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A closer look at the play-space mezzanine.
Without any prior experience, Eric completed all of the plumbing for the camper's new bathroom. "The plumbing alone took about 10 or 11 trips to hardware stores, going back for missing parts, or returning wrong ones," he explains.
Once the old countertops were pulled out, the couple used them as a template to cut the new ones. The tile backsplash (from Home Depot) uses stick-on tile. "Real ones [tiles] have a propensity to fall off when the van hits bumps," explains Grace.
At night, the circular window glows like the moon and illuminates the lower floors much like a light box.
In summer, the living area is surrounded by grass that covers the terrain. Yet, once winter comes, this same area appears to be nestled within a blanket of snow.
The home has warm interiors throughout and boasts a minimalist, cabin-like aesthetic.
Contained within this gabled-roof section are the bedrooms and bathrooms, which look out to stunning views of the mountains.
The different levels act as a topographic map to guide one through the common areas.
The layout includes an interesting interplay of levels.
The lower floor is built at a high section of the slope—about 1.65 feet below the ground—to create a living area that’s embedded within the terrain.
A basic material of pale timber walls, polished concrete floors, and large expanses of glass work together to create a calm, light aesthetic.
 From the kitchen and dining area, you can see the double-height void above the spaces.
Though built on a small budget, the team has crafted the home to be ecologically sound.
The massive windows that frame tranquil alpine views have been made from dual-lacquered laminated glass.
A staircase connects the dining area and kitchen on the ground floor to the bedroom on the upper level.
The home's modern design has been guided by strong geometrical shapes and clean lines.
Period-appropriate lighting and bright colors keep the kitchen feeling vintage and yet contemporary.
The kitchen retains its original 1950s cabinetry, oven, and tiles, but has been supplemented with modern appliances and an island, among other features.
Dining Room
A map of Central London currently adorns the new dining and kitchen extension.
All of the main spaces, sandwiched between the garage and utility room and street, are brought to life by the natural light provided by the a new four-story light-well.
A custom-designed bed.
Brodware classic console.
Finn Juhl 109 chairs, a bespoke dining table and chandelier IC from Flos. A Le Corbusier painting on the wall.
Architecture: Ravit Dvir Architecture and Design
Ravit Dvir Architecture and Design

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