68 Staircase Wood Railing Design Photos And Ideas

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.

Stair screen
wood + manual lime brickwork + concrete
Stair to third floor family room
Small punched window brings morning light into second and third floors along stairwell
Sunlight is plentiful at every level of the house.
Bachman Residence by Alden B. Dow
One of the more challenging aspects of the renovation, the staircase features a spine made of a single one-ton piece of powder-coated steel.
A striated concrete wall designed by Pollen Architecture & Design contrasts with the rough limestone rock of the home’s existing stair column.
Home of the Brave

In the ground-floor eating area, the design team wrapped the walls in rich walnut to instill warmth often found in mid-century homes. “Sometimes one bold move is enough. Be brave with fewer statements,” Kiely advises. “Go for the big thing rather than lots of little things.” Kiely’s Upholstered Dining Chairs from her House collection surround a Danish vintage dining table. Her Gloss vases adorn the hallway console, which is also from her House line.
Entry bench, screen and stair
The switchback stairs create a circulation pattern that, according to Bangia, is "noticeably different than what you would find in a typical Brooklyn town house." She adds, "It lends an element of surprise when moving between floors, and a dynamic spatial sense of expansion and contraction.”
Although the two apartments were stacked vertically, their individual systems and layout were quite different. The limited horizontal overlap meant that the owners and design team had to give careful thought to the connective elements, and how the family would ultimately circulate through the home. One of the key pieces to the puzzle was finding a place for the interior stairs. Says Bangia Agostinho principal Anshu Bangia, “There was a challenge to find an appropriate location to cut a new stair opening between the apartments, and then have the new stair coordinate with the existing one to form a logical sequence of circulation between the three levels.”
The team at Ecospace Studio understands that sometimes clients have very specific design and functional requirements. Their bespoke projects such as this home called Spinney Retreat in Surrey, allow clients the flexibility to create the space they want using the Ecospace concept.
Jinhee and John, looking east from the dual-story roof deck. The door behind Jinhee leads to the top floor of Andy Hong’s unit, where a bar fridge contains wine ready for parties. In the background is the boxy form of a traditional triple-decker.
The white cedar board paneling in the interiors mimics the exterior; the ones inside are bleached for a lighter finish. Fixed glass picture windows are by Town & Country Glass. Unalam and JIG Design Build fabricated the staircase with ash risers on a single stringer, a Gray Organschi hallmark.
"I always wanted to have my very own yellow brick road," says Viviana de Loera, whose favorite part of the home is the playful staircase. The original stairs and handrail were preserved in the renovation.
Light from a new skylight pours into the home's entryway and living room. Steel columns and beams were added for structural reinforcement, and the couple left all beams, old and new, exposed.
At the base of the first floor landing, black recinto volcanic stones divide the first floor’s informal dining area from the living room. This floor also features a bedroom and kitchen while the floor above holds a master bedroom, master bath, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an entertainment room, and patio. The stairs—which are all-oak—descend to a ground-floor playroom and outdoor deck.
The spirit of retain and re-use guided the design behind the conversion, and was applied to all aspects of the project.
Entrance, staircase, dots
Garden Avenue Renovation - First Floor Stairs
A pair of Molded Plywood lounge chairs by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller sit opposite a BoConcept coffee table and a sofa of Paul’s design. For his father’s book collection, Paul created a library around the double-height staircase.
Entryway with original staircase and exposed brick exterior wall.
Stairs from parlor floor to second floor, with original railing.
Amy requested a quiet, sunny reading nook with a view; In Situ obliged with a built-in bench housing her collection of books.
Though all the plants are mundane home-center varieties, they grow to uncanny heights in the moist, sunny environment.
Photo by Osamu Abe
A steel spiral staircase efficiently links all three floors. With no interior doors, Yurika can keep an ear on the shop from upstairs while maintaining the privacy of her home with the help of the vertical distance.
The staggered terrace, lined with cast iron plants (Aspidistra elatior), leads up from the living room.
Gaffney and Kiku take in the air from the large sliding door bought from Timber Tech Scotland.
Two-inch-thick bamboo treads and a bamboo handrail on the stairs lead the way to the second floor.
The couple made the house feel even more spacious by flooding a series of levels with natural light.
The walnut staircase and slide in a Chicago town house leads from the main level to the basement. To protect people on the ride down, a “crash pad” fashioned from a standard gymnastic mat covers the wall at the slide’s base.

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