Prefab, Modular, and Kit Homes—What’s the Difference?

Prefab, Modular, and Kit Homes—What’s the Difference?

By Kate Reggev
Get ready to disentangle the specific modes of construction for homes with ready-made parts.

You don’t have to spend your days watching HGTV to know that the world of homebuilding can be complex and riddled with unexpected delays, unforeseen problems, high costs, and even poor construction. As a way of avoiding these problems (and countless others), builders, developers, designers, and architects have developed a range of homes that are composed of prefabricated, modular, or kit-of-parts pieces that can allow for lower costs, faster and easier on-site construction, and even higher quality spaces. But what’s the difference between a prefab home, a modular house, and a kit home? Here, we delve into the differences—and similarities—among these manufactured residences.

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