59 Living Room Vinyl Floors Design Photos And Ideas

The new interior also was designed with furry friends in mind.
Skylights and windows bask the warm birchwood interior in natural light.
Sunlight pours into the living area, which connects to the natural landscape via glass doors. Exposed cedar beams provide texture and warmth for the space.
The open-plan interior is outfitted with a round wood table and upholstered chairs in the dining area and a leather-covered sofa and a wood bench-turned-coffee table in the living space.
An aluminum-framed garage-style glass door that's motorized rolls up and links the interior of the home to its wooded surround.
The eye never tires in this cozy bungalow, whether you’re staring through the sliding glass doors to the curvy swimming pool, following the sloping outline of the mountains, or appreciating the bright artwork that lines the walls of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom getaway.
Tall ceilings provide a light and airy feeling for the living room.
A third floor walk-up, sized at only 376 square feet, has been renovated into the home for Jack Chen of Tsai Design. A multifunctional built-in conceals this TV screen, and a pull-out work station and computer monitor are hidden in the adjacent cabinet.
The living room steps down to the kitchen, the dining area, and the office area. "The majority of the windows in the house are north-facing," says Ryan. "This brings in indirect sunlight throughout the day and helps keep the house cool during the hot summers. The white-painted walls reflect light and keep things bright."
The living room is outfitted with a Joybird sofa, a wool rug from Eclectic Goods, and a selection of musical instruments. "I've been playing music my entire life, and having musical instruments in my home was super important to me," she says. "People might think it's crazy to put a drum set in a tiny home, but it makes me happy, and I designed the house with every intention of making room for all of it."
The solid ceramic fireplace in the downstairs living room can hold heat overnight.
Light reaches the bedrooms on the upper floor through an internal window, while the void above the living room allows light to flood the lower level.
The central stair divides the home in two, but internal windows maintain open sight lines between the various spaces.
All of the northern windows follow the angle of the existing roofline and align with each other between the living room, deck, and stairwell. Full-height glass sliding doors open directly from the living room onto the deck.
The joinery in the upstairs living room conceals what the kids call "Narnia doors." These doors lead to a space in the roof cavity where a bathroom will be built at a later date.
Schutten created wood storage beneath a built-in plywood bench in the living area. "The fireplace is a Fintan Woodstove," he says. "It's small and efficient. Most woodstoves are too big for a tiny house."
All of the home's signature windows and doors are still intact, as is the rich original Birch paneling and post-and-beam construction. An atypical VCT tile lines the interior flooring.
French doors by Jeld-Wen open the living room to the terrace and the landscape beyond. The mint-green shelving unit is original to Jon's grandparents' house, which originally stood on the property. "It holds much sentimental value," he says.
The style of this specific Lustron is known as Westchester Deluxe. Featuring 1,153 square feet of living space, the 1949 midcentury still remains in its rare original condition.
Cables clip onto the ceiling to support an upper bunk, while the bench folds out into a bed. The Airstream can sleep seven comfortably.
"I based the whole palette off the orange wall sconces," says Robin, who purchased the lights off Ebay from Denmark.
Furnishings fold away to create a sense of spaciousness in the compact Airstream. The vinyl floor is from Altra floor in the UK.
The boat is heated by a Webasto high-performance water heating system and calorifier, and has radiators throughout. Its 4x 130w solar panels allow for 100-percent off-grid living.
Featuring a thoughtful curation of collected antiques and retro pieces, the boat has also been fitted with custom-built furniture, including the bookshelves, sofa, and kitchen table.
Built in 2013, the Chinampa Houseboat has been beautifully designed by its current owners, who work in fashion and landscaping.
The maple kitchen cabinets are punctuated by leather and brass pulls.
The open floor plan, which blends dining and living spaces, is ideal for family or friendly gatherings. The 20-foot ceilings give the home a loft-like feel.
From the third floor, you can see 280-degree views.
A thin wood shelf provides a workspace beside the stove.
The stained-glass window was designed by Gowdy in collaboration with Joshua Graae. A hanging chair is a playful addition to the loft-like space, perfect for reading or enjoying a cup of tea.
The fixed-gear bicycle hanging above the couch serves as an art piece; Chen no longer rides the bike. Le Corbusier Projecteur 165 pendant lights hang in the corner.
A clear delineation lies between the oak-clad box that houses the entry, kitchen, and bathroom on the right, and the white-walled living room and bedroom.
Formerly lined in unfinished wood panels, the tiny house now has new paint, finishes, and upgraded cabinets.
Every mahogany wall was replaced with new ones, the contractor "painstakingly going through literally hundreds of panels over several days to find ones that matched," recalls Blaine. Since the quarter inch-round mahogany corners at the outside of the interior walls found in Eichler homes are no longer made, Blaine worked with the contractor to find a supplier of rounds that were then cut down to quarters.
The AutoEC ceiling lights are from Amazon.
The first floor has been conceived as an open integrated space with the main floor
Interlocking rubber tiles from HiddenLock provide a watertight seal for the floor. Primarily used in garages, the tough, spill-friendly tiles cost about $3.15 per square foot.
A Hem table and Muuto rug center the living area.
Whitewashed brick wall, Maple butcher block bench/hearth, Fenix & Steel fireplace by Lignum Cabinets
A U-shaped living lounge can be converted into a sleeping area for guests.
The sun-drenched main living area opens up to a galley kitchen and a convertible U-sofa that transforms into a queen-sized bed for occasional guests.
The open-plan living area is laid with Armstrong 12 x 24 LVT tile flooring.
The only feature that remains of the original home is the end gable wall. For the renovation, the stone on this wall has been left exposed. This feature, along with the wood-burning stove at the chimney area, are now the focal points of the living space.
A cozy mix of textures beckons from the living room.
Now the living area flows gracefully into the dining room and connects the view to the backyard. The new eight-foot by 11-foot window on the back wall ensures lots of natural light and "a true indoor-outdoor feel," says Naber. "We have beautiful sunsets and love being able to look out the windows into our backyard."
The reading nook
Sleek storage
A hemp rug from Armadillo & Co complements botanical prints from Cloth Fabric.
"Selection of materiality was critical in creating the illusion of more space than the actual footprint of the houseboat," Harry said.
Interior Zen
Straight on view of living area.
View of Sitting Area
View of Skyline and River from Kitchen

The modern living room is one of the busiest spots in the house. It is where family and friends alike gather to share stories, watch movies, read, and unwind. As you'll find in the projects below, there are endless ways to configure a fresh living space with modern options for chairs and sofas, sectionals, end and coffee tables, bookcases, benches, and more. Innovative fireplaces add a touch of warmth.