71 Exterior Apartment Design Photos And Ideas

The surrounding hills of Montmartre inspired the alternate tread staircase that SABO introduced to the young fashion designer’s apartment.
Two formerly separate levels are linked and combined into a double-height volume in this 1,464-square-foot apartment in Barcelona, Spain.
Walden 7's unsystematic layout offers an alternative to conventional apartment blocks.
Walden 7 features five interior courtyards and 446 residences.
Diagonal cuts are mirrored across the facade, creating a rhythmic pattern of material and void.
Circulation platforms weave above the open courtyard space.
Large cuts in the outer walls of the shipping containers create a geometric pattern of glazed openings. At night, the openings create a patterned facade that is both solid and transparent.
The two building masses join like a hinge at the narrow end of the site. The solid masses are broken only by the exterior circulation routes. The complex name, DRIVELINES, is painted onto the end facade.
The buildings create a pedestrian-friendly experience by placing retail on the main floor, where it is easily accessible to passers-by.
The project's industrial character ties in nicely with the surrounding infrastructure and architecture.
The residential building blends in with the urban fabric of the changing downtown neighborhood.
The ring-shaped building was formerly the BBC Television Center. A refurbished Helios statue stands in the courtyard.
Hirata has used a system of organic layering to create a series of three-dimensional spaces, while also integrating apartments and galleries within the structure's five levels.
The home located at 56 Willow Street is a pet-friendly property, and has additional storage in the basement, as well as a part-time superintendent that looks after the co-op building.
A narrow creek was carved into the edge of the rock wall to “extend nature into the site.”
Flooded with natural light, Makers Row is a new mixed-use building in Northeast Portland that combines 19 apartments with ground-floor commercial space in a highly energy-efficient envelope.
The building, constructed in 1948, was designed by architect A. Rollin Caughey.
A massive oak tree is the focal point of the entry courtyard. The entrances to each unit are sheltered beneath the overhanging second-story balcony.
The protected balcony allows the owners to enjoy the sunshine with just the right amount of shade.
Barcelona-based architecture firm Ribas & Ribas shaped the hotel's modern checkerboard exterior in a way that echoes the surrounding marinas and natural landscape, while Baranowitz +Kronenberg designed the hotel's interiors to be an homage to the island's legacy as a decadent, bohemian holiday destination with maritime roots.
The entrance to the apartment after the renovation.
The traditional facade does little to hint at the apartment's modern aesthetic.
The result is a low-rise residential complex with features that correspond to the trunk, branches, and leaves of trees, which served as Hirata's main source of design inspiration.
The cleverly designed system is made possible thanks to the voids and pleats between the concrete boxes.
Telegraph Hill
Residents are allowed a small swatch of land to plant gardens.
Cees, Jacquelien, Jillis, Lucas, and Thijske Noordhoek gather on the lawn; Andy Dochter looks out of the window while his wife Miriam stands on the terrace with sons Thomas and Vincent.
Segal’s urban-infill units (like the Titan shown here) eschew typical features like dysfunctional balconies and underground garages.
In Seattle's rapidly developing South Lake Union neighborhood, the Art Stable is a classic example of urban infill. Built on the site of a former horse stable, the seven-story mixed-use building carries its history into the future with highly adaptable live/work units.
The sloped roof on the loft addition serves as the foundation for solar panels. The South slope of the roof was determined by the optimum solar angel around the solstice, when the sun is strongest, giving Logan Certified its shape and silhouette.
Located in Tribeca, New York City, The Raft House is a modern intervention in a traditional New York City residential building.
The exterior of the modern glass tower in Tel Aviv.
The street-facing entrance door of the apartment.
Designed as a complex of eight housing units for a tight urban infill site, the MOD urban apartments were the first modular apartment building constructed in Seattle. When completed in 2013, the project achieved LEED Gold certification; its interior layouts eliminated the need for an elevator or internal hallways, and was outfitted with Energy Star appliances, low VOC paint and finishes, and radiant heating.
The exterior of a compact 140-square-foot micro-apartment in north London.
This 19th century workshop in the Netherlands was converted into a cool, modern apartment.
Now nicknamed
De Smedt knew that the ultra-modern look of the rooftop garden's design would draw attention from the surrounding neighbors, so he and his team worked with the municipality to agree on a form that received everyone's approval.
The unique curve of the structure makes the garden stand out amid the surrounding flat roofs, and also acts as a shield from wind for the terrace and kitchen.
A school in Rotterdam that was built in 1912 was converted into six apartments.
Based in Portland, Oregon, MODSpdx is a West Coast builder with a holistic approach to customized and site-specific modular multi-family and commercial buildings. Buildings are constructed in their Portland factory, with a focus on proper ventilation and thermodynamics for the finished product through tight factory controls and an analysis of repeatable processes. Because the company works with a range of general contractors, architects, construction companies, and residential developers, their finished homes vary in aesthetics from traditional to contemporary.
Roam London Facade
Located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, the original 1916 factory building was converted to rental units in the 1980s and condominiums in 2005. The extensive drop ceilings were probably cost-saving heating measures by the original owner. With the apartment facing the less-exposed North and West elevations, the architect had to maximize the amount of sunlight the space could admit.
The loft had no overhead illumination when the Benoits moved in, so they added a George Nelson Bubble lamp, mezzanine uplighting, and an Ikea pendant.
The exposed wooden stairwell creates a warm contrast with the concrete and metal used elsewhere.
The 1,292-square-foot split-level apartment occupies the top two floors of a building in central Athens that was completed in 1995. The apartment’s configuration allows for four balconies and panoramic views of the city and its tallest natural feature, Mount Lycabettus.
Exterior rendering of Framework
Built on the site of a former horse stable, Art Stable is a mixed-use infill project in Seattle, Washington, that boasts an 80-foot-tall hinge for hand-cranked doors. Photo by: Benjamin Benschneider.
Jonathan and Wendy Segal on their master bedroom deck.
The Forj Lofts is a Minimalistic/ Scandinavian design. Residing on the Atlantic coast of Delaware, the project is engineered for extreme wind loads. The Forj name is a play on words for an Iron Forge, as there is nothing but steel used for the building components. Limited staging areas for material and crew mandated a carefully executed shipment and assembly program. These steel metal homes are just one example of how steel can be used in multi-family construction.
Floor-to-ceiling windows front each unit, with sections of container wall folded out and fixed in place as part of the shading strategy.
The eight container apartments, huddled together in a wise use of the space, are situated on an old used car lot in downtown Phoenix. A decommissioned container costs between $1,800 and $5,000, says architect Wesley James. Transportation, handling, and site assembly run at least as much.
Many of the items in the home come from Mjölk, on the ground floor of Daoust and Baker’s building, which dates to the 1870s and has a distinctive tin facade.

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