Glass Takes Center Stage in These 10 See-Through Homes

While the iconic work of Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe immediately comes to mind when glass is mentioned, modern day architects continue to create masterpieces that celebrate the honored material.

Acting as beacons of modernity, glass houses bring the outside in and flood spaces with natural light. Take a look at this roundup of homes from around the world that showcase stunning uses of the material. 

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1. Cherry Creek

Architect: Surround Architecture, Location: Denver, Colorado 

From The Architect: "Located in a pedestrian-based urban environment in the heart of Denver's Cherry Creek neighborhood, this project required a unique siting and massing approach to create a private courtyard retreat. The courtyard and pool are united with the interior through four glass garage doors and large expanses of moving glass doors and windows."

2. Emigration Glass House

Architect: Jesperson Design Associates, Location: Emigration Canyon, Utah

This stunning single-family residence is located in the mountains just outside of Salt Lake City. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows showcase the sweeping views of the surroundings. This home was also featured on the cover of Dwell's October 2004 issue.

3. Seaside

Architect: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects, Location: Water Mill, New York

From the Architect: "Perched atop the crest of the dune between the ocean and the bay, this home in the Hamptons utilizes elegant materials that were chosen for their simplicity, sustainability, low-maintenance, and ability to coexist with the sea, sand, and vegetation of the site. The use of glass also provides the residents with natural light and a stunning view of their surroundings."

Perched atop the crest of the dune between the ocean and bay, this home in the Hamptons utilizes elegant materials which were chosen for their simplicity, sustainability, low maintenance and ability to coexist with the sea, sand and vegetation of the site. The use of glass also provides the residents with stunning views of their surroundings.

4. The Pierre

Architect: Olson Kundig, Location: Washington

From the Architect: "Conceived as a bunker nestled into the rock, the Pierre—French word for stone—celebrates the materiality of the site and embraces glass. The owner’s affection for a stone outcropping on her property inspired the design of this house—which from certain angles, almost disappears into nature." 

5. The Courtyard House

Architect: De Rosee Sa, Location: London, England, United Kingdom

From Leibal : "The Courtyard House is a minimal residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by De Rosee Sa. Due to planning restrictions, windows in the the boundary wall were not possible—so the design incorporated two atriums that bring daylight into courtyard spaces, and roof lights throughout to draw light into the house."


6. The Farmer's House

Architect: Werkruppe Lahr, Location: Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

From LängleGlas: "The Farmers' House in Freiburg, Germany, showcases natural wood and glass. The double-imbricated glass facade showcases a highly weather-proof glass frontage and allows for fascinating light reflections." 


7. Glass House 

Architect: Augustus Mino + Robert Fitzpatrick, Location: Chappaqua, New York

From the architect: "Inspired by the glass houses of Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe, every room in this home features at least one full wall of floor-to-ceiling glass—the living room even has glass on three sides." 

8. Mirror Mirror 

Architect: Remco Siebring, Location: The Netherlands

From Leibal: "Mirror Mirror is a petite minimalist roof extension built on top of a home in a small city in the Netherlands. The design is based upon the principles of a tree house. Completely covered in mirrored glass, it reflects the old contours of the house and offers a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape."

9. Suki

Architect: M. Architects, Location: Japan

Glass is the star material of this modernist home in Japan. 

10. [Bracketed Space] House 

Architect: Matt Fajkus Architecture, Location: Austin, Texas

The use of glass allowed this site’s dynamic landscape to be easily incorporated into the daily life of its residents.

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