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The XXX square-foot terrace is just one room wide at the front with a compact courtyard at the rear.
The house is located within a 100-year building. The architects kept much of the existing exterior.
A wood-paneled guest room.
The downstairs features a mini-kitchen.
A child's room.
The master bath has a fireplace to keep things cozy.
An arched doorway leads to an ensuite master bath.
The master suite.
The 4,312-square-foot home is spread over multiple levels.
High ceilings and a full-length brick fireplace are complemented by extensive glazing.
The current resident is the owner of Tomorrow's House, a popular Salt Lake City midcentury furniture shop.
The home possesses an authentic midcentury vibe with period-appropriate, contemporary updates.
The home is surrounded by an acre of woods and overlooks the Great Salt Lake which provides stunning sunset views.
"The design separates public and private space by a covered, but external walkway," said the architects. "By juxtaposing these positions, the house acts like a camp – retreating to the tent to sleep and living under the tree canopy outside – a universal gathering space connected by landscape rather than built form."
A view of the living room. "Craft is a key aspect of this building," said the architects. "The makers:  steelworkers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, landscapers are all carefully selected to add their skills to the project."
The pavilion relates to the original house in the exterior framework, as both use white-painted timber.
This perspective shows the entry point to the pavilion and how it connects to the main cottage.
The garden pavilion sits adjacent to the original house and overlooks the reworked garden and new pool. The pool is surrounded by a metal screen element that's also repeated elsewhere in the project.
"The design gives the owners a sense of connection," said the architects. "The doors are always open and the family spills naturally out to the garden."
A closer look at the lovely lines of the clean, modern kitchen.
Windows added to the side corners of the north facade bring additional daylight indoors.
A view of the ascent towards the property.
The patio space helps connect the home to nature, allowing guests to enjoy a taste of Mediterranean indoor/outdoor living.
The elegant bedrooms feature large pendulum doors that also act as windows.
Meals can be taken al fresco or in the dining room. Locally sourced ceramics and wood pieces are found throughout the home.
The kitchen features a large central island with natural stone countertops and a stylish SMEG refrigerator.
The cool midcentury fireplace was designed in 1965 by Spanish architects Alfonso Mila and Federico Correa.
A peaceful corner of interconnected outdoor space.
The owners encourage native plant growth by consulting with Sigmetum, a team of botanical architects based in Lisbon.
The rectangular edges of the whitewash rooftop terrace is perfectly integrated into the surrounding nature.
The home integrates many sustainable practices, including using solar energy to heat water.
The stunning retreat is centered around a serene swimming pool with natural stone touches.
A rosewood coffered ceiling, swanky black banquette, black granite bar, and intricate millwork greet you at Q.
A dark blue leather banquette with a brass kick-plate syncs with the Eskayel wallpaper.
The original oak floors were restored to reveal the patina. White oak shelving, made by local outfit Jewell Hardwoods, displays the wine selection and an assortment of art. The custom pendant lights above the tables are by local designer Nash Martinez of Current Collection.
A dry garden designed by Portland Japanese Garden curator Sadafumi Uchiyama is a focal point, and the chairs and tables were crafted by Graham Bell.
Kuma and his team suspended large swaths of bamboo screens from the ceiling. "Instead of hanging it with the filaments arranged horizontally, we turned the bamboo screens ninety-degrees so that the strands were oriented vertically," architect Balazs Bognar told Eater PDX. "It’s an age-old material, but used in a new way.”
The rest of the bistro's palette, from the camel leather banquettes to the aquamarine accent wall, was chosen to compliment the beautiful floor tile.
For Tea Bar, Swanson chose lighting from local outfit Schoolhouse Electric, including the Isaac Pendent.
The communal table was designed by Bright Designlab and fabricated by Reed LaPlant.
Above the bar, a large photo of Keith Richards floating in a swimming pool is juxtaposed against the pale colors and caramel leather scheme, conjuring a fun, rock-and-roll vibe.
The eye-shaped hole of the stairs volume
View of the stairs leading to the attic
Detail of the cross-shaped suspended furniture
View of the open kitchen
Detail of the make up corner
View of the master bedroom
The whole main room of the house
The corridor, with the mirrored door closed
The corridor, with the mirrored door opened
View of the living area
This result is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly building that has a minimal impact on the environment.
Dubldom presently offers five different models that range from 280-square-foot studios to 1,400-square-foot, three-bedroom dwellings that work well for families.
 The guest-bedroom suite frames the hillside views above the street, increasing natural light and maintaining privacy.
 A central staircase with perforated metal treads and risers allows natural light to filter down from the roof-deck level through the center of the home.
The slightly trapezoidal shape of the site provides a rare opportunity for views down the coast from the interior of the house.

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