790 Exterior Prefab Design Photos And Ideas

Multiple Hytte cabins can be clustered together to create a village layout.
Wooden decks can be added to heighten the indoor-outdoor living experience.
The large window that floods the interior can be sealed off for privacy with sliding shutters.
“Escapism for us is about exploration and immersion in nature,” says Little. “We have designed beautiful buildings that sit in harmony within the natural environment and offer an interior sanctuary, a space that lends itself to quiet, contemplative reflection, a space to mindful of our wellbeing.”
All interior and exterior finishes can be customized to suit different needs. The Hytte can also be co-branded to match a clients’ existing aesthetic.
Each Hytte will be clad in shou sugi ban-treated larch to recede the buildings into the landscape.
Hytte's prefab construction allows for faster setup with lower site impact.
The off-grid MU50 is topped with solar panels and solar thermal panels. Ground-source heat pumps support underfloor heating and cooling, while a nearby well supplies water. A desalination system provides drinking water, and rainwater is collected for landscape irrigation.
"I love the flexibility of the modular space: The same space can be used for sleeping, meetings, or yoga and meditation," says Teke. "The house is surrounded by decks, which further connect inside and outside, and I love that different times of day and seasons of the year create almost different microclimates on the decks. On the technical side, I enjoy how the house runs as a machine, a shell with all its mechanical needs housed in the core and underneath the structure for optimal flexibility, ease of adjustment, and efficiency of distribution."
The piston-operated pine sunshades lift upwards to protect the exterior deck and give residents the ability to manually modulate the home’s access to daylight and shade as the sun moves across the sky.
CNC-milled teak was used for almost all of the exterior, from the cladding and sunshades to the 430-square-foot exterior decks.
The laminated wood roof structure is topped with thermal insulation and waterproofing in addition to the copper enclosure.
"Prefabrication allows us to control quality while reducing error margins," explains Teke, who partly credits his interest in prefab to his work experience at Renzo Piano’s firm. "It helps us save time, reduce waste, and use materials to their maximum efficiency, allowing for a sustainable process of production—an easier and faster way to build."
The prefab roughly measures 35.5 feet by 15.7 feet and comprises an open kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.
Designed to sit lightly on the land, the transportable MU50 prototype is nestled into a pine-covered cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea.
The Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village opened its doors to its first residents on February 2, 2021.
Safety is emphasized with video surveillance and 24-hour security. No alcohol is allowed on site and there is a curfew.
The tiny house community also has ADA units to accommodate people with wheelchairs.
The Chandler Boulevard prefabs measure 8-feet-by-8-feet each and can be dismantled and reassembled at least 40 times for storage or relocation.
The prefabs were pre-approved by the state to simplify permitting, allowing for fast-track construction and deployment. The project site, which is fully equipped with utility services and amenities, set up in just 13 weeks.
To live here, residents had to be homeless, 18 years and older and living within a three-mile radius.
Located across the street from North Hollywood Park, this 40-unit tiny prefab village is the first of its kind in Los Angeles and has already reached full capacity.
Expansive glass walls were paired with a Corten Steel frame to maximize the yard's garden views.
In the corner, framed, machine-sewn vintage fabrics serve as minimalist wall decor. The artwork is the creation of delavegacanolasso and is available for sale on the firm's website.
The interiors are lined with OSB Poplar wood, and insulated with 12cm of recycled cotton.
Architects Delavegacanolasso expand a client’s work-from-home office space by adding a Cor-Ten steel prefab to the backyard.
Michael Benjamin Lerner of the band Telekinesis collaborated with local prefab builder NODE to build a 392-square-foot DADU in Lerner’s Seattle backyard. The builder took care of design, permitting, site prep, and the foundation and framing. Michael tackled the finish work.
Elina and Otto paired their Iniö model with a sauna from Pluspuu and an adjacent hot tub that sit just down a path beyond the home. In winter months, guests can skinny dip before warming up again.
The three-bedroom Iniö model from Pluspuu features floor-to-ceiling windows, a loft-like interior, a wraparound deck, and a gable outline reminiscent of a traditional log cabin.
