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Globe pendant lighting adds an authentic midcentury touch.
The post-and-beam construction is highlighted by the use of white paint against the ceiling's natural wood finish, creating a chic, modern look.
The open-plan living room features expanses of glass, integrating the lush surroundings into the bright and airy space.
Revolver stools by HAY complement the home's colorful interior.
The kitchen cabinets are finished in a warm gray, and are fitted with vintage, brass concave handles.
Two bedrooms are located in the attic.
In the kitchen, the original unpainted brick can be glimpsed. The floors are polyurethane.
The custom shelving and staircase divides the bedroom and workspace from the living areas.
Glass Facade
Protected by a roof overhang, the sunken lounge provides sweeping southeastern views of the city and fjord beyond.
The cantilevered wing provides privacy by obscuring views into the yard.
The swimming pool's dark tile finish mirrors the cantilevered container above it.
The outdoor lounge chairs and chaise are by Richard Schultz for Knoll.
The Tadeo dining table by Walter Knoll is combined with Tokyo chairs by Bensen.
The integrated sink/counter is also by Laufen. The plumbing fixtures are by Zuchetti.
The L-shaped upper floor culminates in a dramatically cantilevered master bedroom wing that's elevated high above the roofs of the neighboring houses.
The projecting volume also protects the pool from solar glare.
The front entry.
The front door has been painted yellow for a playful pop of color.
The classic post-and-beam construction is highlighted on the exterior.
The entryway features similar arched doors and continues the style and color palette from the living room.
Items on the shelf were artfully arranged to show a mix of objects, art, and books.
A glimpse from the entry hallway into the living room.
The entry gives way into the bright living room.
The curvature of the blue sofa is reminiscent of the arched openings leading into the space.
Overhead ceiling beams and a unique light fixture make the ceiling an important presence in the room.
The room also benefits from great natural lighting and easy access to the outdoors.
Texture and pattern were key in making the space feel lived in and homey, yet still Mediterranean in essence and modern in style.
Vintage pieces of both modern and more traditional styles are incorporated into the space.
The curved shape of the sofa and its lush texture make for a modern but inviting seat.
In addition to a recyclable facade and triple-glazed openings, the sustainably minded Brass House boasts natural flax insulation, LEDs, solar panels, and a green roof.
Uplighting makes the brass facade glow gold at night.
A minimalist material palette of oak, concrete, black steel, and white stucco creates an airy and serene interior.
A strategically placed skylight floods the stairway core of the home with natural light.
"Balconies on the front and rear façades ensure a coherence between inside and outside. Its geometric expression strengthens the plasticity of the facades," adds the firm.
The fenced-in backyard includes outdoor dining and a small green-roofed storage unit.
"Integrated solutions are designed for maximum openness in the house: The entrance hall, toilet, staircase, doors and kitchen are combined in a long wall cabinet that runs from the front to the rear," note the architects. "It narrows and widens, creating places with a variation in atmosphere and perspective."
Sandwiched between two brick-clad homes, the Brass House on Haveneiland-Oost catches the eye with its angled brass facade that changes color from gold to brown in the light.
The traditional office is located toward the back of the house, but maintains a minimalist feel.
"When we design within one property, we make it a point to ensure that each space has its own distinct style, colors, materials, and so on,
The living room area doubles as a showroom and a place where coworkers can mingle.
"We wanted the office to look and feel like one of our staged spaces, so that it could double as a showroom as well as a workspace,
The open shelves separate the more secluded sleeping and study area from the rest of the apartment, yet still allow for strong visual connectivity, as well as ample light flow.
The sleeping and study nook sit on a raised platform, and are surrounded by open shelving filled with books and plants.
The space between the sleeping nook and balcony functions as a flexible living area.
The white kitchen and laundry joinery fold away, making them out of sight when not in use.
Storage has been incorporated under the open selves, within false ceilings, and overhead cupboards.
A pullout dining table is concealed within one of the white kitchen panels.
One of the kitchen's panel doors opens to reveal a hidden bathroom.
Sunlight streaming through the perforated structure passes through the glass doors to brighten the interiors.
When the doors are closed, the owners can still look out to nature beyond the balcony.
Glazed, timber-framed folding doors separate the interior living area from the balcony.

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