10 Tiny Homes You Can Build

With a small budget, an open mind, and perhaps a little help from your friends, there's nothing stopping you from building your own tiny home.
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Here, we've gathered a few companies that can sell you the plans or the structural materials you'll need. You'll also find a few examples to show what other likeminded people have achieved—possibly providing some ideas and inspiration for your own venture. 

InterShelter Domes

InterShelter domes are frameless structures made of high-tech aerospace composite materials, providing strength and durability while allowing the structures to be easily disassembled and relocated. The materials for these domes can fit in the back of a truck, and are easily assembled in under four hours by two people.  

Formed in July 2015, Getaway is a company that designs and rents tiny cabins. Initially launching with three structures in the Boston area, the startup expanded with three additional models in New York, all located within two hours of the city and easily accessible by rail or car.

California Pre-Cut Homes provides a panelized wall building system that allows you to construct your own project— "sweat equity"—or to manage construction via sub-contractors.

Small House Kits are designed so that every bit of space is used efficiently and effectively. Although some are for homes as large as 875 square feet, others are well under 300 square feet, and those designed to be on wheels may be less than 100 square feet. These houses are more energy-efficient than small old homes, thanks to superior materials and increased insulation.

This modernist cube by S2 Architecture features transparent Plexiglas windows that emit a warm glow from the interior.

Jay Shafer’s Four Lights Tiny House Company sells floor plans for houses that start at 98 square feet. The Gifford is a craftsman-inspired, 112-square-foot structure that can be wheeled from site to site. Shafer has designed a residential community of micro-dwellings in Sonoma County, California.

While highly restricted in size, this bedroom still has two rows of shelves that can be used as a night stand.

The Villa Massive, produced by the Slovenian company Lushna, is a rugged sleeping unit that sports a large triangular window and larch shingles. It also comes with a ventilation system and exterior LED lighting.

A wavy retractable awning structurally defines the outdoor space of this prefab pod concept in South Africa.

Avava Prefab Tiny House has brought design and drafting solutions to homeowners in Hawaii, real estate investors, and contractors.


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