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A small dining room occupies the space just beyond the living room. It’s furnished with vintage folding chairs designed by Danish architect Mogens Koch that are easily stored for more space.
The staircase’s redwood handrails were stripped down and reused as exterior window trim. Underneath the stairs, a little cutout was created for the couple’s cat.
A wood-burning stove keeps the well-insulated cabin warm in winter. To the right is the alternating tread staircase that leads to the mezzanine.
Granito tiles line the back wall of the stairwell.
The architects used Makha wood, a timber local to Thailand, for the stair treads.
“In this project, the stairwell is more than just a circulation,” explain the architects. “It is the core of the project, as it brings natural light and ventilation to the whole building. This vertical space has been transformed from a classic indoor circulation route to a semi-outdoor space in connection with its tropical environment.”
The large garden room features walls clad in richly textured Birch wood, an asphalt tile floor, and exposed joists along the ceiling.
A stairway plays with light and form.
The front stairway features a delicate archway and wood flooring. While the goal wasn’t to match the same timber, the addition’s minimalist color palette and choice of timber help smooth the gap between the old and the new.
Stepping down into the intimate library area, overlooked from the kitchen, and with a view up into the light well. Above, a clerestory glass panel in the second floor washroom floods it with daylight. The split level condition with open stairs provides views through multiple levels as one circulates throughout the home.
The staircase in the mudroom is made of raw steel kickplates and treads created from locally harvested sugar maples.
The partial basement holds storage and an entertainment room. A skylight over the stairs floods the area with natural light.
The use of wood throughout the headquarters instills a lodge-like sense of warmth and comfort.
With white oak treads and a steel-and-glass railing, the new staircase is much more elegant.
A peek at the stunning Pei-designed spiral staircase, capped with an oblong skylight.
Burnt Cedar
Burnt Cedar
A loft area overlooks the living room. This space could easily be converted into a home office, meditation nook, or play area, depending on the owner’s needs.
The petite addition houses two office spaces on the second floor, one tucked away behind a hidden bookcase door.
The staircase may just be the most impressive feature as it combines all of the materials in an architectural element that is both sculptural and functional.
Two sets of double doors merge the interior with the covered exterior.
A split thread staircase leads up to the bedroom.
The sculptural concrete ceiling was created with recycled bargeboard and sprayed-on concrete. The rough texture catches the light. Says Knight, "The imperfect becomes perfect as it celebrates the movement of the sun throughout the day."
A bookcase adds visual intrigue to the staircase connecting the lower level to the master suite.
“It's a little black volume that sits inside,” says Reddymade founder Suchi Reddy of the sculptural staircase.
Black metal and wood define this staircase leading to the guest suite over the garage.
Vertical wood elements surrounding the staircase are emphasized by cables that stretch down to the lower level.
A view from the kitchen toward the stairway showcases extra storage space for cookbooks and a countertop area for prep.
The public spaces are located on the upper floor, while most of the bedrooms and full bathrooms are located on the lower floor.
In key areas, board-formed concrete walls contrast with the texture and color of the rest of the home.
"The stair tower travels vertically above the Zen garden, allowing people on the inside to look down into this beautiful space,
The spiral staircase has been revamped with new wood stair treads that tie in with the wood floors.
Natural light floods through the pitched roof's vast skylight.
The Leroy Setziol front door now hangs in a place of honor in the living room, across from the piece by his daughter. The new flooring is walnut, and the stairs were redesigned in fir and walnut.
The floor plan was streamlined by demolishing a wall between the living room and dining area. A staircase with white oak steps leads to the new top floor, which contains the master suite, roof deck, and study. “Opening up the space a bit, improving the views and flow, and adding that upper level added more opportunities for Greg and Kirsten to enjoy time with their family,” says architect Robert Miller of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.
The previous owners had created the duplex by linking two apartments  with a spiral staircase. A pendant lamp by Muuto now overlooks the staircase, which has been reinvigorated with a new birch plywood surround.  The material is a unifying motif:  The shelves and cabinets  designed by Delaunay, including those in the kitchen, are made of it.
The grand staircase in the foyer was inspired by both nautilus shells and the columns of the Baldacchino at St. Peter's Basilica—both of which have dynamic, natural curves, and a twisting form.
A custom laser-cut steel balustrade features a pattern that relates to the existing brick wall and provides privacy. The black cork kitchen tile extends into the addition, where it is used on the stairs and bathroom floor.
The same limestone is used for the floating stair treads, combined with painted steel balusters and a handrail of leather and steel.
The courtyard is bordered by a glass-enclosed staircase, which leads up to the master suite and rooftop terrace, as well as a hallway that links to the second floor in the stables building. The trio of floating tables are the Baxter Matera Table in different sizes.
The cottage’s new "upside-down" floor plan separates the private zones below from the social zones on the upper floor and makes entertaining much easier, says Adair.
"I get a lot of personal satisfaction from the stairs and continuous handrail that runs from the rooftop deck to the ground floor," says Adair. "The stairs and this handrail detail took quite some time to perfect before they were made."
The wood-wrapped stairwell creates a sense of enclosure and warmth.
The home's main entryway, with stairs leading down to a basement. A small powder room is tucked away in a seafoam-green boxed wall, with the kitchen hidden from view behind it.
A view of the contrasting stairs that lead down to the main floor.
Looking from the dining area, wood cladding extends from the entryway ceiling up to railings in a second floor loft.
Near the kitchen a stairwell leads down to the basement and a side patio.
A sweeping ribbon staircase leads up to the second-floor bedrooms and rooftop deck.
The couple also reconstructed portions of the main staircase, replacing wooden railings with iron. A semicircular landing at the base was also rebuilt as a simpler square design.
Floating wood stair treads provide an unobstructed view from end to end of the entrance hall, leaving the space open and bright.
The stainless-steel ladder telescopes up and down and is a custom piece that travels along a curved track, imitating the form of the curved solid oak shelving. When pushed behind the sleeping loft to the laundry area, it is out of sight.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.