Dwell’s Top 10 Tiny Homes of 2018

Affordable, adorable, and in many cases, transportable, these tiny homes made a big impact on our readers this year.
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Not only do these micro dwellings offer a gateway to downsizing, but they also prove that limited square footage doesn't have to preclude refreshing, innovative design. Scroll ahead to take a peek at the tiny abodes that made the biggest impact on our readers this year. From an old grain silo reborn into an unexpected oasis to a network of small prefabs that allows users to "pay as you live," these stories illustrate you can still live large in pocket-size spaces.

10. Tiny, Modular Smart Homes That Aim to Relieve the Demand For Affordable Housing

Prefabricated and stackable, Kasita's high-density units may be a solution to America’s affordable housing crisis—with tech-enabled, high-quality design to boot.

The three artisans of Minimaliste Houses are crafting more than just affordable tiny homes with sleek, minimalist aesthetics—they're building a new way of life.

Inspired by the calming sea, an Oregon–based builder crafts a beach-inspired tiny home trailer and sells it within a month of listing for $72,500.

The husband-and-wife duo behind Living Vehicle tell us the story behind the off-grid, mobile home that is shaking up the industry.

Tucked into the urban grid, a 340-square-foot grain silo becomes an unexpected desert oasis that overcomes several design challenges.

Nestled near Lake Michigan, a family finds peace and relaxation in an off-grid tiny home.

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Smart, sustainable, and minimalistic—these "location-independent, pay-as-you-live" prefab tiny homes introduce a new genre of urban living.

The newest model from New Frontier Tiny Homes was designed for bestselling author Cornelia Funke, and is now available for $125,000.

With a base price of $79,000, this 194-square-foot trailer is a complete tiny house on wheels and offers its owners flexibility of layout, as well as a wide range of optional customizations.

Hunkered down during a week-long snow storm, three couples hatch a plan to build purposefully designed and expertly crafted tiny homes under the moniker Tiny Heirloom.


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