255 Staircase Metal Tread Design Photos And Ideas

At the top of the perforated steel staircase is a surprising pop of color. A vivid green section marks the point where the metal railing meets the colorful carpeting. The bold green tone is a nod to the garden and bench seat below.
A ship-like ladder off the kitchen wall gives access to a small nook nestled under the apex of the angled roof. An inset piece of wooden artwork depicts the region's terrain.
Lambert & Fils' Dot Line Suspension lamp hangs over an Allais Table by The Gaspé.
Blue has a major moment in the house that Luke Ogrydziak and Zoë Prillinger designed for a couple moving from Marin County to Telegraph Hill. The color is a custom blend by Benjamin Moore that the architects named Lorna Blue for one of the homeowners, an artist.
The main stair to the mezzanine level is accessed by set of steps that can be moved out of the way when not in use.
A spiral staircase leads to a bathroom and three bedrooms above. A perforated steel landing connects the bedrooms above and bridges a double-height main living space.
A closer look at the sculptural steel stair connecting the two main levels.
Herringbone floors and a board-formed concrete wall create a linear motif in the second-floor stairwell.
A switchback staircase accommodates a grand piano handed down from Anton’s father.
Clinton Cole, architect, builder, and director at CPlusC Architectural Workshop, gave Welcome to the Jungle House, his family's home in suburban Sydney, the eco-friendly treatment, what with a solar-panel facade, rainwater harvesting, and a rooftop full of fruits and vegetables and a fish pond. Visitors are first ushered into the imposing steel "shroud" entry, facing the timber-clad staircase.
The skylight over the stairs, and an abundance of north-facing glazing flood the interior with natural light to make the home feel more spacious.
The sculptural concrete ceiling was created with recycled bargeboard and sprayed-on concrete. The rough texture catches the light. Says Knight, "The imperfect becomes perfect as it celebrates the movement of the sun throughout the day."
Steel stairs provide entry to the living spaces, gently touching the land below.
Another view of the staircase. The carpet is by Stanton.
The staircase, which connects the home’s three levels, affords privacy while allowing light to flow through the interior.
When the family moved in, Cara warned the children not to touch the staircase’s steel rods or “the house would fall down,” but William seems unconcerned.
The blackened steel staircase is supported by a virtual forest of steel rods.
A steel ladder leads between a double-height common area and the mezzanine above. An original archway became built-in storage that hides an existing downpipe.
Moseley notes the home’s distinctive staircase as one of her favorite features. "When the steel was ordered from the steelyard," she says, "it was marked with our metalworker’s name, for easy pickup. That scribble still exists in random places in the staircase and is very industrial—we love it!" Hand-welded by Mike Carman, a local contractor, the staircase runs through all three floors, and it was custom-sized to fit the dimensions of the shipping containers, measuring nine-feet-six-inches tall and eight-feet wide.
Rising to a catwalk above, a huge glass-and-steel central stair envisioned by architect Filippo Caprioglio spans four floors of the Chiavellis’ newly expanded house.
A welded spiral staircase leads to the sleeping loft in this geodesic dome home.
As you enter from the ground floor, expectations from the horizontal outward appearance are transformed by the verticality of a dramatic 22-foot-tall torqued steel wall.
Chioco says they “treated the stairs and structural beams as design elements, painting them a dark color to contrast with everything else to visually tie the space together.”
The stairway was backed with this worn-down terra cotta, which made little sense with the modern design of the loft.
Alex Olson's Cast, which is oil and modeling clay on canvas, hangs above a vintage Swedish rug.
The spiral staircase leads down to the lower level, which houses a large rec room and the master bedroom suite.
Estúdio Penha introduced floor-to-ceiling, iron-framed picture windows that fill this home with light.
A spiral staircase leads to the lower level.
While the light-filled Chojamaru View Terrace features an unassuming concrete facade, Endo Architect and Associates carefully designed each unit of the project to have spacious interiors. The delicate staircases are sturdy but unobtrusive.
Wheeler Kearns Architects used steel to construct the shelving, storage, and stairs leading up to the mezzanine loft in the Residence for Two Collectors. The client’s father was a machinist, so the fabrication of these elements lends a personal touch to the project.
All rooms revolve around the centrally located Enzie Universal series 1500 spiral staircase.
A view of the stairs and kitchen.
Vintage Adrian Pearsall swivel chairs with upholstery by HM Duke Design anchor the stair landing along with an Urbia Vinya side table.
Painted a vibrant red (Benjamin Moore Chili Pepper 2004-20), the stairs offer a playful splash of color against the white walls.
Entry Stair Volume
Entry Stair
Entry Stair Detail
At the rear of the house is a minimalist spiral staircase that winds up all four floors.
“The section and internal void works as a space where light travels around and produces a very calm sense of interiority. But also, from the rooms, it becomes a sort of interior courtyard,” Zamarbide said. The unfinished concrete slabs contrast with the cement block walls painted white.
The Big Space was updated with new skylights and a roof hatch with a staircase that provides access to the roof.
The main access to the loft is through an architectural piece of furniture shaped as a thick wall that integrates facilities and storage inside.
A bridge leads from the top of the spiral stairs to the front door of the cabin.
A black steel staircase with integrated storage leads up to a lofted bedroom
The walls are painted with zero-VOC biodegradable E-Color paint.
Full of bohemian soul, the heritage neighborhood of Fitzroy in Melbourne is known as a real estate hot spot. But rather than capitalize on their block and exploit a vacant garden east of their property, the family of four who own King Bill decided to create a new pocket park to bring more greenery to the streetscape. When it came time to renovate their double-story terrace home, the owners sought out local studio Austin Maynard Architects—a firm known for its sustainable ethos—who incorporated the empty garden to the east, and an old stable at the rear, to the new floor plan. A large, curved, sliding wall separates the master bathroom from an open net lounge area above the study.
Embraced by a rocky terrain, the three rectilinear volumes of this house spreads interior spaces vertically over three levels, and horizontally over three enclosures. The residence, built from natural materials—some of which was excavated from the site itself—resembles a cavity within a monolithic stone quarry.
IF House - Photo 08

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.