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Wood panels strike contrast with concrete and stone walls to keep the space from appearing too cold.
The guest house interior.
Luis Barragán left walls unadorned. Light switches, fixtures, and stair rails are often absent in his homes.
Comprised of a series of modules, The Madrona model from NODE is capable of virtually endless combinations. Each module ranges from 165 square feet to 570 square feet, with features like a sheltered deck (one of the semi-outdoor modules) available.
Mount Pleasant Modern: Stairs
With Maze and Dream, the architect had to find a balance between the practical needs of a hotel suite and awe-inspiring, spatial effects.
Staircase and the extended passageway
Central Stair
Stair Detail
A bridge leads from the top of the spiral stairs to the front door of the cabin.
Kell didn’t want to have to climb ladders to access the bedrooms, so she built narrow stairways with doors to provide privacy. Transom windows above the doors open for air circulation when the thru-wall fans are on.
The use of concrete throughout provides thermal mass, while in-slab hydronic heating also stabilizes temperature.
Duratherm windows paint the black brick wall of the staircase with sunlight.
Although the original interior walls had to be removed to add insulation, Sandy had the new brickwork painted white to match. The kitchen/dining area flows into a sunken lounge, with salvaged tile flooring giving way to concrete.
“It was a challenge during the restoration process to communicate the overall aesthetic we wanted to achieve with the build team,” Gledstone says. “It was a non-standard finish and often a process of trial and error. So, during the construction process it was harder to see when surfaces were at their desired level of finish—we had a strong presence on-site and would stick signs to walls saying ‘This is finished!‘”
Another staircase leads up to a more private reading area.
Across from the entrance is the main staircase, which leads to the bedrooms.
Inside, a suspended staircase rises up past the couple’s bookcase over a well-lit seating nook.  Aalto stools by Artek join Eames molded plywood dining chairs by Herman Miller to give an especially modern touch to the kitchen.
A black steel staircase with integrated storage leads up to a lofted bedroom
The wood cabinets, floor, structure, stairs, and wall paneling all work together in the interior of the Rush House, which keeps visitors from feeling consumed and overwhelmed by all the wood finishes because of great lighting, high ceilings, and large expanses of windows with views to the outdoors.
Dining area, looking toward central stair and entry alcove.
A staircase leads up from the common areas to the bedrooms.
The walls are painted with zero-VOC biodegradable E-Color paint.
The home’s materials evoke the Australian landscape. Basaltina countertops echo Melbourne's blue stone, while bespoke joinery elements—including windows and stairs—are made with Australian hardwoods. The blackened timber that envelops the building and frames the kitchen evokes the black trunks of the Xanthorrhoea trees that now grow in the new courtyard.
A reading nook is built into one of the walls along the stairs.
Glass stair rails help increase transparency, while storage beneath the staircase conserves space.
A staircase leads up to the apartment units.
here are gardens on every level, contextualizing the home within its mountain landscape.
The dark exterior breaks down the mass of the building, pushing it into the background.
Leaning Yucca House by DF_DC Architects © Rory Gardiner
Floating against birch paneling, the main stair incorporates treads salvaged from old barn wood.
A staircase lined with earthen walls leads from the entrance to the lower-level living areas and courtyard. “Rammed earth has a beautiful texture,” says Simpson. “If you get oblique light across it, tiny shadows form. It’s quite stunning.” The handrail was designed by Nigel and made by English blacksmith Spencer Larcombe; the pendants are by Bruck.
CAB Architects deftly hid appliances, pantry storage, and a litter box for the owners' two cats in the cabinetry beneath this staircase.
Of the addition, which holds two bedrooms, a study, and a bathroom, Erik says, “We wanted it to feel connected and integrated on the interior but read as a new, distinct volume on the exterior.”
A bright blue stairwell leads up to the living areas.
The courtyard-like composition, and the natural flow of light and air, provide the interiors with an indoor/outdoor feel.
Full of bohemian soul, the heritage neighborhood of Fitzroy in Melbourne is known as a real estate hot spot. But rather than capitalize on their block and exploit a vacant garden east of their property, the family of four who own King Bill decided to create a new pocket park to bring more greenery to the streetscape. When it came time to renovate their double-story terrace home, the owners sought out local studio Austin Maynard Architects—a firm known for its sustainable ethos—who incorporated the empty garden to the east, and an old stable at the rear, to the new floor plan. A large, curved, sliding wall separates the master bathroom from an open net lounge area above the study.
Embraced by a rocky terrain, the three rectilinear volumes of this house spreads interior spaces vertically over three levels, and horizontally over three enclosures. The residence, built from natural materials—some of which was excavated from the site itself—resembles a cavity within a monolithic stone quarry.
IF House - Photo 08
The stepped seating area adjacent to the radio station creates a community feel and encourages a multi-layered social experience.
Upstairs, the private spaces comprise four bedrooms and a separate lounge.
The concrete stairs and burnished concrete floors throughout are complemented with Tasmanian Oak stair treads and balustrade details.
Salvador Farrajota and Brayden Larkin sit on the concrete stairs that lead up to the living areas.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.