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Our Post a Project feature that enables anyone to easily create a beautiful page that showcases a home or design project in front of the amazing and highly engaged Dwell community. For architects, designers, and proud home dwellers, posting a project is the best way to submit your home for Dwell editorial consideration, both online and in the magazine. 

Each project you create will be added to your Dwell profile portfolio.

We feature our favorite projects daily on Dwell and even consider some submissions for print in Dwell Magazine!  See the latest featured projects here.


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Whether it's your entire home, just a room or a remodel project, we'd love to see it. A home can be your house, your apartment, loft, room—or even an RV! We make it easy to create a gorgeous page that represents your home on Dwell. All you need is a photo or two, and a few words. The more information and photos you can provide, the better. 


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We are always looking to share the stunning work being done by architects and firms with our design community. This is the best way to get projects featured on Dwell, both online or in the magazine. Add as much information as you can for each project; such as year built, structure type, any awards the project may have been recognized for, etc. The more we know about the design intent and process, the more likely Dwell will feature your project. 

Dwell Vacation Renters 

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Do you have a great home that you rent on Airbnb or VRBO? Add your project and then use the Lead Generation feature to broadcast to the Dwell community that is available for rent.

Interior Designers

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We're really excited to offer a feature for our great designer community as well. Whether you designed the interiors of an entire house or curated a single room, we are eager to see and showcase your work.

Dwell Home 

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We are already seeing many realtors adding outstanding properties to Dwell. Soon, we will be adding new features to make homes for sale easier to find, enabling realtors to add additional data and providing a contact button for interested buyers to learn more. 

Tips For Getting Your Home Featured by Dwell

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Besides a home's design and concept, there are a few basic content elements we are looking for each home before we can feature it:

Add a description. The copy doesn't need to be long, but tell us something about the home, something we cannot glean from the photographs. 

Add clear cover photo. The cover is the large image at the top of the page you made for your home. Please make sure your photos are high enough resolution to look good at this size. To toggle what photo appears in the cover area, click the icon in the top-left corner of a photo that you have added to your page.

Add data and tags. On the left side of the page, you created for your home, you'll see options for you to add more data about the home. Although not required, the more information you can provide, the better.

Ready? Post a Project.

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