Mirror Mirror is a minimal home located in The Netherlands, designed by Remco Siebring. Mirror Mirror on a roof is a small roof extension on top of a classified monument in a small city in the north of Holland. The design is based on the principle of a tree house. The feeling to rise high above the world, in a room all for yourself. This concept is reflected in the steel bed that floats three meters above the germ roofs. From this place he has a fantastic view over the surrounding landscape of roofs, chimneys, Gardens and trees. The extension is completely covered in Mirrored glass to reflect the old contours of the house. This also gives the boy an interesting relationship with the outside: during the day the Mirrored glass wall reflects the surroundings so his room will fade away in the sky. He is then a voyeur to the outside world. But as the dusk sets in and the lights go on the roles are turned around and he will be visible for the world around him.

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Perched on a roof in a small city just north of Holland, Mirror Mirror is a minimalist haven designed by Remco Siebring. Channeling the principles of a tree house, the extension is covered in mirrored glass to reflect the old contours of the house as well as roofs, gardens, and trees. Inside, a monochrome, wood palette creates a clean sanctuary to take in the views.


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