592 Bedroom Storage Design Photos And Ideas

Workstead sconces and lighting can be seen throughout the vessel. “We added the reading lights and sconces to create a cozy atmosphere in the space,” Lyndsay says.
A Murphy bed folds down from the custom cabinetry, so as to save space when it’s not in use.
A series of skylights flood the interior with natural light.
A large sliding door provides privacy.
To create additional headspace in the sleeping loft, the Fritzes devised an inset in the Douglas fir flooring that accommodates a mattress. The backlit headboard and built-in storage that flank the bed are also made of Douglas fir.
"The white oak loft railing allows for open sight lines and creates a more spacious feel for the loft bedroom," Kevin says.
On either side of the bed, custom cabinets store clothes, and have USB ports to charge devices.
“We wanted to make each internal element of the Hytte feel considered and intentional,” explains Little. “Small spaces demand a high level of design consideration to ensure that we maximize every piece of space. We have been deliberate in designing the furniture to be crafted into the fabric of the cabin. Our bed, kitchen, storage and seating has all been imagined as an extension to the structure of the cabin.”
The open shelving displays ceramics and artwork by Fong Min Liao.
Currently used as a temporary home, the structure can be quickly and easily adapted into an open workplace with the removal of the bedroom and kitchen.
The wood-clad interior provides a cozy atmosphere, healthy air, and pleasant acoustics thanks to the finger paneling on the walls.
Due to the pandemic, each unit will only be used to house one person with exceptions made for couples and a parent with a child.
Each prefab includes fold-out beds, storage space, electrical outlets, lighting, heating and air conditioning units, as well as a locking door and windows.
A closer look at the partly enclosed sleeping area, which is illuminated by a small skylight. Custom cabinetry offer deep storage units as a way to help maximize the studio's layout.
Wood panel shutters in the style of Dutch doors allow for simultaneous privacy and sunlight in the bedroom. Antonio purchased the yellow Kartell storage pieces at Bi-Rite Studio in Brooklyn.
Clerestory windows capture the mountain views from the couple’s first-floor bedroom, which opens to the patio.
The bedroom is lined in spruce and sparsely furnished, save for a built-in bed designed by Ateljé Sotamaa. The coverlet and pillows feature a folkloric pattern by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.
Maple and Violet’s bedroom holds a keyboard and a whimsical trapeze.
Bedding gets a bold streetwear treatment in this set from Curves. The 2021 catalog was shot in a 1962 home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.
Photo: Willem-Dirk du Toit
Using natural materials is one way of bringing nature indoors. Oiled white ash floors and ceilings, along with Italian poplar and Lawson cypress joinery, are found throughout architect Andrew Simpson’s 538-square-foot home outside Wellington, New Zealand.
The main bedroom has bifold steel-framed doors which tuck back to almost nothing, allowing the small balcony to become an extension of the main bedroom. “Behind the framing of the balustrade and the canopy of the tree, the bedroom feels like a perfect retreat from the world,” says architect Bronwyn Litera.
The second bedroom peaks at seven feet, so even adults can stand straight up in the lofted room. "It’s been really fun for our friends that have kids because they can have their own space," says Lauren. It also doubles as a studio and workspace.
White oak casework compliments the master suite.
The simple interiors complement the usage of CLT throughout.
A painting by Yael hangs near the Murphy bed in the make-shift guest sleeping quarters.
The lower level has a moveable wardrobe wall that divides the main bedroom from the second room.
A bunkette between the girls’ bedrooms offers a private space for the close-knit sisters to share. “They can crawl through, or sit and read, but if they have a fight they can close it,” says Dunin.
The built-in bed features a clever dresser system and a headboard that doubles as a bookshelf.
The circular window seat was inspired by Thomas’s love for Los Angeles’s Spanish Colonial homes, while the built-in shelves were taken from a look Studio Shamshiri did for  Sonia Boyajian Jewelry in L.A. Clay pieces Thomas found on her travels to Oaxaca fit nicely with the irregular shape of the shelving.