As the sun goes down, the small structure’s interior casts a cozy glow.
An aerial view of Kynttilä, which showcases its close proximity to the nearby lake.
“The inspiration for Kynttilä was fully derived from its unique setting,” the Helsinki-based firm states. “The place chosen for Kynttilä, in the middle of a pristine forest, on a narrow arm of the peninsula, provides views over the water in both sides of the cottage.”
Kynttilä, which translates to “candle,” is a wood-clad prefab cabin tucked away in an untouched forested area in Eastern Finland. The structure was recently built by ORTRAUM Architects.
A fire pit and a pair of chairs on the west-facing deck are perfectly placed for sunset views.
The driveway concrete is colored with exposed aggregate river pebbles so that it matches the soil.
The home connects via breezeway to a 900-square-foot garage with a studio bedroom that’s currently used as an office.
Powered by a 6.5-kWh solar array and equipped with mostly electric appliances, the Waterfall Residence is designed to achieve net-zero energy after it’s been tested for a full year.
Built with the factory-fabricated Blue Sky Building System (BSBS), the home’s steel-framed floor, roof, and structural posts were rapidly bolted together on-site in less than two weeks.
Elevated on an oak-studded hillside lot, the three-bedroom, three-bath Waterfall Residence overlooks spectacular views in three directions.
Handcrafted according to centuries-old technique, the shingled huts by Estonian company Iglucraft have a spellbinding, storybook appeal.
The Light Shed is wrapped in corrugated bituminous fiberglass backed by a UV open cladding membrane.
Based in Latvia, Brette Haus offers prefabricated tiny cabins that fold and unfold in a matter of hours, allowing for easy transportation and setup. Shown here, the company’s Rustic model comes in three sizes ranging from approximately 240 to 520 square feet.
A unique hinge system allows the Brette Haus to unfold into an instant shelter, home office, or event space.
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The Majamaja Cabin by Littow Architectes was constructed on-site from prefab wood panels and without the use of heavy machinery. The self-contained unit makes for a perfect eco-retreat, especially when positioned at water’s edge in Finland.
Architect Pekka Littow has partnered with Helsinki to bring it its first eco-retreat in the nearby archipelago, but his design concept more broadly represents a step forward in low-impact living.
A row of rooftop solar panels powers lighting, kitchen appliances, an air-conditioning unit, and a closed-loop gray water system.
Its gable design features a floor-to-ceiling window and a front door that opens to a wooden deck.
The cabin’s compact design makes it easy to build in hard-to-reach places.
With four additional cabins and a sauna, the site will soon be home to Majamaja Village, an off-grid eco-retreat where visitors can unplug from their daily lives.
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Prices for standard Igluhuts begin at <span style="font-family: Theinhardt, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, &quot;Segoe UI&quot;, Roboto, Oxygen-Sans, Ubuntu, Cantarell, &quot;Helvetica Neue&quot;, sans-serif;">€19,900 (approximately $23,500), with additional costs for some custom upgrades, taxes, and transportation.</span>
The group of cabins are accessed by a decking system that connects with paths throughout the park. The site setup also required Iglucraft to incorporate rear-facing entry doors instead of the traditional position along the front facade.
These custom-designed Igluhuts by Iglucraft provide overnight accommodation for guests of Ree Park Safari in Ebeltoft, Denmark, about 150 miles northwest of Copenhagen.
“Celebrating California indoor/outdoor living is key,” Oni says of her and Didi’s new rental unit. “We splurged on that—it was the best thing we did.”
The interiors feature accoya flooring, which extends outside to a wraparound deck. The home faces east to soak up morning sunlight.
When looking to add an ADU to their backyard in Highland Park, Oni Lazarus and her partner Didi went with Cover’s turnkey offering. The Los Angeles–based prefab builders managed every step, giving the couple an idyllic, indoor/outdoor rental unit that capitalizes on sunny Southern California weather.
After the home was assembled, a local contractor built the outdoor concrete patio and barbecue on site.
The Japanese "no-brand" masters of minimalism unveil the first single-story design in their line of prefab homes.

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