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London-based studio AMA uses perforated solid steel plates to transform this five-story Georgian terrace house in Belgravia into a creative, contemporary home that encourages interesting play of light and shadow.
A cylindrical glass staircase with Western red cedar and painted steel mullions dominates the front of the house.The stair treads, along with the floor, are made of recycled spotted gum.
Though they give the appearance of bent plywood, each curved layer of the ribbed corridor was constructed with flat, laminated cutouts, including the rounded hand rail.
The form of the top-lit, kauri-clad, open-riser staircase references the drawn appearance of a staircase, and recalls the Stack works of the American artist Donald Judd.
Inspired by the glinting waters of the San Francisco Bay, a shimmering entrance by Molie Malone greets you as you enter the Marina home. Light bounces off the gold tones in the silk-lined walls with the intention to "invite you not just to come inside the front door, but to come in and fully explore."
Yun designed this curved handrail. To the side, a carved niche is meant to showcase art.
The main staircase at the center of the house creates a gracious ascent from the open living room and kitchen at the parlor level to a library and bedrooms on the upper levels. The stained walnut handrail adds a traditional look, but boasts a clean, modern treatment. Wood paneling envelops a discreet door that leads to the cellar.
A perforated steel plate forms a wall between the staircase and the room.
Custom wallpaper, made by Joana Avillez and Payton Turner, offers whimsical illustrations of significant historical female figures who worked for social change.
The lounge offers direct access to the deck and terraces and the remarkable view.
Stairs lead up from the garden to the pool and deck.
The steel stair treads delicately land atop a white brick base. A brass handrail completes the circulation.
The wooden staircase winds its way between the main living space and the sleeping spaces above.
Toys and coats are stored in the playroom, to keep the rest of the home neat and tidy.
From the alcove playroom, a ladder leads up to a mezzanine loft with a double bed and two single bed.
The skylights and light palette give the home a bright an airy feel.
Large windows and skylights provide ample natural light which is reflected off the larch interiors and white ceilings.
A staircase that connects the three levels of the house.
A reading nook on the second level.
The kitchen and a bathroom on the ground level.
The views of the fjord are magnificent, both facing the vast open Norwegian ocean as well as looking towards the mountain.
The amphitheater-style seating leads down to the beach area and provides stunning panoramic views of the fjord.
A retractable ladder, and no built-in furniture or cabinetry in the main living area makes a range of layouts and arrangements possible.
Heating is primarily powered by geothermal energy.
House Ocho
Architectural in use, the stair is also a sculptural composition of a palette of metals.
A large, beautifully detailed wood pocket door allows the back of the first floor to be closed off from the rest of the floor, creating a private suite.
The ceiling’s central bump and exposed steel grid (above) are structural as well as aesthetic features.
This flexible, double-height space is used as Julius' office.
All four bedrooms are located on the upper level.
The stairs double as auditorium-style seating.
The main living area features a full glass frontage facing the mountains and stairs lead
The North Christian Church was Eero Saarinen’s last building; he passed away unexpectedly before it was finished. Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates completed  the project three years later.
Columbus, Indiana
Dwell Magazine : July / August 2017
Venlet’s prototype of the armless Emperor’s Hat Chair sits near his Cuppa coffee table, made of Cor-Ten and stainless steel.
The double-height interior features a kitchen and living area on the ground level with a sleeping loft above.
Stair Detail
The stairway leading to the loft bedroom.
The underside of the corrugated metal platform floors are left exposed.
A space of 2.3 feet between the platforms allow the floor surfaces to double up as shelves, tables or seating.
Staircase-VILLA CP
Siegal chose a diagrid structure for the factory-built steel modules; polycarbonate panels create a luminous space beneath the stairs.
The floating staircase gives
The Sholin's used Smartcore wood-effect vinyl floors in Tahitian Walnut for the new flooring.
The interiors are furnished in light colors that reflect the sunlight streaming in through the large windows.
The mix of m
“The hallway and courtyard are synonymous with each other visually, which has this very joyful quality about it,” says architect David Salmela.
Media Room
Open Stringer Staircase
Within, the split-level, 485-square-foot space accommodates up to eight people.
Custom stair made entirely of matching pine plywood.
Stairs leading up to the three bedrooms.
Concrete steps lead from the living room to the upper level.
A split thread staircase leads up to the bedroom.
The staircase was moved to be more prominently featured in the home's renovation. The owners' surrounding art collection makes it even more striking.
Exposed concrete is used for the rail-less stairs.

Whether grand and sweeping, rendered in wood, or a minimalist arrangment of metal and glass, the modern staircase is an example of literally elevated design. With its strong, geometric shape and functional importance, a masterful staircase can serve as the centerpiece of a building. Below are some notable examples of staircases that refuse to be ignored, and the creative tread and railing decisions that comprise them.