Bedroom Linoleum Floors Design Photos and Ideas

The open bed area is nestled into the front of the Airstream, resting upon dresser-drawers that stretch into the wheel wells.
A view from the kitchen shows the built-in storage wrapping around the flat's perimeter. Translucent window panels allow natural an abundance of natural light into the space while providing privacy.
The cabin structure and arches are made of locally sourced poplar plywood. The design team selected this material because of its fast-growing characteristics and wide availability in the Netherlands. "Because they grow fast, there is a lot of water in the tree," add the architects. "During drying, this water is replaced by air—that’s why this wood insulates, and therefore feels warm and pleasant (it is the same wood type used for making clogs). The wood does not splinter, and it is non-toxic."
The compact, 162-square-foot cabin is simply furnished with a fixed bed, a compact and fully equipped kitchen, a wood-burning stove, and a bathroom with a composting toilet. Shower facilities are located in a communal bathhouse on the campground.
All units at Palm Canyon Mobile Club tout indoor/outdoor living.
Newer floor plans feature two bedrooms at either end of the home, resulting in separate wings. The larger, two-bedroom models will set you back around $225,000.
The second bedroom also has an ensuite bath.
The master suite has direct access to the outdoor space via sliding glass doors. There is also an ensuite bath with updated fixtures and original cabinetry in excellent condition.
The hotel features custom-built millwork crafted in Ohio’s Amish Country—including walnut martini bars and tambour walls, as seen here. All specialty pieces are created from locally grown walnut trees.
Fully glazed walls open the bedroom to the green outdoors.
One of the home's five bedrooms.
The second bedroom from another angle.
The second bedroom has bright yellow, built-in desks lining the wall.