Yves Béhar Teams Up With Plant Prefab to Launch a New Line of Tiny Houses

The LivingHomes YB1 is a new customizable tiny house that can be built in a month and installed in a day.

San Francisco–based designer Yves Béhar is well known for his groundbreaking products and smart home innovations. Now, he's taking his talent to the realm of tiny houses by partnering with Plant Prefab—who recently received funding from Amazon—to launch a line of fully customizable accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

The YB1 is based on a flexible building system that can accommodate different roof lines, square footage, window layouts, interior requirements, and climatic conditions.

The team believes tiny homes can address the rising cost of housing by providing a sustainable and efficient living option in urban areas. Their LivingHomes YB1 prefabs will take about one month to build, and they can be installed on site in a single day. The homes are being marketed as possible accommodations for young families, elderly parents, students, or those struggling to afford their own houses. 

This YB1 prefab is outfitted with large windows and light wood paneling. The YB1 grid system allows for homes ranging from 250 to 1,200 square feet.

The YB1 is available with two roof options that allow for efficiency in different climate zones. Flat roofs are well-suited for warmer climates and can be outfitted with solar panels or green roofs, while the pitched roof design is better suited for colder regions. 

The customizable interiors are designed to be minimalist and efficient.

The affordable ADUs can be configured to include a full kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a living room, and a bedroom or office. Owners have the ability to choose their own interior finishes, lighting, and appliances—and best of all, everything comes pre-installed and ready for use. The 625-square-foot model unit even featured Flos lighting and a Samsung TV designed by Béhar himself. 

As Béhar puts it, "For me, the next frontier of design is to think of the entire home as a product that a homeowner can shape to their needs in terms of size, usage, aesthetic and lifestyle. People want their living environment to be a reflection of their specific life needs."

The YB1's flexible layout is designed with light and privacy in mind—and to respond to the environment in which it will be constructed. Windows can be positioned anywhere at full height, half height, or as clerestory windows. 

Pricing for YB1 prefabs starts around $280,000, although the company says that in the future Yves Béhar LivingHomes will be available for under $100,000. The first three versions of the YB1 are now available in three different options with three different floor plans and roof systems. Visit LivingHomes or Plant Prefab  for more information.


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