This Canadian Trio Builds Contemporary Tiny Homes Starting Under $69K

This Canadian Trio Builds Contemporary Tiny Homes Starting Under $69K

By Michele Koh Morollo
The three artisans of Minimaliste Houses are crafting more than just affordable tiny homes with sleek, minimalist aesthetics—they're building a new way of life.

Acclaimed for being more than just a brand, the team behind Minimaliste Houses prides themselves on providing a lifestyle. Enabling customers to live alternatively to what has been traditionally conventional, this Canadian–based company promotes a simpler way of life—one that should be more accessible and affordable to all. 

Thanks to the creative minds of the three founders—Philippe Beaudoin, Jean-Philippe Marquis, and Elyse Tremblay—the firm is spreading this meaningful philosophy one tiny house at a time.

The trio, who are presently completing their tenth custom-built tiny house, approach their work with a great deal of empathy for their clients. 

"We try to understand our client's lifestyle during the design process. We create our houses to maximize the use of small spaces without sacrificing on comfort," explains Beaudoin. "As for the construction and materials, we refer to the different building codes to create a house that is safe, and that will withstand any type of climate." 

Air exchangers and vent systems are included in all Minimaliste houses to prevent humidity, mold, and mildew. While Beaudoin and his team are all for DIY tiny homes, he states that it can be dangerous to take tiny houses that haven't been properly built on the road. Therefore, the team makes it a point to explain the rationale behind their construction techniques to each potential client.

"Tiny homes are becoming more popular because people are starting to realize that tiny houses can work for different types of households, not just for young, adventurous couples," says Beaudoin.

Below, we look at eight tiny houses by Minimaliste that are both efficient and comfortable—not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

1. Sequoia

This is the very first Minimaliste tiny house. At 220 square feet, the model is characterized by its sleek roofline. 

The house has 11-foot high ceilings, and the top of the walls can be used for storage. 

This 365-square-foot home, designed for a woman in North Carolina, has a wall-mounted foldable dining table that turns into a mirror, and a custom table that slides over the bed. 

Other features include a modern glass-ceramic kitchen backsplash, a granite sink, textured melamine panels, a hardwood countertop, and wood shelves. 

3. Saule

Though it’s just 190 square feet, this tiny house, which has plenty of wooden details and modern-rustic charm, is a home and office for its owner.  

This versatile model can be easily customized for various needs. 

4. Acacia

Designed for a mother and her teenage daughter, this 285-square-foot home has two closed bedrooms, a loft, and a living room that also features a sofa bed. 

A storage shed has also been incorporated into the design. 

This 285-square-foot model has a kitchen that is located to the opposite of the bathroom, as well as plenty of storage areas. 

This house was custom-built for a couple living in California. 

6. Chêne

A 420-square-foot model with wide dimensions, the Chêne has a mechanical room that is perfectly integrated within the bathroom. 

The complex design includes a room under the loft that has an ensuite bathroom.

7. Sakura

The 420-square-foot Sakura has a high-performance design with a bright reading loft, and a lounge area that can be transformed into a dining room for six. 

A look at the black pipe railing.

Completed in 2017, this 485-square-foot house is the team’s latest and largest tiny home. 

A full electrical system is also available for this model. 

To learn more about Minimaliste Houses, check out their website here.

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