Brit and Daniel Epperson accented the cabin’s bright white interior with dynamic black focal points and vignettes, like a towering tile fireplace facade and a cool Valchromat-and-steel kitchen.
"We wanted to help many people to understand that an option like this [exists], that people could consider it when building a second home, or primary residence, or even a home for retirement," says Claire.
The white walls, concrete floors, and wood detailing are a neutral combination that will age well. “The clients wanted something timeless,” says Handa.
The parents’ bedroom is intentionally small, with a custom storage unit framing a giant window. “It makes the views feel that much bigger,” says Handa.
Using wood pallets, a common shipping material,  is a cost-effective (and, if they're reused, also eco-friendly) solution for a low-lying mattress that doesn't sit directly on the floor. Its wood construction pairs well with just about any color palette, and it can also be painted.
The primary bedroom faces the sea and has direct access to the large deck.
“I love to use different window shapes to frame views in different and unexpected ways to create interest and provide a unique experience to a particular space,” says architect Kirsten Johnstone. “For example, the corner window in the upstairs bedroom, with a deep boxed reveal above the study bench, is completely different from the principal bedroom with a huge picture window—yet both frame quiet views of the treetops. I believe it gives a room identity and forms what I hope are joyful memories.”
Black accents in the light fixtures and joinery create interesting focal points within the all white-and-timber space. The neat design enables a tranquil space that is conducive for both work and relaxation.
Materials like vinyl flooring from Canica are chosen for durability and easy maintenance, maximizing hygiene standards. The colors of the fabric panels on the wall are muted and elegant.
In the largest apartment, sliding pocket doors separate sleeping and living zones. The openness of the Bizhouse apartments also conveys a sense of luxury within space-scarce Hong Kong.
Notel's Airstream suites come fully equipped with sleek designs and modern amenities.
A Murphy bed in one bedroom folds seamlessly into the wall, leaving the rhythm of redwood panels uninterrupted.
The Engbergs’ upstairs loft is meant for visiting grand-nieces, but has proven popular with adults, too.
“We shared the planting beds with the owner who lived in the main house. We would meet her in the garden and grab tomatoes. It was a nice feeling of community,” says renter Alexandra.
Stefanie sits on a Resource Furniture Murphy bed. It conserves space and 82-year-old Irmhild Liang finds it easy to open. “Building the ADU made sense because we wanted to be closer to my mother. You don’t realize how lonely your parents can be—and how much more they might be doing,” she notes.
Wooden closet doors and accents warm up the bedroom, which otherwise continues the house’s rough concrete and plaster palette. The bed linens are from The T-Shirt Bed Co., while the lamp and side table are from MRP Home. The planter is from Country Road.
A Murphy bed folds up for additional living space, and sliders provide access to the deck.
The bedroom features a feature wall, built-in bookshelf, and bed made from pine. All of the furniture is custom made except for the vintage French folding beach chair.
Founder and CEO of luxury loafer brand Thelma, Amanda Greeley.
The nursery on the first floor is situated directly above the guest bedroom on the ground floor. The two bathrooms are also stacked to allow for efficient structural, mechanical, and plumbing systems.
A new dormer, streamlined window plan, and bathroom created a full-fledged guest suite that’s much more comfortable.
Diaphanous curtains help soften the influx of light.
The master bedroom features a large grid of windows that "gets likened to Dürer’s Device (an early method for understanding perspective)," shares Hackett.
The stairs lead to the bedroom, which is located on a mezzanine in the gable roof space. The bedroom overlooks the living room on one side, while a small window on the other side allows light in while maintaining privacy.
The master bedroom features built-in under-bed storage, and it’s adjacent to a surprisingly large wardrobe.
The master bedroom is located at the rear of the skoolie to give the parents privacy. It was also important for the children to have their own space for sleeping, eating, and playing.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.