a shipping container, we asked architects, DIY home builders, and shipping container experts from around the world for their inside tips on bringing home the best possible container for your building needs. 

Prefab Company Spotlights

Make sure you're employing the best of the best with our coverage of the best prefab companies across the globe.

22 Modern Prefab Companies That Every Homebuyer Can Rely On

The Minimod by MAPA of Montevideo, Uruguay, is a primitive refuge with a modern twist.

We believe that working with a company that you trust is imperative when building your dream home. Take a look at 22 top-tier, reliable prefab companies from around the world that perfectly execute the modern house look.

These 8 Log Cabin Kit Homes Celebrate Nordic Minimalism

Architects Jaakko and Elizaveta Parkkonen designed and built Savukvartsi as their own city home, which they share with their parents and children.

Inspired by Nordic nature, Honka offers prefabs and custom-built log home kits at an affordable price. Founded in 1958 by the Finnish Saarelainen brothers in Eastern Finland, Honka—known as Honkarakenne in Finland—was the first industrial manufacturer of log houses.

7 Efficient Prefabs That Prove the Power of Modular Design

The inspiration for this prefabricated, modular family home on Fishers Island, New York, were the views that Tanney and Luntz saw from a 12-foot stepladder, which was balancing on the bed of a pickup truck when they first visited the site.

Resolution:4 Architecture creates astounding prefabricated homes that are tailored to their sites and the unique needs of their owners. Founded in 1990 by Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, Manhattan–based firm Resolution: 4 Architecture (RES4) works on a broad range of architectural projects.

10 Kit Home Companies to Watch

This Beverly Hills kitHAUS is comprised of modernist prefab modules that can accommodate a variety of uses: from yoga studios to home offices, and from weekend retreats to pop-up kiosks and guest rooms.

Many companies will deliver all the materials necessary for construction to your site—either off-plan, or working specifically to your custom wishes. Here are a few companies that can help you realize your dream of building your own home.

Make Your Dome Dreams Come True With These 12 Kit Home Companies

Domespace's unique system and design allows for the entire structure to rotate. This enables you to orient your home's windows to face or oppose the sun anytime you want in order to balance passively the internal temperature and reduce energy consumption.

The geodesic dome is able to cover more space without internal supports than any other enclosure. This design is a breakthrough in shelter, not only in cost-effectiveness, but in ease of construction and energy efficiency. Here are some dome home kit companies we can recommend if you're considering building your own.

8 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Kit Homes

Designed for the homeless and displaced, InterShelter domes are frameless structures made of high-tech aerospace composite material, providing strength and durability while allowing the structures to be easily disassembled and relocated.

The DIY kit home is a standardized but customizable item that combines prefabricated parts, affordability, and ease of production with the opportunity for consumer individuality. Although the log cabin model remains a popular standard, contemporary kit homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are more affordable, customizable, and efficient.

7 Companies That Can Help You Make Your Eco-Pod

Ecocapsule–a self-sustainable smart house powered solely by wind and solar energy–lets you enjoy all the comfort of a hotel room while living off the grid.

If you like the cozy, low maintenance joy of small space living, then you’ll probably find eco-pods very appealing. Eco-pods are self-contained architectural units that are sustainably manufactured, transportable, built with the environment in mind—and often, they function off the grid.

A Network of Prefab Tiny Homes Allows Users to "Pay as You Live"

The home's modular design is composed of an outer shell and an interior core unit that contains essential living functions, such as a bed, bathroom, and a small kitchenette.

In an attempt to tackle rising housing prices among heavily congested cities, the team behind Berlin–based Cabin Spacey has created a project known as the Minimal House, which is a network of easily accessible tiny homes across the world.

These Log Cabin Kit Homes From Finland Are Surprisingly Sleek

Iniö has a high-ceilinged terrace, and is fitted with generous floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and dining area that bring in plenty of natural light.

Settled logs that shrink can pose a problem for builders of log homes, as this calls for constant adjustments and maintenance. To counter the effect, architects and builders have come up with non-settling systems that prevent logs from sinking and shrinking. One such innovator is Pluspuu, Helsinki-based designers of high-quality, durable log homes constructed with non-settling logs.   


Prefabs to Rent, Buy, or Build

If you're ready to take the plunge into prefab, these affordable, speedy, and trustworthy companies take the guesswork out of selecting your new home. Not so sure? We've got the 411 on stunning prefabs that are available to rent for your next vacation.

5 Modern Prefabs That Can be Installed in Under One Week

HiveHaus, a UK–based company, designs modern prefab living spaces for a variety of applications. Their prefabricated modules come in the shape of hexagons, and are adaptable, affordable, sustainable, flexible, and easy to construct.

One of the most intriguing ways of building a new dwelling, prefabricated homes are continually growing in popularity due to their high-quality construction offsite and relatively quick turnaround times. Many prefab homes can be designed and built in about four to six months, with the last leg of the work—the arrival and on-site installation—in as little as a few days.

10 Modern Prefab Homes That Cost Less Than $100,000

With a striking roofline and exterior siding built from reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing, the Wedge combines a rustic feel with a sustainable, built-to-last mentality.

On budget and on trend, these small, affordable homes can be purchased from various homebuilders in the United States and Canada for under $100,000.

Modern Modular Homes For Sale From $10K to $200K

Minim Homes are wrapped in beautiful shiplapped cyprus that will gently age to grey. And a 960-watt solar array on the roof can be battery powered, allowing the home to be completely off-grid if desired.

Whether your budget is $10,000 or $200,000, this roundup of modular home prices in your area puts prefab within reach.

13 Modern Prefab Cabins You Can Buy Right Now

At 74 square meters, this variation of the Vinkelhuset line by Danish modular cabin designer Møn Huset is L-shaped in plan and hits all the right notes.

Construction in a controlled factory setting means these cozy prefab cabins are not only space-efficient, but also carefully built. Here, we take a look at 13 prefabricated cabins that are modern, sleek, and eco-friendly.

6 Modern Prefabricated Homes That Are Actually Affordable

Says Ideabox: "Our favorite room of the new FUSE might be the one that's outside… the large covered porch!"

Not all prefab homes have a large price tag, and we’ve rounded up six of our favorites that can be purchased for under $250,000 here.

7 Affordable Prefab Homes and Other Alternative, Inexpensive Home Options

Mexico-based architecture office S-AR created Casa Caja, a low-cost concrete block house that's designed to be built by its owners, with support from a non-profit social housing project.

Take a look at these incredible projects that offer clever solutions for affordable living. 

7 Incredible Prefab Homes You Can Rent For Your Next Holiday

Los Angeles–based design partners Taalman and Koch created this house from prefabricated structural components, and included glass walls on which artists later applied surface graphics.

If you’re considering building a prefab home but aren't sure if it's right for you, perhaps spending your next vacation in one will help you make up your mind.

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