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At the meeting point of these two masses, public and private spaces, is a vertical axis that cuts the horizontal plane with the use of a staircase that goes through all levels of the house.
Rytis Mikulionis relaxes on a sectional sofa of his design, below a monumental Bul reading lamp by Ligne Roset. He gazes at the winter haze streaming through a grand picture window, the flat’s only source of natural light.
The main staircase consists of simple oak treads that cantilever out from side walls sheathed in natural vertical board and are supported on the other side by a continuous grill-like railing truss.
Ab Rogers dons a bold suit that suits the spirit of the accompanying decor he designed.
The kitchen is situated in a sunken basement, underneath the staircase’s walnuts steps. The same joiner who built the house’s timber elements built the white cabinetry which are finished in a 40% gloss lacquer. Silestone countertops and integrated appliances maintain the space’s simple lines. Additional storage is fitted under the staircase.
Western Red Cedar naturally resists rot, decay, and insects. Architect Jeff Jordan also chose to leave the wood unfinished, a prominent part of the house’s look.
Kate’s father predicted they would never use the crow’s nest–like tower, which is reached by climbing a narrow staircase.
The trip from garage to first floor is through a wood-clad spiral staircase that resembles a giant slatted barrel.
Steel allowed Kunding to be playful with the staircase’s form.
Below a twisting steel staircase sits a stool from the impossibly rare 1967 Girard Group for Herman Miller (it was only produced for one year). Stevens rennovated the home from top to bottom, including the Japanese-style fence in the garden.
Interior Staircase
Plywood "spine" threshold between living space and studio space
The sharp ridgeline and soaring soffit reference a tent-like experience in an architecturally elegant way.
Of the seven steps in Michael Pozner’s not-quite-500-square-foot aerie in Greenwich Village, five contain drawers. His small set of table and chairs is from CB2.
Villa H | oak wooden stairs between raw concrete walls
The staircase also plays with the concept of gaps and slices.
The same wood used in the kitchen appears in the exposed timber staircase and in the bathrooms.
A red print by Cris Gianakos accents a well-lit stairwell leading to a laundry area, library, and rec room on the full basement floor.
A red metal spiral staircase leads to the second-story office.
The bridge allows light to flow down to the space linking the old and new sections on the first floor.
A staircase leads to a bridge linking the upper wing.
Near the front door, charred oak treads float on a blackened steel stringer to the master suite and on to the roof.
A concrete-block-lined hallway connects the pavilions.
The courtyard offers a glimpse of nature from nearly every angle, including up.
A collection of art and design resources are stored on bookshelves.

Jersey City, New Jersey
Dwell Magazine : September / October 2017
The architects were able to work with the property's steep topography by creating three distinct levels for the home.
Opdahl House Interior Stairs
A George Nelson pendant hangs in the reconfigured entrance hall, whose stairs echo the concrete steps off the back deck.
The home's exposed concrete skeleton, wrapped in oak, creates a warm, layered space for living. Oman split the floors by function, with common areas on the ground level, followed by the kids' rooms and then a third-floor suite for the parents.
Photography by Matthew Millman
Stair shaft detail
An open-air corridor is formed between the old stone walls and the new wooden shingles.
A perforated-metal staircase in Benjamin Moore’s Flame and built-in cabinetry in various shades of blue highlight Fougeron Architecture’s bold reinvention of a narrow row house in Noe Valley for a couple and their daughter.
Japanese "tansu" stairs with storage compartments underneath.
Staircase-VILLA CP
The wooden steps a sense of warmth to the simple, minimalist interiors.
First and foremost, the home was designed to be a comfortable family home.
An interior, custom-made steel staircase with floating treads and a minimal handrail, lead to the roof deck above.
London-based studio AMA uses perforated solid steel plates to transform this five-story Georgian terrace house in Belgravia into a creative, contemporary home that encourages interesting play of light and shadow.
A cylindrical glass staircase with Western red cedar and painted steel mullions dominates the front of the house.The stair treads, along with the floor, are made of recycled spotted gum.
Though they give the appearance of bent plywood, each curved layer of the ribbed corridor was constructed with flat, laminated cutouts, including the rounded hand rail.
The form of the top-lit, kauri-clad, open-riser staircase references the drawn appearance of a staircase, and recalls the Stack works of the American artist Donald Judd.
Inspired by the glinting waters of the San Francisco Bay, a shimmering entrance by Molie Malone greets you as you enter the Marina home. Light bounces off the gold tones in the silk-lined walls with the intention to "invite you not just to come inside the front door, but to come in and fully explore."
Yun designed this curved handrail. To the side, a carved niche is meant to showcase art.
The main staircase at the center of the house creates a gracious ascent from the open living room and kitchen at the parlor level to a library and bedrooms on the upper levels. The stained walnut handrail adds a traditional look, but boasts a clean, modern treatment. Wood paneling envelops a discreet door that leads to the cellar.
A perforated steel plate forms a wall between the staircase and the room.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.