Think Small With This Gigantic Guide to Tiny Homes

Think Small With This Gigantic Guide to Tiny Homes

By Duncan Nielsen
Downsizing your life? Big benefits await.

Tiny homes are having their time in the sun, but it’s clearly more than just a moment. From petite prefabs to micro modular, kit, and custom builds, these pint-sized houses show how cutting down on square footage can lead to a more sustainable, affordable, and simple way of life. Read on for our top resources to help you downsize your life and make the most of your tiny home.

Inspiration for Your Build-Out

Here are just a few of the ways people are living the tiny-home lifestyle. Find some inspiration and see what works for you.

10 Tiny Houses We Love

Tiny houses are spreading across the world—and probably because it really just makes sense. The tiny home lifestyle is the ultimate application of creative resourcefulness, and allows residents to reduce their environmental footprints without sacrificing good design. 

New research shows that downsizing to a tiny home can cut your ecological footprint by 45%.

The motto "the bigger the better" simply doesn't exist in our book. We firmly believe that you can create the perfect home for yourself, no matter the size. Plus, small spaces are intimate, easy to clean, and just downright comfortable. 

These pretty, mini abodes and their inspiring owners make tiny home living more tempting than ever.

Affordable, adorable, and in many cases, transportable, these tiny homes made a big impact on our readers this year.

It's often said that small is beautiful—and some believe that all you really need in order to be happy is a hut and a heart.

Tiny homes have officially become a thing—and these woodsy getaways will make you want to downsize ASAP.

Beautiful things can come in small packages. The compact functionality of tiny homes has prevailed in urban and rural locations alike.

Guides, Tips, and How-Tos

Living in a tiny home comes with sacrifices, but many are blessings in disguise. From experts and those already living tiny, here’s how to get more out of small spaces. 

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving Into a Tiny Home

Take it from the experts—we asked 10 tiny home owners what they wished they'd known before downsizing.

Find out how tiny homes fit everything in such a small amount of square footage with these free floor plans.

Acclaimed for being sustainable, affordable, and adorable, tiny homes are also superb teachers when it comes to organization and design.

Kaitlin McHugh shares tips and tricks for making the most of small space living.

For the spatially challenged, think vertically: lofted beds make every inch count.

Move into a mini abode with this roundup of resources on modern small space living.

Just because your kitchen is on the smaller side doesn’t mean you can’t make it as efficient and effective as possible.

These flexible furnishings will lift, shift, glide, and transform before your very eyes.

Tiny Homes You Can Buy Right Now

Ready to buy? Here are some options for prefabs, kit homes, or custom designs that you can purchase with little-to-no hassle. 

Own This Stylish, Energy-Efficient Tiny Home for $69K

Packed with elegant details and modern appliances, this tiny abode is as chic as it is affordable.

Rooted in a sustainable, built-to-last mentality, tiny house maker Wheelhaus has just added a new collection of modular homes with beautiful designs and space-efficient floor plans.

The LivingHomes YB1 is a new customizable tiny house that can be built in a month and installed in a day.

At under 100 square feet, the 8' x 12' Site Shack includes just the essentials: a wood-burning stove, a desk, and storage.

Tiny homes may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all share the same spirit—they embrace a simpler lifestyle that can be enjoyed in a smaller, more efficient space.

Rent the Backyard is building prefab homes in empty yards to provide affordable housing—and they'll split the profits with homeowners.

The Estonian prefab company is bringing stylish, modern tiny homes to urban and rural areas alike.

Here’s your chance to score a "floor model" of Perch and Nest’s Roost26 tiny house at a deep discount.

Now you can add a tiny home or cabin kit to your cart.

With a small budget, an open mind, and perhaps a little help from your friends, there’s nothing stopping you from building your own tiny home.

Want to build your own tiny house? Now you can purchase plans for this award-winning home from Minim.

Founder Ryan O’Donnell takes us inside three of his artful, handcrafted tiny homes and camper vans.

Tiny Homes by Region

Below are a host of tiny home companies making great designs in different corners of U.S. and beyond. Find one near you.  

This Oregon Company Crafts Exceptional Tiny Homes Starting at $40K

Hunkered down during a week-long snow storm, three couples hatch a plan to build purposefully designed and expertly crafted tiny homes under the moniker Tiny Heirloom.

These design-forward home builders on the West Coast are crafting tiny dwellings that are big on style and sustainability.

If you’re based in the Midwest and looking to move into a tiny home, these regional companies are your answer.

These innovative tiny home builders offer beautiful, efficient dwellings up and down the East Coast.

Pennsylvania-based Liberation Tiny Homes is changing the way we see compact dwellings on wheels—one artful design at a time.

The three artisans of Minimaliste Houses are crafting more than just affordable tiny homes with sleek, minimalist aesthetics—they’re building a new way of life.

New Zealand–based Build Tiny launches a stylish tiny abode that can be ordered move-in ready or prepped for personalization.

Tiny Homes on Wheels

Many tiny homes come one wheels, making them easy to move after construction. That added flexibility is perfect for situating your home on the perfect piece of land, or relocating it whenever or wherever you’d like. 

Forgo the Tent and Give a Tiny House a Test Drive

Giving users a taste of the tiny house movement, one startup offers compact cabins for short stays.

Big dreams of downsizing? Check out these affordable tiny homes.

The 307-square-foot Sojourner by Häuslein Tiny House Co. can travel with you—or even expand when you’re ready to stake a claim.

With a spacious "social pit" and plenty of built-in seating, this modern tiny house is an idyllic fit for entertainers looking to downsize.


Stay up to Date on the Latest in Tiny Homes

Discover small spaces filled with big ideas—from clever storage solutions to shape-shifting rooms.