892 Bedroom Medium Hardwood Floors Design Photos And Ideas

Using natural materials is one way of bringing nature indoors. Oiled white ash floors and ceilings, along with Italian poplar and Lawson cypress joinery, are found throughout architect Andrew Simpson’s 538-square-foot home outside Wellington, New Zealand.
The couple’s children, who are in their thirties, often come to stay. The lower-floor bedroom beneath the library is used for their visits.
The main suite—including a bedroom, closet, and bathroom—is located in a concrete block structure at the far side of the home, separating it from the rest of the living spaces. The concrete blocks help to define it as a more private, personal space.
The architects moved the front door from behind the main bedroom to the side entry and converted the old entrance into a new walk-in wardrobe and en suite bedroom.
The outer layer of the roof slides open, revealing a glass ceiling that lets in sunlight and frames views of the sky.
The loft-like sleeping area looks to views of the river and the sky.
A heavy Javanese door, purchased by Lexi on her travels, was installed on sliders to conceal the bedroom closet.
The upstairs bedroom was designed with privacy in mind. Arnott placed it toward the back of the house and outfitted it with its own private balcony, which provides an elevated view of the landscape. The architect describes the house as one with a dual personality: "It needed to be a sanctuary, but also host 20-plus skiers in a hot tub."
The simple interiors complement the usage of CLT throughout.
Slatted doors allow natural light through while still affording privacy in the second bedroom.
The second bedroom can be accessed through the sliding partition or a separate entrance.
The two bedrooms for the boys can be opened up into one large space or closed off as seen here with a bookcase wall that can be split apart or brought together.
A look at one of the two bedrooms for the boys that’s located in a large shared space.
A peek at the sun-filled bedroom.
In the couple’s bedroom, a Nook upholstered platform bed from Blu Dot is flanked by C Shape end tables from Yamazaki Home.
This clean-lined home designed by Lim + Lu makes use of materials like rattan, oak, and volcanic slate to create an island vibe.
Architect Bentley Tibbs implemented space-saving techniques throughout the house, including this bunkbed niche, located upstairs at the stair landing.
Midcentury bentwood chairs in the master bedroom sit atop a cowhide rug. The iron table is from Arteriors.
The Bogarts’ beagle, Ranger, lounging on their bed. The painting, All is Well, is an abstract from Brenda’s early days as a painter.
The chandelier in the principle bedroom is an antique bubble glass design from Vieux in Houston.
The fifth-floor kid’s bedroom is made to feel more cozy with wood flooring and folding wooden screens, the latter of which facilitate privacy or connection to the main spaces.
There are two large bunk rooms—one for boys and one for girls—that can accommodate eight children.
The ground floor features four bedrooms and two bunk rooms. “They’re the smallest bedrooms we’ve ever made,” says architect Tom Knezic. “They’re meant to be a bit like cabins on a ship—just room for a bed and a place to put your personal things.” All the bedrooms are interchangeable, and have small windows that look out over the forest. “We had to convince my mum about that because there’s always that idea of having a lake view from the master suite,” says Knezic. “But, if you want to enjoy the view you come up to the living area.”
A simple material palette of wood and glass gives the house a warm, inviting feel.
A citrus tree sits right outside double doors in the bedroom.
Accent walls in the bedroom are painted in Backdrop’s ‘Harajuku Morning’ and the bed is the Floyd Platform Bed.
Each twin bed in the bunk room over the back porch gets its own Morgan Black sconce from Crate and Barrel. The rest of the furniture was sourced by the homeowners.
In the dressing room, the ceiling is papered with Ellie Cashman Summer Squall in midnight blue—a little pop of pattern to peek at as you’re heading through to the back door.
Tang reconfigured the plan to include a guest suite with its own bath.
Thoughtful joinery in the guest bedroom includes a low cupboard large enough for suitcases.
A view of the principal bedroom from the private garden terrace. An Eames molded plywood chair from Matisse sits in the corner. Next to the bed is a Ferm Living Insert side table and a Roy table light from Viabizzuno.
The master bedroom opens up to a private garden terrace and views of the treetops.
A wood-clad book nook and pine beams and flooring lend warmth and texture in The Live Oak tree house.
In the couple's bedroom, a Gap pendant from Woud hangs in front of a wall clad in STI Otto porcelain tile from Stone Tile.
The beds are built of lacquered millwork with custom upholstered headboards in mohair, and they come with integrated nightstands, lighting, and shelving. A sliding door can be used to provide privacy between the two bedrooms.
When the dining table is tucked away, the guest bed can be lowered over the banquette.
A peek inside the master bedroom. “Patricia Urquiola door handles and handmade paper pendants reflect the owners’ appreciation for crafted pieces, which will endure with the home and family as they grow,” note the architects.
A clean and light, neutral palette was chosen for the bedrooms, providing a soft contrast to the matte black wall accents used throughout some of the home's common areas.
Getaway offers rentable micro cabins to help urban dwellers escape the daily grind.
A look at one of the property's other cabins, all of which were built at the turn of the nineteenth century and have been renovated to offer modern amenities.
The arched windows provide a treehouse-like experience for some of the bedrooms.
The windows in the bedrooms frame treetops, allowing for privacy.
The master sleeping loft features a skylight and windows on either side of the bed that create a cross breeze.
The smallest bedroom in the visitor wing has two bunkbeds, a closet, and a shared bathroom to the side.
The main bedroom bookends the west side of the home and opens up to the outdoors via glass sliders on two sides.
Each of the couple's three children have their own rooms, with built-in desks and storage units. The bedrooms have rift and quartered white oak flooring.
Frameless bedroom windows extend beyond the floor and ceiling. "Since it's such a small house, it was really important to have this connection between the interior and exterior," says the couple.
Bedroom and studio with wood strips bench
The master bedroom is on the second story. It’s a private space for Craig and his wife that also incorporates a study, an en suite bath, and a walk-in wardrobe. Timber cladding gives the home’s interior a cozy feel.
A vintage, goat-hair Moroccan rug overlaid on a larger, textured wool rug from Armadillo & Co. adds visual interest and a warm color palette in this bedroom designed by Ginny Macdonald.

Perhaps the room that most reflects our personality is the bedroom. It's an extension of ourselves, and there are endless opportunities to personalize, decorate, and reconfigure it to better express our individual tastes. These modern bedrooms are furnished with well-designed beds, dressers, night stands, chairs, wardrobes, and storage options—and exhibit trends in lighting and flooring.