10 Tiny Homes in Rural America

10 Tiny Homes in Rural America

By Sheilla Sanon
Beautiful things can come in small packages. The compact functionality of tiny homes have prevailed in urban and rural locations alike.

These 10 tiny abodes magnify the natural, rustic surroundings of bucolic locales in the United States.

The Weezero Weehouse by Alchemy blends into the copper hues of Moab, Utah.

Solar panels power this 550-square-foot Maine cottage designed by Alex Scott Porter. 

This mobile tiny house by Timbercraft Tiny Homes is 150 square feet of southern charm.

Interior designer Kim Lewis transformed two trailers into a funky 500-square-foot gem in Austin, Texas.

LineSync Architecture designed this remote Vermont home for families requiring wheelchair accessibility. 

Chattanooga's Wind River Bungalow was the first tiny house built by Travis Pyke of Wind River. Cedar sidings are met with interior oak surfaces and storage.

The picturesque aesthetic of the Tiny Texas House homes are modest and bespoke.

Clothesline Tiny Homes founders Carrie and Shane Caverly designed their first time home in New Mexico before relocating to Colorado.

The Harvard Innovation Lab created micro-dwellings to offer a wooded escape to local residents.

At only 396 square feet, the Pattern Book House is one of the smallest homes designed by Rural Studio.


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